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by bokehsira. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    1    5

I don't play Xbox but my brother does and his birthday is coming up. I've decided to give him a little upgrade by making him a custom/engraved controller on Xbox Wireless Labs. In addition, I've heard great things about KontrolFreek's thumbgrips and controller performance grips.

My big question is whether or not to add rubberized grips onto the custom option in Labs if I plan to have him lay the KontrolFreek controller grips on anyway. Will the rubberized grips prevent the KF grips from adhering properly? Is it better to have the rubber ones underneath in case he doesn't like the KF ones?

Help me Reddit, you're my only hope!



You’re a good brother! Haven’t tried either but I know he’ll be stoked regardless

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The rubber grips that wrap around the controller suck. The thumbsticks are amazing.

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I put some kontrolfreak grips on a few years back. They add a lot of bulk and diminish the look of the controller. I also have a controller with built in rubber grips and they are more than fine with me. In my opinion get the kontrolfreak thumb sticks, but just get the rubber grips from Microsoft.

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Appreciate it. That's what I'm leaning towards atm