Remove Games with Gold

by veqtro. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    9

Remove Games with Gold and replace it with a free version of Games Pass included with every month of Gold Purchased the free version having a monthly rotation of 3-5 games selected by Xbox.

Games with Gold at this point is redundant the majority of games are ones that people already own, or never would want to own and most if not all are indie games.

Having the ability to play 3-5 maybe more or less games from the Games Pass would be much better. It should also be tailored individually to your library so for example if you own one of the games on Games Pass that will not be in the rotation or if you don't want specific genres e.g. racing they can be removed from the rotation.

Let me know what you think


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KesMonkey 2

I don't like your proposal. I much prefer the way things are now.

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  1. What? Run-on sentences.

  2. No. Bad idea.

  3. GWG is good for what it is. If you've already played the game/own it, too bad. Thousands of others haven't.
FriedTorchic 3

Getting to own 360 games is cool though. If you want game pass buy Game Pass Ultimate

Orangeisthenewboring 3

I like GWG. There is usually at least one game a month I want to check out. Also I take all the family friendly Xbox 360 games and load it up on a 360 console that I have set up in public for kids to play. Getting to own the 360 games forever even if I cancel my subscription is awesome.

rbV5 4

No. Sorry you think gwg is redundant, but I think it's fine. Its irritating to listen to people bitch and whine about gwg. Dont like it, dont download them.

IridianRaingem 4

.... How is that any different at all from what’s happening now? You want a monthly rotation of games you can own... replaced with a monthly rotation of games you can’t own.

littlebignim 4

So you want a rotation of games, picked by Microsoft, to be replaced with a rotation of games picked by Microsoft...



I like games with gold though.