Report didn’t work

by yayyfun. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    38

I reported this guy who was talking trash and I reported a sentence that had the word “dumbass” in it and I didn’t get a message from Xbox saying that they gave him a eforcment. Can someone tell me why he isint reported?



I know what hypothetical is I don’t need u explaining it . I’m talking about how everything happens for a reason and I’m saying why would they do that. Idc about hypothetical crap


I had some people call me some horrible things that's obviously wrong and of course I report it then i get a message saying thanks for making xbox great again. But they never get punished they end up still messaging me. I don't think the report system works like it used to before

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Just block him and move on for Christ's sake



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Reports others for trash talking, can’t take criticism himself without talking trash. Hypocrites lol



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Lol exactly. You’re reporting those for swearing when you trash talk yourself. Such a coward lmao.


When did I swear?

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“Stfu - shut the fuck up”

You’re not too bright are you?

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But I didn’t say the word I said “ stfu”

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Doesn’t matter. Try going up and saying that to a teacher, if they know what it means they know it’s obviously a curse. But keep arguing and making yourself look dumb.

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Why would I want to go up to a teacher and say that?

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You're toxic everywhere



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Are you stupid? You can't see the little line who I was responding to? I don't even know who the hell you are.

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I'm looking at this on the mobile app and your comment came up under my comment originally hence my response instead of the other guy, sorry.

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Mobile shows the line, no worries

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And THERE it is....🤣

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And just like that no one will take you seriously now, we’ll anymore then they did for you being a bit petty. Damn kids

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Try growing up

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A couple of things.

One, reports do not always result in instant bans. Sometimes, they have to be reviewed by a person and then it's decided whether they receive a ban or not.

Two, You are not always told when a report you filed results in someone being punished. So don't use that as a metric for measuring whether it "worked" or not. If you submitted a report against someone, it worked. They don't ignore reports.

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It sometimes takes time for someone to review the report. Sometimes they don't get enforced for whatever reason.

Just follow the rules, report rule breakers and block people who you don't want to interact with.

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What was the whole conversation because if dumbass was the worst thing he said, you might want to stay off of Xbox live and the internet in general.

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Why report on a word


Well he said other things in that sentence

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So report him over some simple trash talk kinda lame if you ask me


Well u didn’t see the whole conversation of what he said


Idk sounds like you haven’t had a xbox for awhile if can’t take a little trash talk

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its real easy to get banned for "swearing"..dont encourage it.

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Ik it lame as hell thoe I remember no one would we report back in the back trash talking it’s wack now