[Request] I need a good fps game

by DR_CHEESE1207. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    5    5

Most fps games these days on mobile are complete trash,with a few exceptions. I've looked in quite a few places but simply can't find a decent game that fits my criteria


•capable of running on 90/120 fps

•not pay to win

•no battle royales please


UsersWalkinAllOverMe 1

welp wait for

retract mobile


krov (rust ripoff)

and 1 i forgot the name of it ill get the name for ya

Xeta24 1

Cod m and critical ops

SmallChungimeister 1

If you didnt say no battle royale pubgm would be the game for you, it has other modes but the BR is def the best on mobile by far

Battle prime is decent (not sure if it runs at 90+ fps) but i personally dont really like cod style upgradable loadout stuff as it tends to be unbalanced at best and p2w at worst

CFOPfetish 5

COD:Mobile is proving to be a top FPS and rightly so. Without trying to sound like an advertisement, I'd say it ticks all of your points except maybe the higher frames requirement, since I don't have a capable phone, so can't test if it works. Worthy of a shot, nonetheless.

  DR_CHEESE1207 2

Welp, probably should've mentioned I'm already playing cod mobile and the fps is indeed capped at 60.Thanks anyways