[REQUEST] Looking for a game where you defend a base from waves of enemies, has proggresion and development system and is free. Offline game.

by DzonjoJebac. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    9    11

As the title says. Graphics are not important. It must be free and offline becouse Im going on a trip with shit internet. Hope you guys know some good ones.


NeptuneIsDaBoss 1

Kingdom rush for sure

Beg0neF0ulBeast 1

Well, there's Don't eat Pete, it was posted here a few months ago if I remember. You defend a house by setting up turrets or traps around it against zombies. The game's still new and is getting monthly updates I think.

There's also Dead Town, a zombie surv game where u can gather stuff and also create turrets and walls and during nighttime, zombies will rush you. Sadly the devs don't update it anymore cuz of "company problems".

Link me: Don't eat Pete, Dead Town

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Don't eat Pete - Zombie survival - Early Access - Free - [Search manually](https://play.google.com/store/search?q=don't eat pete)

Dead Town - Zombie survival - 4.1 rating - Free - [Search manually](https://play.google.com/store/search?q= dead town)



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Zombie Defense. Its not so much of a base you protect though instead you protect your troops.

Vibra7 4

You mean a tower defense game? If so then try Kingdom Rush.
Link me: Kingdom Rush

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Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense Game | 4.6 rating | Free with IAP | 10,000,000+ downloads | [Search manually](https://play.google.com/store/search?q=kingdom rush)

> The acclaimed action fantasy defense game is now available on Android for Phones and Tablets! Get ready for an epic journey to defend your kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty ...



  DzonjoJebac 4

Yeah I beat all of kingdom rush games 100% and have all achivments. Its agreat game series but I was looking for something like grow castle

UnderwaterBBQ 3

Plants vs Zombies has offline in the description. Might be worth a shot.

  DzonjoJebac 2

Already finished it.

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