Resident Evil 7 problem

by trevor1973. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    0    14

I’m really enjoying the game. I have done everything but when I tried to leave the house I had no ox statuette. I know I got one earlier in the game. So annoying. It was after the garage fight. I really don’t feel like putting in all that time again :) sickening

Happened to anyone else ? A solution ?




You have to rotate and examine the back of the frame the ox statue is on in the garage to unscrew it


I know. I lost It. I’m having to play through again up to the point I leave the house


When you use it to open the door to the foyer, doesn't it just stay in the door?

  trevor1973 1

I’m another play through and I used it to open the main hall but now it’s gone. It’s not in my inventory

IncipientRiot 1

I know, that's what I'm saying. You put the Ox Statuette into the big double doors leading from the corridor (the corridor that connects the garage, kitchen, and dining room) to the Main Hall with the shotgun closet and Dog Head Door.

The Ox Statuette does not go back into your inventory, it stays in the double door locking mechanism. This is fine. It's not used for anything else in the game - it only unlocks that one door.

JabroniSn0w 1

You can’t lose it since you can’t discard it

If it’s not in your inventory it’s in the item box

  trevor1973 1

I’m playing through again watching a play through video. When you use it to enter the dining hall that’s where Jr disappeared. But watching that play through I hasn’t even started on getting the dogs heads. I’ve got two now. I’m struggling to beat the guys in the dissection room where I am guessing there’s a third head. Should I bet shotguns before I deal with them again

JabroniSn0w 1

Oh you’re in that part. I don’t think you need the ox statue once you get past that door you use it on

To leave the house you need the three dog headed statues

  trevor1973 1

I’m watching rad the Brad a gamer play it and it wasn’t in his itinerary after he opened the dining hall. Im. He’s just after saving cause he is having problems with the monsters in the dining hall too

  trevor1973 1

I realise now I had used it previously to open the main hall door. Where does it appear again to exit the main house


Anyone else unable to play this game because their Xbox shuts off as soon as the menu pops up? Only happens with this game, hope they patch it!

kkikkiki 2

Did u unscrew it from the picture frame after the fight? I picked up the frame and assumed i got the statue but i had to go back and unscrew it first, other than that you could check your storage chest.

  trevor1973 1

I did. I lost it opening the dining hall. But I hadn’t even got the three dogs heads at that stage. I’m watching a play through and the guy has to use the ox statuette to open the Dining hall too and it’s not in his item lost now altho he’s having the same problem I am, killing the monsters in the dissection room. Should I need the shotgun to kill the monsters ...the game isn’t totally linear?

xStealthElfx 2

I know this is obvious but I've done it myself before.... have you put in in the storage chest