Series X limited editions you'd like to see?

by sml592. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    3    5

As a revival and throwback to the crystal OG box, I'd love to see a transparent Series X. I think the new boxes form factor would look freaking sweet with a clear case.

Any colors or design ideas you wanna see?


ProfessoriSepi 1

Series x's shape would go hand in hand with hellblade 2 with somekind of runic pillar aesthetics. could also serve as a little wink at ps4 (imo, net very good) god of war limited edition.


Or since its now microsofts most known ip, TES 6 special edition would be incredibly cool, and now that i think of it, will likely happen aswell. if not for the launch version of a console, but that after launch better version or something.


What about a Crash Bandicoot console, where Crash himself is at the bottom, and there's a level that spirals up around the console, starting from where Crash is?

Or, they could bring back Jet Set Radio, and make a cool ass graffiti console.

kojipaints 2

Not picking one up until the Halo edition comes out

signofthenine 2

I mean, I'm not buying a second one, but I would have loved to have a Cyberpunk launch model. Oh well...

Tim-the_casual 5

The "in stock" versionšŸ™