Series X tv help

by thechubbyfunster. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    8

So I think it’s time I finally upgrade my tv to a 4K tv in prep for the Series X so I’ve been looking about, watching YouTube reviews and I’m totally lost.

If I’m understanding correctly, to get the most from the series X I’ll need a 4K tv that can handle 4k120hz , with hdmi 2.1 and various stuff like HDR+ , but doesn’t seem to be many TVs that do this and they are really expensive.

Im totally confused, am I looking for the right stuff? Is anyone else getting a new tv for the new Xbox ?


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If you don’t have money to burn or looking to play a game competitively. I wouldn’t worry about 120hz.

If you are though, a cheaper route would be a gaming monitor.

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Thanks guys was getting lost with all

Low input lag
HDMI 2.1 ( some come with this but don’t offer 4k120)
G sync f sync
Motion blurring
Game mode
Dolby Atmos
Arc / e Arc
HDR 10

But I think I’m between an LG B9 , LG C9 or Samsung 80T

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One thing to note, the longer you wait on the TV the lower the prices will be and the more options available.

Personally I won’t upgrade my tv until the new console is in the house.

Console will be out holiday season (Barring delays) and the lead into the Super Bowl is typically the lower ear prices time of the year for TVs (assuming we have football this year)

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An LG OLED is currently the only way to go for full HDMI 2.1 compatibility.

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Four letters... O..L..E..D..

LG's B9/C9 or BX/CX series is what you want. I just bought the B9 and it's wonderful. The 9's are last year's model but are great. B9 and up have EVERYTHING you'll need for the Series X. So figure out which is in your budget and hop on it. Oh and get that extended warranty.

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Go for LG C9 won’t be disappointed! It’s the one I have 😍😍


I'd say skip out on the 120hz. With the whole 30fps next gen games thing it seems like it's a feature that devs aren't going to prioritize. You can find a good 4k tv with proper hdr support in the $300+ range. Also be sure to research the input lag on any models you're interested in. Even though most TVs have game modes they're not all created equal.

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Right stuff, yeah. But I wouldn’t say 120hz is necessary as I doubt it’ll become the standard for a while. But your budget definitely comes in to play. You can find a lg Oleg b9 (60hz) for as low as $700 used on Best Buy(around 1.3k new), and a c9 (120hz) for about $900 (1.5k new).

Both are some of the best TVs available.