Seriously I hate Xbox. Wired connection work with my PS4 just fine. But Nooooo, I’m forced to use WiFi on Xbox one

by EarlyDoughnut8. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    10

Nat type unavailable.

I saw on other posts I have to submit or register with some random website?

There is nothing on YouTube for a fix

Everyone says “just plug it in” “it works”

Any help would be appreciated.



I guess I have an outdated modem? I’m forced to call the helpline tomorrow. Just settling for WiFi tonight


“UPnP not successful” they want me to log onto my router and mess with port forwarding and DMZ lol
I’m not going to lose hair over it


Reset your modem or reset your network settings then try multiplayer connection.


The only option is “set up wireless network” on Xbox

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Turn OFF wireless connection and it should automatically detect a wired connection.


“Go offline” is the only option. I’ll try...

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Not sure if that will work. But hopefully something comes up. Have you done a hard reset on your Xbox?


Idk what a hard reset is but I turned it off then on

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Turn your Xbox on, then HOLD the power button on your Xbox (NOT the controller) until it powers off. Turn the Xbox back from the power button on the Xbox. It should run through the opening intro for Xbox. Then try connecting to the internet hard wired.

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I'm wired just fine. Not sure what your issue is, but it isn't Xbox's.