Shared Game Question

by Seauton1. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    1    3

Every game I “own” is shared from my older brother. We used to play on the same PC, and I’ll be on my own soon moving out of my house. He doesn’t really play much anymore, but I’ll be getting a new PC. If I log into Steam on my new PC, do I keep all my progress and games in my library? And if so, how long will I be allowed to just leech off my brother?


Naoumovitch 2

Your brother will have to share his library with your new PC. Your progress will be kept automatically for every game that supports the Steam Cloud feature. You'll have to copy your saves manually for all games that don't support it.

  Seauton1 1

So I’ll have to go through the process of re-downloading them? They won’t just immediately transfer.

Naoumovitch 2

Are you asking about re-downloading games? Yes you'll have to re-download, how else your games will appear on on your new PC? You can also try to copy the game files from one PC to another, it should work.