Side shop into battlepass levels?

by KyleActive. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    5    7

Is there anyway I can turn all this gold into a few levels?

If I redeem the consumable bundle do I have a change at levels?

Anyone able to help a brotha out?


_l_i_l_i_l_i_l_i_l_ 1

Yes so your chance at getting the levels comes from redeeming 75 red shards for the consumable bundle then getting lucky with the portals.

Also if you haven't done the achievements yet for getting a 3-star hero for the tier 1/2/3 heroes that will also reward you some BP levels.

  KyleActive 1

Thank you, good tip for the achievements

downvote-bern-farmer 3

optimal farm for reds is 3 stars iirc,blue is 4 stars

get the achivement first (up to 4 star then leave the 5 cuz u can't)

consumble bundle has portals and portals has chance at dropping levels or treasures or rylai

wiseDOTA 1

the 5 star achievement is possible, just takes a lot more immortals to recycle then it's worth.

downvote-bern-farmer 1

depends what level you are,if you are high enough sure but if you are 300 and less its not really optimal and you'd still be missing like 2-3 5 stars

wiseDOTA 1

even with a level 800 battle pass it would still be relatively hard to achieve, since it's random and the only real way to obtain side shop coins is by recycling an immortal it's not worthwhile if you're just going for the gems to get the immo treasure 1/2/3 until they fix the rate for immo 3 drop rate.

  KyleActive 1

Thank you!