Sideshop, treasures and the possible arcana

by StreetWalkaa. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    1    3

Probably a bit late to help since most people already cashed in their treasure 2s but maybe good to see all your experiences.

Im lvl 500 and used all my treasure 1s for sideshop gold. I thought it would be impossible to get an arcana but im now realising that I was probably wrong and used all my gems for treasures to get some more 2s and 3s.

I got close to 20 treasures and got 3 II and 1 III the rest were I. Which felt bad but whatever. I rerolled my IIs for more IIs once I realised that it didnt made sense to get more gold since I wanted the ursa immortal (sadly im sitting at my 42nd try) and I already cashed in my gems so no way I was getting the arcana now.

Sideshop feels rly bad. Sure its unique but boring and takes way to long to get through it all. I personally hope its not coming back.

In hindsite i would have probably tried to get an arcana to sell. Although it seems the prices are crashing and with treasure III they might crash even more and the ultra rare might have higher prices than last years.

What were your experiences with the battlepass? Do you think i could have done something better?


Majikaru 1

Trying to get arcana to sell from sideshop is counter intuitive. It'll cost you way more than just buying off market.

Also if you hold onto treasures till next year you can sell them for like a buck each on average which will net you way more than opening and recycling.

Dermur_Knight 1

Not really about your first point, I have put $105 in this bp and now I am at level 465. I am quite confident I will get an arcana from sideshop and enough levels to get WR arcana. So, even if I end up buying another $20 in levels to reach WR, I will be getting 2 personas, 3 exclusive arcanas, and a random arcana from the sideshop. So, it won't cost you more than in the market and you can actually earn some money back from selling it.

Still, you are probably right about your second point, that holding the treasures and selling them is more profitable than getting an arcana to sell.

Jermzxxx 2

Bro, arcana prices are pretty consistent. They go through an annual cycle. They drop in price during bp season, rise after TI, fall during the christmase season and riae again until the next T. Om the contrary, the ultra rares arent marketable until the end of Sept 2021 when all the hype has died down.the UR pricw is 100% gonna be low. Saving up for the arcana is most definitely the way to go.