Slacks vs Purge

by gnomesquish. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    298    42

Watching both of their streams right next to each other. They are the most opposite 2 types of players in the game I can't stop laughing. Purge calmly reflecting on everything and Slacks screaming everything that's happening is making my belly hurt from laughing so much.



Thanks for the blog m8.

roastuh 4

I had both audios playing the whole time. Great to hear two players reacting to the same plays from opposite sides.

MarluxiaXIII 4

I love them. Brotherly love at its finest

Simco_ 15

Are they casting some pub game separately?

throwdemawaaay 31

They play as a duo often, usually with one or both of them streaming. I find it hilarious to watch purge's stream as he just maintains his deadpan expression most of the time as slacks goes nuts with his antics. But at least once per stream something will finally get through purges armor and he's just left dumbfounded by the wft that is slacks.

It's great content.

Cheeseyex 22

“Ok let’s talk hotkeys” will forever be their best interaction

Ulq2525 38

The funniest part is that it was a match of Heralds vs Guardians. The differences are enough that you could argue it was like hopping into a match against 5 smurfs.

One smurf on my regular games is bad enough. Imagine five of them.

DrQuint 7

I loved that during the draft, purge was starting to get visibly aggravated no one was picking tidebringer, and were instead taking things like pounce and heartstopper aura first pick (one of the worst abilities in ability draft)

Earth spirit ended up carrying the entire game by picking tidebringer and abilities to support high physical damage. I'm 200% purge died a bit inside. But oh well, the prizes went to underperformers anyways

lyancor29 2

Nobody picking psi blades had me malding. especially nobody with long range. LIKE SLACKS MEDUSA, she could have farmed creeps and heroes from her base.

DrQuint 2

Slacks and Purge were both randoming.

lyancor29 2

Slacks wasn't randoming voluntarily. he just panicked and didn't pick.

DrQuint 1

But didn't both him and purge had a discussion about the build they "rolled"? I guess purge actually picked then.

lyancor29 2

I'm telling you fam, Slacks Picked Mystic Snake, panicked and picked Shadow word "Because heal" LMFAO, panicked and randomed dark pact, Panicked and picked Reaper's Scythe. All of this while yelling at chat WHAT DO I PICK WATDOIPICK.


Purge had to roll his last two skills because he "had smurfs" in his herald and because he ratted them with an Arc Warden pick LMFAO

SmurreKanin 2

What do you mean? Heartstopper aura is very good

6-8-5-7-2-Q-7-2-J-2 10

IIRC heartstopper is one of the highest winrate abilities; reincarnation is top, shukuchi is up there too.

Edit: actually shukuchi is 1st rn, then heartstopper then reincarnation

verytiredindividual 37

My faves, been a purge fan forever and slacks for a lil less.


You can also watch them solo mid vs each other, they did seven matches for the Honda head to head.

-Offlaner 48

Slacks and Purge should have a show match. Each of them coaches a group of garbage guardian players.

Marshmallow16 3

Purge's team's fountain will fall before he explained them why their item choices are wrong.

ThyWittyOde 16

A Pygmalion League. EE, PPD, Purge, Slacks, some other personalities are getting 5 guardians each, and 3 months to train. Then they play in a normal minor/major format tourney.

-Offlaner 6

It'd donate to that charity tournament

Poesiden 4

I volunteer as shitty guardian

Rawinza555 208

And that day when Purge learned how slacks has his hotkeys set up was gold.

Mindwreck 3

I played an unranked with slacks maybe a month ago, he still has $ sign for midas

Rawinza555 4

Where else would it be more appropriate for midas tho

beezy-slayer 66

That clip had me in tears

03377 29

I need that clip, sir.

NotTheDreadPirate 67
rhett_ad 3

This is the 3rd time I am watching this and I still can't stop laughing like a maniac....."Dollar sign" xD

  gnomesquish 4

P N - = $

dfntlyntaneanderthal 25

Purge laughing tears and then his dog being concerned about him! Damn! This is the best thing I have watched in a while!

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_skd 1

Wow lol. Was he using those at 5k mmr??

03377 1


Vine8zman 6

lmao when hes saying the keys I couldnt stop laughing, so was purge and his dog actually came to check if hes ok :D

Drakotxu 8

Thank you. That was hilarious.

Nineties 8

God this reminds me of the revelation when he switched from purely clicking to using keys

QKsilver58 7


Nineties 2

This is a comment by me

I'm trying to find that thread/comment chain that captures the moment the sub discovered he was only using mouse

QKsilver58 2

What a trooper lol