Slow interface?

by PrettyDeadUnicorn. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    8    3

My Xbox is fairly new, as in I rarely use it, maybe 20 hrs total use. I've noticed the store seems unbearably slow and laggy and main menu interface seems just as clunky. Do you need an elite console for this to not be the case?


rXboxModsRtrash 1

Yeah it's a laggy mess. Even on the X. I have 2 of them and it's by no means 'buttery smooth'. It's gotten better but it's just a mess at times.

bomb447 2

That's the main reason I went from S to X. I had a 1080 tv but the dashboard was just so slow, and most games didn't feel smooth.

The X is like butter. Better in every way. Even on 1080, I could tell a big difference in game and out. I now have a 4k hdr tv and it's sweet.

I found a used X on FB for $275 a few months back. You can get them for a bit cheaper now.

  PrettyDeadUnicorn 1

Oh the drawing aspect, Im on a 4k uhd tv, maybe that's why it's a fucking turd