Smurf's and afk'ers

by websterke. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    1    5

Just wondering how it is, I'm painstakingly working my way back to archon. Wining 2-3 games, loosing 1, winning again. I get back up to crusader 5....

And now I'm sudenly getting only games where:

  • people go afk halfway through.
  • 1 teamfight goes wrong and people leave
  • Smurf's, denying the safe lane to have any wards
  • intentional, obvious feeding.

Actually went down 2 ranks again in a matter of no time.

What the hell changed when I got into crusader 5 that I'm only getting shit team-ups now?!



Behaviour score changed maybe?

  websterke 1

Hmmm yes, no idea where or why but a couple of weeks ago I got random 4 disruptive gameplay reports oO didn't seem to take the score that much down (was still green above 95 I think) and since then it's been increasing again

onepiece931 1

Sometimes ppl confuse correlation and casuation

DogebertDeck 3

q for game = spin the wheel
gaben gieb mercy!

  websterke 1

Check, definitely shouldn't play the lottery now as my luck ran out it seems 😝