So I have a question about Xbox One X

by pingiini_. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    14

I pre-ordered my XB1X in 2017. I've always heard it blow air especially on enhanced games, maybe not as bad as the og ps4, but still. So do any other ppl have the same issue as I've seen some people say their xb1x is very quiet, so it can't be completely normal.



I opened mine twice already to change the thermal compounds and it's still too noisy imo. It was out of warranty and Xbox support has become useless in recent years.

Even rocket league make it go full air conditioning mode.

It was shutting down some times.

Scorpio edition that I suspect had a manufacturing defect with cooler slightly too far from the chips, the compound leaked down.

I stopped having it vertically after second opening to no avail.

  pingiini_ 1

Yeah well, I hope XBSX is silent

StrangerJim66 1

Thet should be quite unless the fan kicks into high speed. Is your xbox in an open area with enough space around it? Mine was quite untill the thermal paste stared to go. Have you ever had it shutdown on you? By the way its really easy to replave the thermal paste.

  pingiini_ 1

Uhh, right now it's inside my old tv shelf/stand (which has a closed backside, but the new one that I ordered is more open), but I had it on top of it for the most time. So it's not because of that at least.

Well, I might as well try that thermal paste thing someday, especially if it is easy and doesn't fuck up the console.

Scorpio_47 2

I have the scorpio edition. I do notice the fan is louder when playing 4K games but I usually can’t hear it unless the volume is low. I was initially worried about it but considering what it’s putting out it’s not bad. Otherwise when not playing a game I can’t even hear it

  pingiini_ 2

Yeah this is the same thing with me, that it doesn't make pretty much any sound when not playing.

How far are you from the console when you play?

Scorpio_47 2

About 5ish feet I think. I’ve heard the PS4 pro is much louder if that’s any reassurance lol

  pingiini_ 1

Haha, I'm not sure about that. Might be.

xHedon 2

I have the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition, and it's always silent. If there wasn't a light on it, I wouldn't even know it's running. But I have heard of others that have experienced fans getting up there in sound, so you are not alone.

MoonKnightX81 2

Mines almost silent

icedearth15324 2

Mine has been whisper quiet and it's a Scorpio.

  pingiini_ 2

Well be happy you have a silent one :D

If only I would've done something when I had the warranty.

Get_Back_To_Work_Now 5

I have the 1X. The only time I hear the fan is when I play Red Dead Redemption 2 but that is one of the most demanding games ever made. Other than that, it's silent.

  pingiini_ 2

Yeah, I checked and I could get a replacement for 276€

Nah, I'll go with this as it seems to work otherwise fine. Maybe I'll have better luck with xbox series x