Soloing Aghanim's Labyrinth ( rank 2) with abusing max cdr URSA build

by waciatz. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    5    9

Match id: 5542180262

(My team left at stage 1, so I solo it from there. I will try soloing rank 3 or 4 tomorrow, or on weekend) I dont know if it count as abuse or not, because this build makes ursa 100% invisible all the time (like slark ultimate), so any enemies can't detect/attack him, including the final boss. I also solo the Broodmother Elite stage with this.

Almost 0 damage vs FINAL BOSS, the boss only use 1~2 spells. He can't use any skills after all my teams (left players) die because he can't see my ursa. I believe this build work on higher difficulties as well, will try later...

TLDR, just get octarine and get any 1st skill/ultimate related cdr/duration. No skills needed, just press Q + R.


jammyjimbo 1

I was soloing but didnt realise i had to move the disconnected heroes with me. Got to the donkey room and wouldn't let me go any further

kimchifreeze 1

What does R do if he can't see you?

skykoz 3

roar to show dominance

Jack_the_Bat 4

How do you get the slark ability? Is it an aghs talent?



dumwitxh 3

His Q has a talent that gives slark ulti for a couple of seconds. Paired with cd on q can give you unlimited slark ulti

Bassre 1

What the name of that talent?

dumwitxh 1

Haven't played for a while so I can't tell you