Some mockup abilities to include info not present in the actual game

by aggrofusion. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    24    1

All the mockups:

These are just concepts, but this info really needs to be in the game somehow and displayed in a consistent way.

  1. Courier Growth: No where in the game do you see what level the courier gets flying/speed burst/shield. On the actual speed burst/shield ability there is no "Next Upgrade at Hero Level xx". I included the gold bounty and respawn for the sake of it since

  2. Watch Tower: Again, nothing in the game ever directly tells you what the Outposts do. The wiki lists there already being a Watch Tower ability, but it isn't used on the Outpost itself. I changed the wording and what info the ability had on the wiki to make it easier to understand. Alt text for this could show that capture time is reduced depending on the number of heroes capturing it, and also say the experience reward increases by 200 every 10 min.

  3. Tower Protection: This is already in the actual game but for some reason it only appears as a buff on the tower, not as an ability the tower has. The buff/debuff row is meant to show whatever the unit is currently being affected by, not providing. Also hovering over the buff only says it provides armor. Ex.) Tier 2-4 towers have backdoor protection as an ability, and while its active the buff appears on the buff row but when creeps get nearby it disappears. The same problem is with the tower's true sight. Its an ability but its appearing in the buff row like the tower is being affected by it. I decided to combine the true sight and tower protection all into the same ability to make it concise (plus the tower giving true sight fits under "protection" anyway).


Simon_Springer 1

Good idea. I'm not sure where they'd put the tooltips though