Someone investigate iceberg betting

by goldeneyehd. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    11

He refused to use rp on sven for last 30 min, and always walked around the fights basicly doing nothing. last time i saw a pro doing this it was true and he was betting.


Kotleba 3

This is your brain on gambling

Alandrus_sun 5

Man you need to relax. Maybe stop betting on games

PrometheusBD 6

It’s because he knew that he would literally get cursed or kill his lifestealer. 0iq post.


what do u mean curse, he rps and they both pop bkb and only one target is cursed and lina can stun and ulti sven than uy abysal sven with naix and hes dead, it was literally so simple



explain to me how magnus kills naix if they both use bkb

PrometheusBD 5

If any hero were to get cursed after the rp, literally any of them, they all die to cataclysm if not damage. Were you watching the same game? Why do you think they went hard on the wyvern right before the game ended?


i dont think u understand how curse works.u dont care about curse if u have bkb u just standing still as the target for 4 s and none can damage u and u have bkb so u dont care about no cataclysm......please read the spells next time

PrometheusBD 5

I’m sorry bro are you dense? Cataclysm is pure damage and curse is bkb piercing? Are you trying to prove my point or what?

Regardless, the idea that FTM has to Int to lose to OG is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

P.S. I’m asking if you watched the game because the exact thing I am describing happened more than once. You can literally see why he is holding RP right in front of your face. The casters are telling you why he is holding RP. I mean what more do you need?

  goldeneyehd 1

please read the curse description lol u still dont get it

PrometheusBD 1

So here, I’m gonna go over your dream situation. Hero on ftm gets initiated that isn’t the Magnus. In this game they likely die. Magnus pre-emptively Bkbs to blink in and rp. Wasting about 1 second of bkb. Team comes to follow up. Lifestealer gets cursed. Magnus isn’t attacking him yet but any other teammates close are. Cataclysm and Sven clean up lifestealer, any heroes attacking lifestealer and Magnus who now has no bkb because he had to use it in order to just cast his rp. Don’t know what doesn’t make sense about that. The right click damage isn’t what makes curse deadly in the game.

Also these are pros, not your 2k mmr pubs. If they don’t know where magnus is there will be no RP opening. What’s he gonna do wait the 15 seconds for the perfect rp while his team dies? Your lack of gamesense is showing.