Sometimes (about 10% of games) I can't use skills fast / can't move

by EnergyGood. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    6    8

Usually everything is good, but once in like 10 games it just happens so I can't use skills fast one after other. What happens is if I'm trying to use many skills at the same time, character just stops processing any commands it receives, like I'm being rate limited. It's not even any complicated combos, just for example using item, skill and click on the ground withing one second is enough to cause problem. At this time also ping doesn't increases, packet loss stays at 0 too. Also I can see what other characters do without any lag or anything. What is it and how to fix it?


sodeq 1

Have you tried to exit and enter the game again?

  EnergyGood 1

Yes, game, steam, pc and router restart - nothing changes anything

Dominant-Species-Mid 1

A while back I tried to use macros on meepo. After a few uses the macro stopped working. Not sure if this was coincidence or they actually have a macro detector that rate limited me. Needless to say I never used a macro again after that.

If you are using macros I’d assume that’s the problem and I’d stop, you’ll be way better getting the muscle memory down. If not then it’s likely a connection issue.

  EnergyGood 1

I'm not using macro, and I'm not even pressing skills too fast (skilled people or macro users pressing them much much faster and being fine).

It's not connection issue because I can see what other people doing smoothly and perfectly, can hear them, can speak, see their chat, send messages, my ping is stable and no packet loss happening as well. This has to be something else.

For now I tried to enable option that I have low quality connection, let's see if it helps

Dominant-Species-Mid 1

How old is your keyboard? Is it the same buttons that don’t register? My mouse was fucked up and would randomly register 2 clicks.

  EnergyGood 1

It's not about keyboard. Clicks are being registered, they just are not processed.

Dominant-Species-Mid 1

Guess there is just a ghost in your system.

AleD93 2

Since some hackers\cheaters used something like server ddos to prevent other players commands to be proceed by server, Valve added protection system against it, but like every heuristics it need tuning to prevent false positive detections. I remember alot posts like your so may be it is same.