Soo... wait, Grounded is $30 for a "Game Preview"?

by jordanlund. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    15

Was looking forward to Grounded but I see the release isn't an actual game, but a "Game Preview" for $30?

How does that work? Is that the full purchase price for the game when it comes out for real? Is there some kind of credit for the full purchase price? Otherwise, it feels like I'm paying $30 for a demo...


enterthematrixagain 2

Same as PubG right?


Half price to play early and help iron out bugs. What's the problem?


Paying to be a beta tester? Really? That's not how beta testing works.

StrangerJim66 2

Your not "paying to be a beta tester"
Your getting the game at a discount price and once it comes out you still own the game.


You know full well the difference between what a paid beta tester does and being a part of a preview game. Do we really have to waste our time here?

SquashedTarget 4

Game previews are intended to be a step in-between beta and production. May be some bugs and missing content but nothing like you'd see in a true beta.

ajstinger16 2

I’ve done plenty of game previews for games I’m excited about. Usually you get a pretty good deal and even appreciate the game more because you see the development. Then when the game is no longer a preview you got it for 30 where others may have to pay 50 or 60.


30 will be for the full game when it comes out of preview

ggrandchamp 2

I AM OUTRAGED! oh wait no I'm not

doncabesa 7

This isn't new.

CJFresh 10

Stop trying to manufacture outrage. Game Preview is the same thing as Early Access.


Such a woman like trait to have

CJFresh 4

Idk what that means

BarrelBadger598 5

It just means that the game is still in development and will have many bugs that need to get fixed. You are paying for the full game, and when it gets out of the game preview stage you will keep it.

RedXIII1888 9

You’re paying for a game that’s not finished yet. When it finishes you have it.