Sorry if I've missed it, but is the Series X fully Xbox One backwards compatible, including "Xbox One X Enhanced" elements?

by Skeeter1020. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    4

Put simply, can I safely swap my One X for a Series X and lose nothing from my entirely digital library (One and One X Enhanced games, plus digital backwards compatible 360 and Xbox games)?


Bonus follow up question: Do we think there will be any good trade in deals for One X to Series X, or should I eBay it?



Yeah. It launches with 3000+ playable games. Some of which are even further enhanced. They have games running 4K 120fps and are artificially adding HDR.

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They have not promised 100% compatibility so don't expect 100%. I'd expect a solid 95-99% to work, but I'm still not sure we're going to see Kinect support and I'm sure a few games will just have natural compatibility issues. It happens.

But yeah, the vast majority of games will work.

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That is what I understand and what I will be doing 😊