Sprawlopolis- what’s the difference between Quined Games version vs Button Shy version?

by vickiesaurus08. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    9    17

Im confused as they both have different boxes but look to be the same game? Clarification needed please and thanks!


NoTimeForGamesYT 1

Gotta love that super portable wallet tho! :P

jonboyjon1990 1

Button shy is just the 18 cards in a wallet. Quined Games version comes with a cardboard box and scorepad

Plerophoria 1

I recently bought the print and play from button shy. Im a bit of a completionist usually but this works so well. I double sleeved them and it's working super nice. I don't think I'll end up buying an official version tbh.

phunknsoul 3

Don't know the answer to be honest, but Quined looks like they're in the Netherlands and when I clicked on "buy from shop" it gave me 404 not found.

And I'm familiar with Button Shy... so I'd personally go that way.

(I actually have Sprawlopolis and all the expansions as pnp from pnp Arcade.... great little game.)

Edit: Strange, when I answered this there were no replies to your post or else I wouldn't have answered it since it wasn't a good answer... after I submitted all the sudden I see posts from 4 hours ago... anyway... you can disregard my post :) Regardless, get it from somewhere, it's fun! I only got it recently and just started adding expansions... I hear people say Beaches is their favorite, but I can also see u/lovelace-'s point that maybe it's better without. I definitely didn't like the Wrektar one the one time I used it but that may be just becuase it really screwed me over.

lovelace- 1

I haven’t tried Beaches yet. Maybe I should. I will add it to my next button shy import.

wizardgand 2

Beaches is my favorite, but I enjoy all of the expansions.

kc0n 14

Quined Games is the European print and Shy Button is the US print. They're the same game.

  vickiesaurus08 2

So they are essentially the same? Do you know if the Quined Games version comes with the KS cards?

kc0n 3

Yeah both versions are the same game. Going by Quined Games Website it looks to be just the base 18 cards.

  vickiesaurus08 1

Great thanks. Would you say the KS cards are a must have addition to the game, or am I fine with just the version from Quined Games?

lesslucid 1

I have the Button Shy version with the expansions. I've tried them, I like having them, they seem pretty neat... but 99 times in 100 if I just want to play the game, I'll play without them. I imagine that if I didn't have them, an unfortunate completionist urge would make me want to get them just for the sake of having them. But I think in reality, for someone who wants to play the game rather than collect it, the base game is complete already.

kc0n 1

I haven't played it with the Kickstarter / Expansion cards. But I suppose they do add more variety to the game. You can purchase it from Shy Button Games and choose if you want the expansions or not.

lovelace- 3

I played Sprawlopolis about 40 times and I prefer to play without the expansions. The base game is just so good and the expansion distract from it for me. In my eyes go for either one. If you get the Quined games edition, fall in love with the game and want more you can buy the expansions separately via button shy later.

The button shy version is cooler, but the Quined games edition could look a bit more clean on your shelf according to your taste.

  vickiesaurus08 2

Ah Thanks! So I’m guessing the expansions from Button Shy will be compatible with the Quined version? Are there any slight differences in rulebooks/ scoring cards/ card sizes?

kvalle 1

I've found that the beaches expansion cards I got from button shy were marginally larger than the base cards from quined, making shuffling a bit of an issue. Put them in sleeves, and that's problem solved :)

I play with the expansion about half the time, and have another expansion on the way.

lovelace- 1

I don’t know. I am fairly certain that the rules and scoring are the same.
I also think that the cards have the same size, but you can check that on BGG. It is a game in which a slight difference is no dealbreaker in my eyes. You always see your next card anyway.

sorrycommagoahead 3

I personally think that the Button Shy wallets are a lot cooler than the Quined versions, but I don't think you could go wrong with the Quined if that's the only one you can get.

Even if you got the Quined version, you could always get the extra cards later direct from Button Shy, provided they don't sell out. I believe there's no difference with the cards themselves, just the packaging: https://buttonshygames.com/products/sprawlopolis-wrecktar-points-of-interest-and-construction-zones