Stacking diminishingly rather than additively question

by extremeedo. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    7    7

In 7.27, many things were changed to stack diminishingly rather than additively. For example "Heal Amplification now stacks diminishingly rather than additively".

Can someone help me do the math on the difference? Let's say there is a Pugna with his 20% heal amp talent, paladins sword 17%, and holy locket 35%.

When it was additive, the percent increase is 20%+17%+35%=72% heal amp increase.

How does the math work when it stacks diminishingly? Is it 1.2 x 1.17 x 1.35=1.9? That doesn't makes sense since it is buffed.



If you did that combo, all healing you receive would be diminished by 57%. Noob.

TroubleMakerLore 1

it's 57% healing dimishingly.

  extremeedo 1

How did you calculate that?

TroubleMakerLore 3

did some reverse enginerering.

rather than do .2 or 1.2 I would take that number from 1

In this case I did .8 .83 .65 = .4316.

I than subtracted that number 1 to get roughly 57%.

There's probably some better ways to do this but it's summer so no math for me (if I can help it)

This was how you use to calculate evasion and it'll work for anything but the explanation for why you used .8 instead of .2 is probably not as easy.

  extremeedo 1

Yes, I get the way it's calculated for evasion since it is the chance to hit. But it's hard to think of it for heal amp. But I can see how this works. Thank you.

provpaw2 1

I about to ask about this too. i get it when apply to evasion but I'm to dumb to do slight adaptation somehow

Borsund 3

Example numbers are different

Old: 25% + 25% = 50%

New: 1 - (1 - 0.25) * (1 - 0.25) = 43.75%