Star Wars:IA concern about movement

by virgnar. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    3    9

Hi all, just recently started a game of SW:IA with friends, and I was Imperials. We did the initial mission where they had to bust open the terminals but they found out that due to movement rules they could just walk right through my men and beat on the terminals, completely ignoring my attacks.

Is this something I should be concerned about? Would they be able to just run straight to objectives without a bother?


Weaponsonline 2

Don’t worry about losing the first mission, it’s slightly skewed towards rebels. Matter of fact because the next missionif they win is significantly harder than if they lose a lot of Rebel players purposely throw the first mission and just grab the crates.

Whoobacca 2

Remember it costs them an extra movement point to move into a hostile figures space - this reduces their movement & should make it harder to get to objectives.

Positioning of your minions is important to slow them down.

They are playing as the rebels should - going direct for objectives, they do not want to get into an extended fight because they will lose the scenario majority of the time if they do that.

You need to position to slow them down, focus fire on 1 rebel at a time & try to draw them into a fight.

  virgnar 1

Thank you! I guess it's just the initial scenario that you can't reinforce much that has an issue with it, but I reckon once we get into the real missions I can deploy stuff to better reduce that problem.

Whoobacca 4

Yes, bringing in extra squads or reinforcing "damaged" squads will help slow them down in other scenarios.

Also because you are allowed to place figures on terminals, crates, objectives etc you can do jerk moves like place large figures on them thus stopping rebels from interacting with them at all until that figure is removed (be prepared for expletives thrown at you should you stoop to my level & do this)

  virgnar 1

Devilishly genius. I shall incorporate it into my battle plans.

Frostnut2020 3

As I played imps in IA I thought of most of my pawns not as guys with blasters, but as obstacles with feet.

Most of my decisions were about how to place the guys to block choke points. And I I learned the rules correctly, rebels could squeeze by imps who were catty-corner to impassable terrain or other figures. Usually the rebel’s winning strategy was to run past everything.

Ixiv 3

In most missions it's far more effective to stall out the Rebels then try to wound them.

In the first mission this means moving your stormtroopers back and standing in front of the terminals to force the rebels to either kill the stormtroopers first or move right next to the terminal (and probably block attacks from other rebel characters). Don't be afraid to use your troops as cannon fodder if means slowing the rebels down for a turn or two.

You also have a major surprise in the event that triggers after the door opens. Your choice there should be whatever slows the rebels down more. If they made the mistake of opening the door at the end of the round and not moving through, lock the door. If they opened the door early and one of the terminals outside is still around, increase the health of the terminals.

Bierzgal 5

As an imperial aswell I remember the first mission in the base game being quite brutal for new rebels. The turret behind the door does very high damage vs. fresh characters.

And as allready mentioned. To go through an enemy you need to pay +1 movement point so it's not so easy and fast to do that.

Position your troops well and pile the damage and status effects. If they'll ignore you completely, they'll start to drop.

  virgnar 1

Yeah the turret was wrecking but unfortunately they just walked straight into the next room requiring it to pack up and slowly inch its way to them, giving them enough time to mess up terminals.