Stardew Valley or Terraria for my girlfriend and I?

by roastedpotatoes20. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    4    40

Hi guys, my girlfriend and I have been apart for over 4 months due to lockdown so we decided to buy a co-op game on ordinary laptops just to have another form of interactive behavior.

Firstly, can you guys confirm that one or both of these two games are in fact available to play JUST as us two together (as in not with other random people online, we ONLY want to play with each other alone)?

Secondly, that they are interactive where we could see each other move around and do things and voice chat and so on..

Thirdly, if they can run on normal laptops (I have checked the system requirements and they seem fine but please provide clarity as neither of us are experienced with PC gaming).

Anyway... Stardew Valley is $15 and Terraria is $10 at the moment but do not consider the price difference a big factor. PLEASE leave your opinions on which of the two we would enjoy more, keeping in mind that we are looking for a relaxing game that allows us to be interactive and co-op, voice chat to communicate etc... you get the point. Imagine you and your SO in the situation - which game would be more suitable basically.

When leaving an opinion, please try to make it as detailed as possible and try to stretch your mind to give us a good perspective on what your choice is and your thoughts on why we would enjoy the game and so on. We would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thank you so much for anyone that responds!


dropkickninja 1

Terraria can be just you two. Haven't played Stardew Valley yet

  roastedpotatoes20 2

Okay. Thanks for the info! However, is there some sort of sandbox mode in Terraria? To be able to just screw around and do as we please as opposed to mission/objective based modes etc. Apologies for sounding like a noob lol, I've only played the tutorial on PS4 before xD

JukePlz 1

yes, the last patch added a sandbox-type mode, you still need to scan new things but can then just clone them at no cost. Both games can be play as 2-player co-op privately without anyone else joining if you don't want that.

EisodosKosmo 2

It's not really mission-based. Basically, you build your base at first because monsters spawn at night. You mine, gather resources, upgrade your tools and gear. After that, you defeat stronger and stronger bosses and explore the world.

Not everything is revealed. Sometimes to go into a dungeon or spawn a boss. You need to meet certain requirements. So, there are a lot of secrets out there. But if you don't mind there is a wiki for both Terraria and Stardew where you can look things up if something is unclear.

  roastedpotatoes20 2

Mhmm. Interesting. Is it similar to Minecraft? (Shoot me down if it isn't, but the girlfriend said she is not keen on Minecraft).

EisodosKosmo 2

Minecraft is 3D and Terraria is 2D. They differ a bit in gameplay but they are both sandbox games, so you could kinda make that comparison.

  roastedpotatoes20 1

This makes perfect sense. Personally having never played Minecraft before, it looks fun in the sense that it has "so much" to do in a sandbox game, but it is a little pricey.

EisodosKosmo 2

I never see a discount on Minecraft, since Microsoft bought it. It actually went up in price.

Terraria seems to often have discounts on Steam or Humble Bundle though. If you're lucky you can maybe grab it with a discount.

  roastedpotatoes20 1

I actually saw Stardew Valley on special for $5 recently and I kick myself for not buying it earlier...

How often do Steam specials like that often come out?

  roastedpotatoes20 1

This makes perfect sense. Personally having never played Minecraft before, it looks fun in the sense that it has "so much" to do in a sandbox game, but it is a little pricey.

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  roastedpotatoes20 1

Okay, so assuming this is Stardew Valley, would she just join my farm as in be part of it as equally as I am? Also would the interactive nature of the game be more satisfying than Terraria? (We honestly do not worry too much about the difference in objectives of the games, rather more about how we would enjoy it as a couple).

Thanks for your response!

EisodosKosmo 1

Yes, she would be able to do the same as you are able to do.

Terraria is a Sandbox game where you gather resources, build a base, explore the world and defeat bosses.

Stardew Valley is a life simulator where you build-up your farm, socially interact with the villagers. You can marry or befriend people in the game if you build-up enough trust (also your girlfriend). You will mine, combat (in the mine), fish and farm and sometimes there will be social events you can participate in.

Stardew Valley is a more casual and relaxed game in comparison with Terraria and I think you guys will like it.

  roastedpotatoes20 1

Alright thanks a lot, they both sound like fun...

So you assume Stardew Valley > Terraria for us?

EisodosKosmo 1

I have both games actually and I have played them with friends before. I would say. It depends on your taste.

If you want to be able to explore the world, fight bosses and build as much as you want. Go for Terraria. The difficulty level is a little higher.

Want a more casual and socially interactive game? Go for Stardew.

  roastedpotatoes20 1

Also, what is the extent of replayability of the two games? Would we be able to continue playing indefinitely or is it a "do it once and you're done with the game" kind of thing?

EisodosKosmo 1

I will not spoil the gameplay but in Terraria you have different game modes.

The harder the game mode, the harder the bosses and monsters at night get but as a benefit, you will be able to unlock a lot of new stuff.

You also have the mechanic of corruption, crimson, hallow. You should see it as an evil biome which slowly spreads and destroys the world. This only becomes a problem once you defeat a boss and enter a later part of the game. It is very hard to get rid of. If you even forget to purify one block, it will spread again. It takes a long time to 100% purify a world.

In Stardew there are different options you can choose to progress the story and different people to befriend and marry. The game never ends and you can play as long as you want.

So, both games have great replayability.

  roastedpotatoes20 1

Great, thank you so much for your input. I appreciate it a lot.

  roastedpotatoes20 1

Mhmm. It sounds like a close call.

As in Terraria... would we HAVE to fight bosses and so on when we just want to relax in a non-competitive environment?

Based on this I guess I kind of lean towards Stardew Valley in the sense that it sounds more calm (assuming we can voice chat and talk about whatever, with something fun and co-operative in the background... etc.)

nico46646 2

Definitely Stardew Valley over Terraria.
You can play witgout any strangers in both games,Stardew Valley is way more relaxing since its a farming type of game.

crazy_pickn 2

I suggest you play overcook lol😂

KurosawaKakeru 2

I haven't played Terraria. So while I can not objectively compare between the two, here's my two cents on why Stardew Valley would be a great choice for you two to play:

  1. Extremely chill, wholesome and fun.
  2. Allows you to play whichever way you like without punishing you.
    - Farm all day, fish, hit the dungeons or run around and scavenge.
  3. You'll be able to take it to the next level and marry eventually.
  4. Checks all your boxes really.

    There will also be a new patch some months down the line so there's something to look forward to even if you reach the endgame in that time.
rymoonbee 2

Terraria, SV, Ylands, Human: Fall Flat, Don't Starve Together, and Portal 2 are all cheap (as in free to $15), can run on low-end PCs, and are casual (-ish for Terraria) games that I've enjoyed with SOs. Portal 2 is great fun while drunk.

  roastedpotatoes20 1

Thanks I will have a look!

K1ub 2

You won't make a bad decision by picking any of the 2 to play co-op, both games are really good and very different imo, it's just a matter of personal preference.

Terraria: build your base, explore the world, slay mobs, defeat bosses and mine ores to get better gear, etc.

Stardew Valley: upgrade your house & farm, discover new locations, mine ores to get better tools, farm to get money, interact with npcs, etc.

  roastedpotatoes20 1

Thanks a lot, sounds like a tough choice to make though.

K1ub 2

haha not really, i'm sure that even if you pick randomly you will have a lot of fun.

IridescentIzzy 2

I can confirm Stardew Valley is just the two of you. My bf and I used to play it, and I just put the game on invite only, and invite him through steam.

  roastedpotatoes20 1

Great, thanks!

Azure_Fang 3

Definitely tossing in a vote for Stardew Valley. But I would also recommend looking into Starbound; story sucks and main quest is finicky as hell in MP, but once you get past that and get a smattering of mods that the two of you can agree on, it can be fun as hell.

Qvoix 4

Played stardew valley alone way before but then bought it for my bf and he loves it. I've never played terraria so I wouldn't know what to compare or say about it but SV is definitely a chill farming type game. Think of harvest moon that sort of thing. You farm, you fish, there's pets etc. There's also quests, mining etc. You can play the game solo or co-op. Oh and marriage, either to your girl or any of the npc. And if both you and your girl are looking to mod it there's some seriously cute/cool stuff.

  roastedpotatoes20 2

Okay great thanks for your input. Also will mods be easy to access and so on? Sorry if I sound like a noob, I just want to know if these mods are user-friendly and safe etc.

Qvoix 2

The site that I go for mods usually is nexusmods/stardewvalley and no worries. You'll need a couple stuff for the mods to run tho. Here ya go! I haven't have any issues playing w/mods but do take note certain mods don't crossover to co-ops/that or both of you need to have the same mod.

This might be of use as well but all in all I suggest you two start off the game vanilla just so yall can enjoy and have fun first, look into mod in a bit later to enhance the game.

Even if you decide to mod it, be sure to do backup just in case.

Ettinarq 9

Terraria Is More hardcore than stardew. Not hard but it have the fighting. So if you want to chill chill stardew. If you want a challenge Terraria.
Also look for "moving out", overcooked, portal 2, borderlands 2 and cuphead.

IridescentIzzy 2

I thought OP mentioned they're apart. Aren't those games mostly local co-op?

Ettinarq 2

Steam remote play my friend. You even need only one copy.

  roastedpotatoes20 1

Wait, so can my girlfriend and I play these two games if for example only I paid for the game, using remote play?

Ettinarq 2

Yes. In the game tags search for ,"remote play together". You launch it and the other one can play stream like.

Here for more info

Started valley 4 example only has online coop, both need a copy. Search overcook that has this tag.

  roastedpotatoes20 1

Oh I see, specifically for local co-op intended games if I understand correctly.

Thanks a lot. Boy Reddit never ceases to amaze me!

IridescentIzzy 2

Oh really? I haven't tried that out yet. Thanks for clarifying!

  roastedpotatoes20 2

Thanks a lot for your opinion, I will also have a look and consider the games you mentioned!