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by HighSkuid. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    2    3

Hello Reddit, this I my first post, I hope I will not do shit here and hope I am using the correct flair.

So it has been a long battle against Steam updates for many of us who doesn't feel comfortable with this new library appearance. I have tried to keep the old Ui, re-install the old Ui, disable Steam updates. It worked for a certain time until June 2020 update if I am right.

I don't have a lot of knowledge in CSS, but I learned a little by doing all this. It started with the "What's new" container, I simply found on the internet that you could edit a line in the Library.css Steam file, then I looked for more customization which can be found below.

It is all about editing the Libraryroot.css file, doing it with a text editor will result in Steam re-downloading the files every time you launch it. A clever guy made a script to edit this file directly and allow Steam to still upgrade to the last update! Simply copy or write CSS customization in the deCSSer.exe made by @Tharon, that you can find on the 4th page HERE in his message.

As you can see on the screenshots, I tried giving the same look as the old grid view (2). With the original Ui (1), even with the Steam window in fullscreen it can't fit all my installed games with all these panels heh... I feel better with a clean grid.

The old Ui was way better, you could simply click the "play" button... But that's the best I could do to keep the client updated. I'm giving you here the CSS lines I used and screenshots comparison if anyone wants to reproduce some of this. I hope it helps and if you have any question I will answer it as fast as I can!

- Removed left list panel :
.library_LeftListSizableContainer_9sPoV {
  display: none; }

- Removed useless extra bottom scrolling :
.smartscrollcontainer_Body_3lDcz {
  height: 120%; }

- Removed "ADD SHELF" button :
.libraryhomeshowcases_AddShowcaseRow_3SkuN {
  display: none; }

- Custom library background color :
.libraryhome_LibraryHome_3Sb2o {
  background: radial-gradient(20% 100% at 45% 45%, #1b2838 0%, #171a21 100%); }

- Removed "WHAT'S NEW" panel :
.libraryhome_WhatsNewContainer_gdZT7 {                                                                                                                                                                                         
  display: none; }


(1) Original Steam Ui


(2) Simplified custom Steam Ui


CottonCandyShork 2

Still prefer the new one. The sorting/search/filtering/extra information I get is well worth it.

  HighSkuid 1

I can understand, if you often install/uninstall games or if you want the game stats it can be even better than the old one! I very rarely change my games, so when I have to, I switch to the "all games" view.