Steam not accepting debit card?

by Jarnie06. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    8    9

I am new to the pc master race and I wanted to buy wallpaper engine for my pc. I wanted to purchase it with my debit card but it isn't an option in my country (The Netherlands). I want to be able to purchase via my Ideal debit card because otherwise I need to pay via my dad's credit card.

If you have any info on this that would be a great help.



Buy steam digital wallet money from g2a

Felix_Dracul 9

Extremely bad advice. G2A have notoriously bad publicity around them for being scummy. And they might start charging monthly fees if you purchase anything from them. Buy a gift card from a legit store like Amazon.

EightBitRanger 10

Don't buy anything from G2A.

_garo_ 7

I would buy a Paysafecard (10€, 25€, 50€, 100€) at a gas station or newspaper store and add it to Steam wallet (Geld toevoegen...). You can check availability on the website under paysafecard kopen / verkooppartners.

  Jarnie06 2

Yeah I think im gonna do that, thanks for the advice!

BmanUltima 8

That will only work if your debit card is associated with a credit company and allow online payments.

  Jarnie06 1

I use ideal and I think I can use online payments because I could also buy games for my ps4.

tpmfrat 2

I think it’s just the online platform for that country doesn’t accept debit cards as a payment method

  Jarnie06 1

Yeah I think so too... I think I’ll buy a giftcard from a gas station or something.