Steam on SSD vs HDD

by JohnDoh789. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    1    7

I've had Steam installed on my HDD and I recently got an SSD. I made a new Steam library on the SSD and downloaded one game (Tekken 7) to test the difference in load times. I found that sometimes the loading is quicker and sometimes it's the same as using the HDD. My question is - do I need to install the Steam program itself on the SSD in order to see consistently faster load times in games?



I put everything onto a 7200rpm HDD and I've never noticed any problems

Lurus01 1

Steam itself would just dictate how fast Steam as an application ran and I doubt one would notice much difference between keeping it on HDD and SSD.

What you need on the SSD to have faster individual game loading is that game itself downloaded onto your SSD. Even if Steam the application is on the HDD you can still install games onto your SSD.

Depending on how you handle games and the size of your SSD I would keep it reserved for games you notice have a particularly long load time and can even move the game to the SSD after the fact very easily if its already been installed onto your HDD and the loading times were too much of an issue.

  JohnDoh789 1

Thanks, I appreciate it. So I'll keep Steam where it is on the HDD and start downloading games on the SSD. It's a 1tb so I'm not too worried about storage space at the moment. I did a test with Tekken 7 and the fights loaded faster sometimes on the SSD, but not always.

Thehelloman0 2

If you plan on getting your SSD close to full, I wouldn't recommend installing on it. I had about 40 GB of free space on my SSD and steam kept giving me errors because it was downloading the update file to my SSD even though the game is installed on my hard drive.

MrGino815 3

I believe putting steam on SDD will only make the program itself faster. The games downloading speed still depends on where you’ve downloaded the game.

  JohnDoh789 1

Thanks. I'm mainly concerned with the load times in games, not so much download speed.

MrGino815 2

Same goes for the games loading speed. Depends if you have the game downloaded on the SDD or HDD