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by Nathan_john54. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    4

I have been living in Australia and went to Norway 2 years ago my store haven't changed so if i changed it to Norway by vpn should i put ( Norwegian krone) instead of ( Australian dollar) in my visa to be able to buy games from store ?


elusive_cat 2

You don't need vpn. If you're still in Norway and have any Norwegian payment method simply change your region of your Steam account in the settings.

Filipi_7 5

Your region should be the same as your billing address. If you live in Australia I'm guessing you have an Australian address, bank account and card, so use Australia as your region.

Using a VPN in Norway, and changing your region and currency because you went there for some time while your billing address is still Australia can get you banned.

  Nathan_john54 1

The problem that whole thing make me buy games from online stores and they increase of the games prices

Filipi_7 5

Yes, sometimes prices in Australia are higher than in other countries. Trying to bypass this by changing your region to Norway without having an address and payment method there can still result in a ban.

You can risk it if you want, otherwise buy from 3rd party stores like Humble Bundle, Fanatical, Gamersgate, etc. They often have different prices than Steam. Use isthereanydeal to find good deals.