Strange profile playing GTA 6

by yeahnahrathernot. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    13

A person named : "Go" was playing GTA 6 and has been for the past 12\~ish hours. What is going on?! It says: "Playing A GTA 6 Quickmatch ALPHA Test". Who are they? And does this mean GTA 6 will be on Xbox One as well?! This is awesome!



Don't believe it, look at it for yourself when he's playing it next


multiplatgaming 1

Seen a zombie/bot account (one of those mass auto-following ppl) "playing" GTA6 too.


Nowadays you could easily create a fake game on the PC using Unity/UE/etc, name it whatever you want and press win+G.. so Xbox Live will identify it as a game and show in your activity.


100% sure this is bait and switch to steal legit accounts.

  yeahnahrathernot 1

Ahhhhh okay thanks man. I got excited for a second damn

ChunkyThePotato 1

Pretty sure Microsoft keeps a database of popular PC games that they use for Xbox Live status, so creating your own game with any name you want wouldn't work.

This guying is faking it using a club name.

multiplatgaming 1

I enabled the gamebar to work on Unity, so I can get screengrabs/video captures of bugs.

Ends up that Unity appears in my status. The same happened to PCSX2 too.

ChunkyThePotato 2

Does it still work now? I have a faint memory of that being possible a few years ago, but now Game Bar is universal and you don't need to designate the app you're using as a "game" for it to work.


Tested it here right now and indeed, it seems they've fixed this with the universal gamebar.


The only catch with the group theory is.. wouldn't the status say "checking roster in [club name]" or "chatting in [club name]", etc instead of just mentioning the club name?


EDIT: Yup, found two groups called "A GTA6 testing lobby ALPHA". MS should get on top of this...

ChunkyThePotato 2

Hm, I was only able to get it to say "Chatting in [club name]" and "Browsing feed in [club name]" rather than "In [club name]". And I couldn't find what made it say one or the other. It seemed inconsistent. Weird.

But I checked and the guy is actually in a club that's called "A GTA 6 Quickmatch ALPHA Test", so that's almost certainly how he's spoofing it. There must be a scenario that would trigger the "In" prefix and due to the inconsistency I couldn't find it.


I tried to trigger only the "in" prefix too through the console, xbox console companion and browser w/o success. Could it be related to the phone app?

Anyway, I've reported the glitch.. let's see if MS looks into this.

gael_the_druid 1

Plot twist: He's really playing a GTA 6 alpha

gotoitsi 1

He’s in a bunch of GTA 6 clubs.

Patapwn 3

Use your critical thinking skills.

ChunkyThePotato 11

He's just spoofing his status somehow. It's not real.

And no, I seriously doubt GTA 6 will be on Xbox One. The game is years away and Xbox One will be obsolete.

Edit: I figured out how he's spoofing it. When you're viewing a club on Xbox, your profile says "In [name of club]". So he created a club named "A GTA 6 Quickmatch ALPHA Test" so that his profile's status would say "In A GTA 6 Quickmatch ALPHA Test".


Now that's how you investigate rumors. You should teach classes for the mainstream media.