Subscriptions like Humble Choice?

by Big-Chungus14. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    4

So i was considering getting humble choice but then found out you don’t get to choose from their entire catalog and only get a choice from games they provide,so I was wondering if there are subscriptions like it but with triple a games and more choices,something like utomik but with better/newer games such as death stranding or borderlands and such to put it shortly


Imnotacity 2

To put it shortly, no. Humble Bundle does get AAA games but its usually only like 1-2 a month. Recent AAA games there's no such thing where you get to keep them for a low cost.

dayankuo234 2

not really any other subscription-based services where you get to 'keep' the games. I'd keep an eye out for the occasional bundles on Humblebundle, fanatical, GOG, and the like.

elecjack1 3

Sorry, no subscription service like that. Just Xbox Game Pass, Origin/EA Access (Mostly EA titles but a few third-party titles), and Uplay+ (Ubisoft titles).

As the others said, Humble Choice isn't a subscription "rental" service. Humble Choice is a bundle service where you choose 9 games out of 12 every month that you keep. If you cancel the subscription, the games you chose while subscribed are still yours. When you make your choices, you get Steam keys that you add to your Steam library.

Filipi_7 6

You're not going to find a service that lets you keep AAA games forever with a single payment like Humble Choice does. Especially not for new releases like Borderlands 3 or the un-released Death Stranding. The bundle would either need to be well over $100 or the store/publishers would be losing a lot of potential profit. At best you can get the Game Pass which does have loads of AAA titles and is cheap, but you need to keep paying every month/year to retain access to your games. Origin Access is also an option, it has all EA games and some more or less know indies.

However, Humble Bundle and other stores, eg. Fanatical, often offer bundles which contain quality games. It's not regular and with hit-and-miss content, but if you keep an eye on them every couple of weeks you're bound to find something you're interested in.