Suggestion for multiple Xbox ones and signing profiles out automatically

by Cerealbawxformahdaid. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    3

So my kids have an Xbox one at their mom's house and I just recently got them Xbox live gold on their profiles because we have been having lots of issues all playing since we have two at my house. That is a problem for another day though. What I'm currently frustrated about is my kids like to play fortnite on my profile because it's the one they've played on since it came out so they don't have all their fancy skins and unlocks on their own profile. The problem lies in the fact that I will be happily gaming along at my house and my kids will sign on at their mom's on my profile, kicking me off and losing progress in a game. Wouldn't it be simple to just have a prompt warn them when they try to use my profile and I'm already logged in instead of unceremoniously booting me from my game? Can we please get this feature? Surely this is not the only scenario in which this occurs...


Highrevz 1

Just get there own account or a new one for your self. You can game share so you won’t need to buy the games again.

  Cerealbawxformahdaid 1

They have their own accounts that they use now, but there are a couple games they play that have unlocks that can no longer be obtained. Game sharing is also proving to be a problem since we have 3 Xbox ones between us

Highrevz 1

I would recommend you let the kids game share with each other to save buying the the same game for each of them, if it’s a game you will also buy then try to get the physical version for your self so it’s cheaper.