Supports getting creep last hits?

by naraishere. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    11

Is it ok for pos 5s to take creep last hits in the laning phase?

TLDR: Is it worth to gamble 50% that your carry is going to get a questionable creep or take the 100% that you can get it?

So here's the situation, a few days ago I was playing with my 5 stack with a less than average carry player. I main pos 5 so it doesn't bother me that he's palying carry. Anyways, he was playing Anti-Mage and i was some pos 5 support hero. During the laning phase, I saw that he was about to not get a creep last hit so I took it while he was running to the creep. After I took it, he scolded me for taking his last hit and I said he wasn't going to get it anyways to which he argued that he would. It turned into an arguement between me and him but the rest of my stack refused to interject. So my question is, should i gamble the 50% that my carry is going to get the last hit on creeps or the 100% that I can get it? It was a melee creep btw


Just_Juney 1

Carries that do that r bad man, u already said he’s a below average player, if u think u r above average then u probs right

  naraishere 1

I understand that but is it ok in to do that in high mmr games? Should I take the gamble that they might or might not get it?

janjihantu2 1

Good high MMR carries will want you to secure last hits. In fact they will ping the range creep which means “last hit together so enemy can’t deny”.

  naraishere 1

It was a melee creel. Thats why I'm asking, because when I play pos 5 for other carry players in lower ranks. I would ask for a lh if I really needed the gold and they would say no. But whenever I play with my group of higher ranks. They wouldn't mind at all.

janjihantu2 1

If low MMR and it’s not your friend I would probably just not take it unless the carry is 1 screen away. Too many crazy people I don’t wanna deal with. But that’s not the “right” play.

lulque 1

in high mmr it won't happen

v3liang 3

From a carry players perspective: I don’t mind if it’s to secure a range creep that may get denied but it’s best to communicate it. If you can already foresee he may not reach it, it’s not too hard to just ask, esp if you’re in party. It’s more game winning to lose a last hit over a tilted carry player.

The potential problem here is that you clearly don’t trust/respect him as your carry so you’ll probably think he’ll miss more last hits than he will and him feeling his ego attacked and pressured might miss more due to it.

The downsides to you getting it when he firmly believes he could have means he‘ll feel like he’s competing with you for LHs also or tilt meaning way more last hits missed and mistakes made later. If it really bothers him that much, just buy him a clarity or salve.

For me personally, I tell my supports to not even look at or worry about the creeps (there are a thousand other things to focus on as a support) and I’ll ping and voice chat if I need help securing a lh or deny. Maybe that’ll be a better system?

Hope that helped.

  naraishere 1

Its not that I dont trust him enough as a carry. Its hard for me to trust him, recently our stack found out he doesn't know understand what creep aggro means or is. Its a running joke in our group which I dont really participate in because I'm low rank that he has over 2000 hours in the game and doesn't understand creep aggro.
I do try to teach him even when he plays but he disregards me because quote "you have 1000 hours in the game while I have 2000". And he continues to ignore the fact that I'm crusader 5 and he's guardian 4. My group is a mixture of archons, a few legends and 3 ancients. Whenever I play pos 5 which I main, I misplay sometimes but thats normal but I constantly get commends and praise as the best pos 5 in our group. And I get what you say that usually pos 5s don't even have to worry about lane, because he is the only carry player in our group that I have to actively babysit and ping last hits for. It's just very tiring to harass and babysit him while he misses last hit to be berated by him just because i stole 1 lh. (It was a melee creep btw)

Heyland67 3

I'd probably secure the lh as well. Though, I think that you should always try to use creep aggro mechanics to ensure that your carry gets the range one.

  naraishere 1

I understand the creep aggro mechanic to help my carry secure last hits. However, in the situation that the carry is not in the best position to lh. Is it worth it to take the gamble that they might or might not get it?

Heyland67 2

Yeah totally. I mean IMHO. I'm just saying that if possible, do everything to secure the range one for urcarry.