Sync between Xbox and PC

by Duranna144. Posted on Jul 14, 2020    1    1


I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, and if not then let me know and remove it. I have GamePass Ultimate and have been playing No Man's Sky (which is available on both PC and console). It was doing fine with syncing my save between the PC and the console, but today it just stopped. I had played two days ago on console, booted up the PC this morning and was playing, then went back to the console and none of my saves transferred.

I play through the Xbox app on PC (the new one), and there isn't any type of "sync" button that I can find, and I wasn't doing anything to force a sync before, so I'm at a loss for why it's suddenly stopped syncing the save file.

Any ideas from anyone?


Dave81j6 1

To my knowledge your saves travel between devices. This would be the first time I've heard of anyone having a synx issue.

Absent the obvious (that both devices need to communicate with the internet to have the saves upload), not sure.