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by lonewombat. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    2

Seems like a complicated question and probably fixable but ran into an issue tonight. Went to play Glory to Rome and one player joining my server never got assets downloaded and only saw playing cards. I checked the workshop and it seems the mod was no longer there to download. 2 other players who had played before DID see all the assets as they were loaded already. I'm sure I could find the mod itself and just send them the file if they drop it but who knows if that would work. Any TTS pros know a fix for that if the workshop DLC gets removed or deleted to get a new player the assets to play?


bilbo_the_innkeeper 1

I wish I could help. There’s also a great subreddit specifically for TTS that may get you better results over at r/tabletopsimulator.

Good luck!

_sandwiches 6

If the assets got removed but are still loading for you, they are cached on your machine. You can use the TTS Backup tool (available on ModDB I believe) or dig through your cached images folder manually and dig them out. Reupload to imgur or something, and import a deck with the new URL.