Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - June 27, 2020

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Welcome to the /r/pcgaming tech support and basic questions thread! Having troubles with a game or piece of hardware? Have a basic question about a PC game, piece of hardware, or something else related to PC gaming? Post here and get help from fellow gamers. When asking for help, please give plenty of detail such as what OS you're using, what you've tried so far, and exact circumstances to replicate your issue. No one wants to play 20 questions with you for basic information.

Check out these resources before asking for help in case you can troubleshoot further:

Common troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart the system
  • Make sure all of your drivers are updated
  • Make sure the game or software is updated to the most recent patch
  • Re-seat any new hardware to ensure a proper connection
  • If your peripherals are malfunctioning, swap ports and check that the specific USB port itself works.


BoundlessLogic 2

What’s up guys quick question. So I have a 2070 super and ryzen 5 3600 in my build. Thinking about getting a new monitor and wanted to know your thoughts.

Will that combo be able to achieve 200+ frame rates on a 1080P 244hz monitor?

What frame rates can I expect to see at 1440P as well?

I play mostly Warzone btw.

alxsogood 2

In Warzone you will be getting around 175 fps with that combination, 1080p low. In higher settings you will get more than 144 fps, and in 1440p you expect gettin around 130 in low and 105 in high. Anyways, that combo will give you 244+ fps in other competitive games like CS:GO.
If you are playing mostly WZ, better buy a freesync or gsync monitor, because you will not get the maximun refresh rate, but it would be fine if you have the money to spend it, so you could play in more than 144hz

Neverlife 2

You could get ~144fps at 1440p at medium-ish settings, which I would take over 1080p/high fps any day

FungusBingus92 1

How do I fix the F1-F12 keys also functioning as letters on the keyboard?

It only happens when I'm playing a game. For example, F2 (or the volume down button) for some reason also preforms the action that the C button would normally do. So if I spam the volume down button, it'll make my character t-bag (as well as preforming the action the F2 key is supposed to preform).

So, how do I fix this? I'm using a Windows 10 Dell gaming laptop if that helps.

ZarianPrime 1

Check your manual for the dell (should be on their website). Might be you need to disable the function keys "hotkey" function. Usually there is a driver/app for that on the dell drivers site for your laptop.

minestraightdown 1

What is that overlay in the top left that YouTubers use that tracks what percentage of its power that each part uses? I want to be able to test what percent of my GPU power games are using so I can get the best mix of image quality and framerates.

shekurika 1
Lil_Skrrrr 1

Lanessar 1

While that might work, I would not buy that PC for 500UK/620 USD. You could do much better making your own, even getting a dedicated graphics card along with a decent setup.

anoopvk268 1

Assembled a new pc. Ryzen 3600, b450, and 1660 super.

Audio output is not coming from hdmi output. Any solutions?

AzureDrag0n 1

Some basic things to check:

  • Make sure you install the NVIDIA drivers, one of the options there is the HDMI Audio driver
  • If you're running Windows, make sure you have the correct audio output device selected: on Windows 10 if you click the little volume icon near the clock in taskbar, just above the volume slider you will see the audio device used, check that it is using the NVIDIA one - mine says "MonitorName (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)"
anoopvk268 1
  1. Installed nvidia drivers. Cross checked the audio one. Still the same.

  2. Actually when I go into advanced setup here, it's showing hdmi not connected. But display is fine from hdmi.
ZarianPrime 1

What monitor are you using?


Also did you actually switch your audio to HDMI out in Windows?

anoopvk268 1

Where to do that in windows?

I am using Dell 25 inch

ZarianPrime 1

Click on the sound icon in the taskbar (lower right corner next to the date/time.


It should show the name of the device it's outputting from. (should be a little arrow pointing up next to the name. Click it, and you should see all the devices you can output audio to. Select whatever is the name of the Dell monitor (if it's showing) or it may say something like HDMI.

ZarianPrime 1

Also are you certain your monitor has a built in speaker?


Check your monitor settings if it is supposed to have a built in speaker, and make sure the speaker part is not turned off if it has that option.

anoopvk268 1

Yeah it does not have.

Have reinstalled the audio drivers. Now it's detecting the hdmi audio output of my AVR. But still no sound output.
But working fine in my old pc.
Do hdmi cables have any limitations? Have gtx super 1660 now. Old pc have had some gtx 6 series.

RnKGorilla 1

After a bit of help please?

I'm pretty much spend most my time playing Destiny, Division and occasionally play COD and Fifa.

I want to move from console to PC but no idea what to get or where to get. Don't know enough to or want to build one myself, so are there any PCs people recommend for under or around £800 at all?

Basic spec for destiny is pretty low but I'd like to run games a decent spec and not need to upgrade for a while if possible.

Don't need a monitor or accessories as half those already.

Any help / advice or links would be amazing, thanks.

Lanessar 1

I'd personally take this over to /r/buildapc or /r/buildapcforme. They do recommendations like this frequently.

RnKGorilla 1

Awesome, thank you, will head there now.

prashant2198 1

I wanted to know if rx 580 s 8gb variant makes any difference than the 4gb variant. Does more vram size increase performance or what ? Also like 1660s delivers more fps than 580 while having less vram of 6gb. Also what use is 8gb vram when you are never going to use it.

Lanessar 2

This is highly dependent upon the games you play and what sort of performance you want to hit.

Most modern games are coded to use the resources available. They pre-load the assets. Also, 6GB+ VRAM is sort of needed depending on the resolution you're playing at for less pop-in and better texture streaming.

I personally wouldn't go with a card with less than 6GB VRAM for current games, but I am playing at 1440p.

Lost_Dome 1

I need help knowing if my PC will work for Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.
So, I’m admittedly very new to PC gaming and I don’t know the ins and outs of what parts are better than others and so forth. I upgraded to PC from consoles for obvious reasons, but the driving force being Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. I ordered the NZXT Starter Plus prebuilt, because I really didn’t want to risk messing up building a PC right now. My specs are as follows(pulled from the site, I have no idea what most of these mean):


Intel Core i5-9400F 6-Core 2.9 GHz



  • 3 DisplayPort

    B365 Motherboard


    Team T-FORCE Vulcan Z 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3200MHz

    CPU Cooler



    Intel 665p 1.0 TB
llamentoso 1

Would 2080ti be ok with I-7700K? I want to buy the gpu but cant afford a new cpu.

MB: prime z270-a

Main use: 2K 144Hz & VR "half-life"


Neverlife 1

Yeah, that's still a fine combo

Shake_n_Blake 1

hi everyone,

I've noticed an interesting phenomena when playing The Outer Worlds on my new PC and I was wondering if anyone has encountered anything like this.

When I boot the game the resolution is set to 2160p and the framerate is pretty choppy, the FPS counter indicates that it is ~40fps and that seems correct. However, if I change the resolution to 1600p and then set it back to 2160p it the game runs noticeably smoother, appearing to run at a solid 60fps even though the fps counter still indicates that the game is only running at ~40fps.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is this some setting in the NVIDIA Control panel?

This is (basically) my PC here:

tabbyass 1

So I bought a built pc a few weeks ago and have been using it since and downloading games and such and have used the storage. I was wondering if I could replace my current ssd with a bigger one and if that would like corrupt my storage as my current ssd already has things on it and the storage has been used. Is the process more complicated than this? Thanks

Neverlife 1

Would you be able to add a new ssd without removing the old one? And it won't corrupt anything to change out the ssd, but your old ssd will have all of your data on it.

tabbyass 1

alright thanks

qa3rfqwef 1

You would have to clone your current drive over to the new one if you wanted to have your current data on the new drive.

What you can do though is just install the new drive as a basic storage device and keep the old drive as it is (this would be as simple as plugging it in, formatting and creating a partition for it).

You can then go into the settings in steam or other games platforms and tell it to install games on your new drive and for anything else you would just install as normal but pick your new drive during the installation process.

This will not have any negative repercussions on your current drive.

tabbyass 1


Digital_Hazard 1

Hi everyone, I'm having problems with hamachi (or Lan overall) on my PC;
GTX 1070
16GB ram
Windows 10 64 bit
Let's start with hamachi, I wanted to use it to play minecraft. They couldn't ping me and they couldn't join me as the host, but they can play just fine between each other, taking the firewalls down allows them to ping me but I couldn't join in and when I hosted the world took a lot to load, they could brake blocks but no items would come out and shortly after they would get kicked. I know is my pc because if I take out my laptop and install hamachi there, I can play just fine but it's way slower than my pc;
HP pavilion power 15
i5 gen 7
Gtx 1050
8 gb ram
Windows 10 64 bit
After that discovery I tried using zerotier but with the same result can't ping unless firewall down but still the game wouldn't allow me to play.
After that I tried using local Lan with my pc, my laptop and my sister's laptop and again the 2 laptops can play just fine but the pc can't host and can't join. And here when the pc hosted, the other 2 could see the Lan world without direct connection but fail to connect. So with this I think it's not the virtual Lan fault but some Lan configuration or something that is not letting me play on Lan. Thank you in advance for the help. Also it wold help me a lot if you could explain in step by step because I don't think I'm 100% sure of what I'm doing, thanks everyone.

Optimus_Drew 1


Sorry if this is a bit generic but I know so little about pcs these days. I've been console gaming for the past 15 years so I know nothing about pcs.

I have a sim racing rig that I use on xbox but want to jump to PC. I'm looking to buy a gaming pc that can handle iracing mainly but also other sim racing titles like project cars 2 and assetto corsa competizione.

I have a top end budget of £1,000 but would prefer to spend less. Can anyone recommend a gaming pc that could quite comfortably handle my needs (not with bare basic graphic settings). Some people have recommended building my own but I don't want to do this. I'm rubbish with stuff like that and would find a way to balls it up.

I live in the UK. Any help would be appeeciated .


Rom-Gr 1

After a couple of hours of gaming, my now 5 year old PC suddenly started to show lines and boxes, images hereunder:

Based on a minor investigation, seems to be the GPU. Issue doesn't happen on safe mode.

Display is new got it last Wednesday. Specs are GTX980 phantom, i7 4790k, 16gb ddr3, mobo is Asus 79z pro gamer. No overclocks other than motherboard's out of the box boost settings.

qa3rfqwef 2

Things to do would be reinstall gpu driver, if problem persists then install an older driver (ensure you use something like DDU everytime before you install).

If the issue is still present then try plugging your monitor in one of the other GPU ports if possible. If this isn't possible or the problem is still present then try using a different monitor with a different cable and see if the problem persists.

If it's still not fixed then you're probably looking at a hardware fault in your GPU with display artifacts like that, in which cases you're looking at RMAing if you're still under warranty or buying a replacement.

Rom-Gr 1

Thanks for the feedback.
Uninstalled driver using DDU. As soon as I was reinstalling, the display went out again - a couple of seconds of artifacts and then a solid black screen.

Tried different cables, nothing. Monitor works fine with other devices.

I think the GPU is dead.

ZarianPrime 1

Do you still have your old monitor to test with? What doesn't make sense is it not happening in safe mode.

Rom-Gr 1

I'll test it on my old monitor and get back to you.

Safe mode engages onboard graphics though, and restricts to 640p.

Rom-Gr 1

Just to let ya know, tried the old monitor - no luck.

ZarianPrime 1

Too bad, yeah it sounds like the GPU is going. Sorry man. Guessing the warranty on the 980 Ti is done?

Rom-Gr 1

Bought the whole build June 2015 so warranty is long gone I'm afraid :(

Johnsmith13371337 2

That kind of artifacting is not a good sign for the health of your GPU, U could soon have a dead GPU.

Rom-Gr 2

It's totally unusable. Doesn't fully boot. GPU is likely dead.

Johnsmith13371337 2

Damn, and not a cheap thing to replace either :(

Rom-Gr 2

Yeah unlucky. Q4 I was going to start a new build from scratch with the new hardware... Now i don't know whether I should get a 2070S/2080S/5700XT and forget upgrading in full for the next two or three years.

ffxivfanboi 1

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I’m looking for suggestions on a decent laptop for somewhat “light” gaming use. Keep in mind that I know little to nothing about hardware specs—just kind of general stuff.

I’m getting a PS5 later in the year, but I’ve been wanting a decent laptop for a while that I could have sit on the desk in my game room that I could use to play some PC exclusives.

Just some general things I would be looking for is a model with an SSD, decent battery, decent/good cooling (if that’s even possible on a laptop), and the ability to play games at 1080p/60fps at a minimum, up to 1440p and higher FPS would be a huge plus.

Budget is around $1000, and good deals for less would be great. I’ve found some decent looking ones for around that much, but they all seem to run into the same problems of running hot and having paltry battery life. Maybe that’s just something I’d have to deal with.

Is it okay to game on a laptop with it being plugged in nearly all the time?

kombatwombat9852 1

I’ve been given $1700, and need a pc and monitor. Need it for college but am killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Would rather not spend every dime of it, but still want a clean and smooth pc I can brag about.

bobdole776 1

For that amount I'd go with this:

CPU: 3700x - Make sure you get a decent cpu cooler

GPU: 2070 super if you can get a hold of it. Prolly be better to go with a 5600xt or 5700xt as they're same price or cheaper; best to go cheaper as new gpus are on the horizon.

RAM: For ryzen get this. It's samsung b-die and 3733 which is around the best you want to get with ryzen 3000. I have 32 gigs of this and its currently sitting at 3800mhz 15-15-15 timings.

Computer Case: Lian li o11 is the most popular case on the market right now and will last many, many years. Great airflow but you will have to buy fans. As for fans, get these. These Arctic fans are low price and high static pressure so good airflow and quite. Make sure for the case you pick the o11 and not the o11 XL unless you want to pay 200 bucks for it and have a bigger case.

PSU: Refer to the PSU Tier list. Try to only buy from the Tier A models. Other ones can range from kinda smeh to fire hazard.

If you need a monitor, I suggest frequenting r/buildapcsales for links to good ones on sale. I suggest going no less than 1440p 144hz as it's fantastic both response wise and resolution. The 5700xt does a pretty darn good job at that resolution for most games as well.

Let me know if you need any more info, always glad to help with builds.

DarkKnight9731 1

One tab of google chrome twitch uses about 20% cpu and up to 25% gpu. I know chrome uses high memory so I'm not worried about that but that seems like a ton of processing power.

Gigabyte B450m ds3h

ryzen 1600


16gb 3200mhz

1tb seagate

500gb Samsung 860

misterkampfer 1

Did you try other browsers like Mozilla or Vivaldi?

ZarianPrime 1

Is your chrome set to use hardware acceleration? If not then that probably explains the high CPU usage. Also do you have any plugins?


Personally I switched to Firefox. It's much better with using resources.

wickedracerfrog 1

Ok so- I am just now learning more about PCs as q whole, and am upgrading mine. What I need to know is, do I need a graphics card? According to my computer I have 16 gigs of VRAM (technically it says 16045 mb but I'm p sure that's just 16 g) built into the motherboard because I dont have a separate gpu.

Let's say I wanna play smthn like fallout 4, steam says it needs a specific graphics card, but it also says it needs 2 to 3 gigs under graphics, which I assume means VRAM.

Does this mean my PC could run it, or other games with similar requirements, despite my lack of a graphics card?

wickedracerfrog 1

ignore this. made a few typing errors, and figured out question anyway.

gasgagasgasgas 1

my new ryzen 2600 build has some weird quirks.


Everything set to default, the fan constantly runs at max speed like 2000rpm. Constantly ramping up and down even while idle. Also kind of makes a high pitch whining noise too.

In addition, I was told to install some CPU Chipset drivers, only to find out later that apparently you don't need to do this anymore, and Windows Update does this for you;

Well I've had some odd issues with the Power Plan options.
On some power plans, I get marginally better FPS than others.
On some power plans, things like RPCS3 emulator breaks and operates at 1FPS
I still don't know to choose between 'AMD Ryzen Balanced' or "Balanced (Recommended)


any tips to solve these issues?

TenderizedmemessIG 1


Just a simple question about using a 550W PSU (80+ standard) on my new gaming PC.

I did a quick check on a PSU wattage calculator website and it says my rig would use around 460W. I've got an i5 9600KF, RTX 2060, 8GB memory, an M.2 SSD and 2 HDD's. Will this power supply provide enough wattage for my rig? Sorry if its a newbie question, I'm very new to PCs.


ZarianPrime 2

Yep that should be more than enough, but maybe get something rated bronze or gold. PSU can last for a while, and good PSU should actually last you across multiple builds. Make sure to get one with a 10+ year warranty.

TenderizedmemessIG 1

Thanks for your reply, I’ve actually already bought it without really thinking. I was on quite a tight budget so kinda went cheap on the PSU. What some benefits from getting a higher tier one?

ZarianPrime 2

As they say you get what you pay for. I never skimp on my PSU. Has a cheap PSU completely blow out my motherboard and fry my GPU on me.


Also this site gives a good explanation of the different ratings.


Cherklov 2

I use a 550W with an RTX 2060 and a Ryzen 2600 and haven't had an issue. I do regret not getting something bigger for the upgradability though. I don't know if I'll be able to run a 3070 or higher once those come out without buying a new PSU too. Higher wattage is also useful if you plan on overclocking.

TenderizedmemessIG 1

Thanks for your reply, I do plan on overclocking. I have increased my CPU core clock from 4.6Ghz to 4.8Ghz. Could I go much more or would that be too much on the PSU?

nayncat123 2

Hello. Here is the story. Ever since ive had my pc it has ben having this really strange issue where it will freeze when i am browsing the internet or using discord or steam among a bunch of other things. But it will not freeze when i am playing a game whatsoever. So why would it freeze for browsing the internet and stuff but not when i am plying games
And by freezing i mean the pc locks up and i have to power it down with the power button. I cant even alt tab. It freezes completely.

My specs are a normal intel graphics card that came with the pc 2tb hard drive 300gb external drive. Idk what else but i hope that someone can help me. I think i might need more ram.......

buddyp477 1

What intel core are you using, and what kind of games are you playing (more/less stressful)?

nayncat123 2

Hold on illcheck

EliteeI 1

Looking at upgrading to 16GB RAM from 8. As long as the new RAM is compatible with my motherboard, is that all that matters?

Johnsmith13371337 1

Yes, but u should still want to get ram that matches the speed of your other stick, otherwise both your ram sticks will run at the speed of the slower stick and that will leave (a small amount) performance on the table.

EliteeI 1

Does my CPU not matter? I have an i5-6600k and a lot say they are for the 7th gen.

Johnsmith13371337 1

The CPU does determine what ram u can use, but so long as the stick is the same type (DDR3/DDR4) and speed as whats already in there there shouldn't be an issue.

EliteeI 1

Ah okay, thanks a lot!

BazBro 1

Hey guys, sorry if I’m in the wrong area but have been wanting to jump back into PC gaming. I’m looking at a laptop as it suits my needs more and I also want to play high end games on Medium - Very high.
It’s been quite a while since I’ve looked at computer parts but I just wanted your opinions on this for about 1000€

Ryzen 5 3550H @ 3.7GHz
Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB

Unfortunately there’s not much more specs than that given but I’m just curious if that would be good value? I would be OC’ing the GPU along the way and if it’s possible even replace

Johnsmith13371337 1

Have a look here and see what u think, see if performance is acceptable.

Also i would highly advise against OCing a laptop, they tend to push the thermals to the limit as it is.

pericles123 1

can't second this strongly enough, do not OC laptop gpu/cpu, asking for trouble

BazBro 1

Honestly at the moment I’m on PS4, and am not expecting to run the latest on ultra, I just love the modding capabilities of a lot of my favourite games (Fallout) thanks for the link bro

Johnsmith13371337 1

In terms of consoles the GTX1650 computational ability is about twice as powerful as a PS4, 3/4 as powerful as a PS4 Pro and about half as powerful as an XBOX One X.

BazBro 1

Sounds like it’s a decent enough jump from the PS4 and will also last for the next couple years, do you think graphics cards on a laptop like that could be upgraded if need be?

windowsphoneguy 1

Wrong comment level

LingMinmay 1

There was a video about a guy doing troll videos aka like howtobasic where he'd show you to "clean your ram" by taking a screwdriver and stabbing and gutting the ram slot.

does anyone remember this youtube channel? fuck it was so funny seeing the comments being like "WTF YOU RUINED MY SYSTEM"

StephenB512 1

Getting some audio issues on fallout new Vegas and Oblivion , music is crackling once I get into the main menu and during game play. I have uninstalled and reinstalled checked audio drivers and reinstalled windows 10 still having this issues. I7 9750hf and 1660ti have installed the games on boot ssd and hdd still having the issue

bobdole776 1

I believe this is an issue with frequency settings for audio. I think those games liked it to be set at 44100hz sampling rate, but you could also try 96000hz.

Usually can find these options in the audio settings in control panel.

StephenB512 1

tried that and they are at 44100hz, still having the issue

YourYoureIDC 1


I have just ran my Acer predator triton 500 through a benchmark test (Worryingly?) it came back that my graphics card is terrible-is it?

UserBenchmarks: Game 17%, Desk 100%, Work 70%

CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H - 86.5%

GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630 - 6.6%

SSD: WDC PC SN720 SDAPNTW-512G-1014 512GB - 193.6%

RAM: Hynix HMA81GS6CJR8N-VK 2x8GB - 79.3%

MBD: Acer Predator PT515-51

bobdole776 2

It's not. The program isnt using your dedicated gpu and instead is using the CPU gpu.

Go into the Nvidia control panel and make sure your dedicated gpu is set to be used by all programs. It's usually under 3d options.

YourYoureIDC 2

Your a legend, thankyou. I did find that a bit odd.

bobdole776 2


iapprovethiscomment 1

Which of the free games (overwatch, etc) have the best startup playability as a new user where you don't get schooled by tuned up players who have been on the platform for years?

Kingrcf3 1

Overwatch isn't free and any of the games will have a learning curve.

travoltatoons 1

Hi there, newcomer PC Gamer here.

I have a laptop and monitor setup, and I've always had this issue of the character moving on its own in every single game I play. It usually happens every 3 or five minutes, and this problem is a game only thing. Roblox, CS GO, GTA V, TF2, Steam Games, Epic Games, you name it, they all suffer this problem of the character moving in circles or to the left uncontrollably every other minute. The only way it manages to go back to normal is if I either window or escape key, and it gets in the way of matches and can be incredibly frustrating. Would love to have a fix here.

bobdole776 1

Google the problem with the name of your laptop and model and you should find a solution on the manufacturers forums.

Sounds like a driver or software issue to me, so you could try reinstalling those related to the keyboard and mouse pad.

This could also just be a faulty keyboard in the laptop. Might need a new one. Inspect all your hardware and do key tests. There are sites that let you test the buttons on your keyboard, just Google them.

Cherklov 1

Is your character moving left or just turning left? If you're turning left it sounds like your touchpad might be broken and detecting an input that isn't there. Try turning off the touchpad and see if it keeps happening. Most laptops will have a dedicated key or key combination for switching the touchpad on and off, or you can disable it in device manager.

If you're controlling the games with the laptop's keyboard it's also possible that you're just brushing your wrist across the left side of the touchpad. I used to do that sometimes.

CinematicFlash 1

My PC currently has an i7-4790k (OC to 4.3 GHz) and GTX 980. Planning on upgrading to a 3070 or 3080 when they come out. Do I need to upgrade my CPU as well to hit 4K/60? And can I get away with a 3060?

bobdole776 2

For 4k60 that CPU will be fine unless you're trying to venture into heavy thread games like star citizen which maxed out my oc'd 5820k that has 50% more threads than your CPU and with a higher clock as well; SC uses upwards of 70% of my 3900x for a reference as to how thread hungry it is, and that's 12C24T.

A 3060 should equal a regular 2070 when it drops if history is to be believed.

I suggest waiting to upgrade end of year when both Nvidia and amd are releasing their next generation of hardware and then upgrade your CPU to a 4600x or 4700x cause it will be better than what Intel is offering for the price.

If new hardware isn't out by Black Friday, buy good ram then. I suggest if you spot a deal on some Samsung b-die ram at least 3733mhz with low timings, buy it up. If you pick up the parts you need by the time the new hardware releases, you won't get hit so hard...

Dellphox 1

Quick question, I ordered a Gigabyte 2070 Super from Newegg and it has really bad coil whine under load, as in louder than the gpu fans, should I contact Newegg or Gigabyte first about getting a replacement? And if it matters Newegg is out of stock of the card at the moment.

SpockYoda 1

Could someone recommend me a decent 4k gaming monitor under $400?

Amazon links would be helpful

Cherklov 2

Check r/buildapcsales every day or so, they post some good monitor deals there a lot. They posted this one a few days ago and it's still $295 but it's only 60Hz. 4K "gaming" monitors are still going to be hard to find in your price range if you want something with a high refresh rate. You can also check r/monitors.

ungrateful_misfit 1

hi community,

i have an hdd about 7 yrs old and recently it was no longer detected in my computer. it doesn't show up in device manager nor in disk managment and the bios.

tried downloading some software like recoverit to see if i can recover the data but everything doesn't detect it.

tried replacing the wires and switching with other drives. still nothing. i'm hoping its not all dead and i can still recover what was on it. This was still working about a year ago.

anyone else have this issue before and were you able to solve it as in recover the data?

slashpatriarchy 1

Has anyone tried connecting Steam to their Amazon Firestick?

I know you can side load Steam Link to an Amazon Firestick so you can stream games to your tv, but has anyone tried it? How well does it work and how would you link a mouse/keyboard to the tv? The lag over WiFi was horrible so I’d need to pick up an Ethernet cable but I don’t want to waste the money if it just naturally doesn’t run well on Firestick. I’d like to stream my pc to my tv so I can spend time on the couch with my wife while I’m gaming, but my pc is on a separate floor. I’d also welcome any other suggestions you have.

windowsphoneguy 1

Maybe do a search for existing posts about Fire Sticks on r/Steam_Link

frank_mauser 1

is there a good way to use a ps3 DS3 controler on windows 10 on 2020? i read something about SCP toolkit containing malware.

sushimaster21 1

So I wanted to but the lynx pc off digital Storm but my parents are worried about insurance for the pc and what to do if it breaks so I wanted to know if there was any insurance

Joostanian2 1

i've been using a nintendo switch pro controller for pc gaming on windows 7 for a while. However after plugging it in today it no longer will work in any of my games, i can click a and b once and thats about it. All my controller settings in steam seem to be the same so i have no idea whats wrong can somebody please help me?

Aaron_46 1

Hey, just wondering about adding additional RAM. I currently have HyperX FURY 16GB (2x 8GB) 3200MHz DDR4 RAM. I only really use the PC for gaming. Would there be any benefit if I were to get an additional 2 8GB sticks to bring it up to 32GB or would there be no difference?

Rest of my setup is Radeon RX 5700, i5 9600k, 1TB m.2 memory, MSI z390-a pro motherboard.

windowsphoneguy 2

That would only help you if you run out of RAM. There's no speed increase so it won't help in scenarios that are fine with 16GB.

Aaron_46 1

Thanks for the advice, that's what I needed to know.

mariochicken 1

Ever since I plugged in my playstation 4 control, I've been having an issue where my mouse and keyboard don't register when I try and play on any steam downloaded games. I've rebooted system and still noting. Along with going into big picture mode and turning off controller settings.

Agentleman89 1

Anyone use an xbox 360 controller or ps3 controller on their PC? I had a PS4 controller that stopped working and would rather not pay $75 for another one (could buy a damn console for 200). The 360/ps3 controllers go for about 30 bucks which seems more reasonable but I'm concerned it might have issues.

shedikowy 1

Xbox 360 pad is officially supported and is compatible with the vast majority of games, especially after around 2007. It's rare for a game released after 2007 to not have gamepad support (unless it's a PC specific and the controls wouldn't make sense). If a game works with the Xbox one pad, it will work with the 360 pad. Additionally, every other unofficial controller can be tweaked to imitate Xbox controllers.

PS3 will work as well after a bit of tweaking through easy to follow guides, but it will imitate the 360 pad. So for example you won't have PS button prompts, you'll see the Xbox ones instead (I think, I'm not sure if steam offers support for changing the prompts?)

TerrariaSlimeKing 1

How’s the DLC for Mirror (the hentai game)?


What is considered a safe CPU temperature for extended use (hours-long sessions for months to give an idea)? I'm running an i5-8400 with the stock cooler.

Usually, I max out in the 70s °C while gaming, but recently started emulating a PS3 which boosts it to 80-85 °C after 1 minute.

Thanks in advance

domcobb1 1

70s is safe, above 80 is where you start getting a little iffy and anything above 90 is considered no good. Consider getting a better CPU cooler

Pinguinteddy 1

Hello fellow Gamers,

i have a question about sound normalisation. i usually use OBS to stream my games sometimes and there is an really helpful area called "audio mixer" in the OBS app where i can see a bar with an audio level of my mic and my game, i am playing. And usually every game has a different sound level so i have to tweak it every time i play a new game to maintain the same sound level for my viewer(s). So my question would be: Is there an App (Windows Store or on the Internet) or an option in windows to set an sound level (for example sound should be between -20 DB and +10 DB) and every program get set to these sound level? I know there is this sound normalisation setting in windows but its a little bit feature-poor, but i would give it another try, if nobody has an better alternative or suggestion \^\^

anonymous2_ 1

Hi I'm hoping someone can shed some light. My pc is running Windows 10. The download and upload speed are horrendous 30mbps download and 2-6 upload. My other devices such as a iMac, my and my GFs phone all get around 170mbps download and 20 upload in the same room connected to the exact same network. All updates are done, I've tried connecting it via cable with no change. I've also disabled firewalls, antivirus, changed DNS and still no better. Is there anything I can do?
I've got this
With a 1tb HDD and a 300mbps WiFi card installed.

V3nomous_ 1

“I changed my region on steam” I live in egypt and i used a vpn to change my location from Egypt to Argentine just because games there are wayyyyy cheaper and i’m about to buy a 50 dollar steam wallet code to buy stuff on the market because i dont have a payment method that uses the same currency Argentine uses. Anyways, i had a few questions i need answers for:

1) are they going to ask for proof that i live in Argentine other than the fake address i put in?

2) should i change my region back to egypt after i buy the games or should i keep it in Argentine?

3) is it suspicious if i buy like 15 games at once?

4) is changing my region gonna effect my ping in any online game?

5) i turned the vpn off right when i changed my region but is there still a risk of me getting banned?


gameboy716 1

Whatever you're doing is pretty risky and you'll be fucked by Valve if Steam detects any suspicious activity on your profile.

Using a VPN and bypassing regions is against the ToS and you're risking banning your account.

macrocephale 1

I bought a new monitor over the weekend (LG 34GK950F, upgrading from an ASUS 1080 VA), and have been having various issues since. Turning Freesync off has mostly helped, but this error comes up occasionally on crashes still. Does anyody know what it means?

Game: Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Graphics card: Sapphire Nitro Plus 5700XT (slight OC, has been perfectly stable since I got it bar one driver update that didn't like MHW).

Otherwise, Ryzern 5 3600 (not OCd), Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3600mhz (XMP on), running on a Samsung M.2 NVME.

Thanks in advance.

pittpowner10 1

Where would one start if they wanted to build a pc with no knowledge of doing so?

Nitrozzy7 1

r/buildapcforme, r/pcmasterrace or r/buildapc are good places to start. The guides in particular can be very helpful.

pittpowner10 1

Thank you !

Abyssal77 1

I'm looking to pick up a second screen for a dual monitor layout but the new screen will be my new main screen. Using a gtx 1080

Looking at these 2 at the moment but I'm not sure which is better:

I also want to hook up my ps4 to it

Alexanderself1 1

My 3 sisters (2 7, 1 8) share a shitty old laptop and all they really play is Roblox, which absolutely drains the internet from the rest of the house and prevents my madre and padre from working and me from gaming. While not stupid, they also aren't the brightest kids I have ever seen, and they aren't into shooters. Any ideas of games they would like that are free?

Nitrozzy7 1

Seems to me that you need to set bandwidth limits wherever possible. Ought to have bandwidth options. Even some routers have this feature.

bigb341 1

I'm brand new to pc gaming, getting my first one in a week or so. I used to play lord of the rings war in the north a lot on xbox 360. My question is, I noticed gamestop was selling it digitally. Is it a code I redeem somewhere? If so where do I redeem it at? Sorry if that doesn't make sense haha, as i said I'm completely new to gaming pcs. I wish it was available on steam that would be a lot easier but sadly it isn't.

voidstarface 1

What is a BIOS update and why is it necessary?

jojorge_bizarreguy2 1

Does anyone knows if I can play local co-op campaign of gears 4?

I just have one controller, but i want to buy another one so my wife plays with me through the campaign.

Is the version from xbox game pass pc beta

Mollymade5443 1

Hi all!
Wanting to get my BF a new keyboard for his bday but not sure where to start.
Hoping for :
Multicolour backlit keys
Relatively quiet or silent clicks
Preferably black because that’s more the theme of his set but if not no worries
Under $125
Available in Canada lol

Therm0NuclearWarrior 1



Have a question that may get asked a lot but i couldn't find any posts about it.

I recently upgraded some parts on my PC and heres what i'm running:


Ryzen 9 3900x

GTX2070 Super

Asrock steel legend b450


A buddy of mine and i were comparing frames that we run with same monitor, same settings, similar builds (he runs ryzen 5 3700x and different mobo) but he has a huge increase in fps by about 20 frames in most games. i've tried adjusting in-game settings and theres nothing i'm missing. i feel that my computer is under-performing. anything i can check to troubleshoot?

InFlames235 1

Hey all! Question for you about the upcoming 3080Ti. I built my current computer 5 years ago and it's definitely time for a new graphics card but, considering my current tech, does it make sense to just upgrade everything at this point or is the rest of my setup "good enough" to not create much of a bottleneck if I just upgrade the GPU? Here is the current setup:

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 (rev. 1.0) LGA 1151 Intel Z170 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 8M Skylake Quad-Core 4.0 GHz LGA 1151 95W BX80662I76700K Desktop Processor Intel® HD Graphics 530

RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2666 (PC4 21300) Desktop Memory Model

Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 220-P2-0750-X1 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS PLATINUM Certified Full Modular continuous Power Supply

This is for gaming on a 1440p monitor @ 60Hz right now but, if I'm getting a 3080Ti, I'd likely want to upgrade to a 2K @ 144 or 4K @ 144

TA1771TA 1

Best graphics for multiplayer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Maybe two options? One for best performance and one for best visuals? Thanks!!!!

CPU: 10700k
GPU: gtx 1070
Monitor: 1440p 60hz