[TECH] Weekly Xbox One Tech Support

by MikeyJayRaymond. Posted on May 23, 2020    60    301

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vxl757 1

Got the new SteelSeries Artics 1 wireless (Johnny Silverhand edition)

How do I mix between game and party chat? The audio mixer that’s usually in the menu isn’t there.

ProLogX 2

Love that headset. Though this unfortunately is a known issue that has been outlined in some reviews when using it in wireless mode. Are you able to change the settings when connecting the headset directly to your controller via AUX input?

Ren9751 1

This is a weird one problem. So I have to accounts, one is an old one and I have a newer one and has live. I used the newer account on my xbox for a while and then I switched over to the old one (dont remember why) and was able to play online just fine for some reason.

I just today reset my xbox because I read online it may help with download speeds or something (kind of but not really) and when I went to play mw I signed my older one on and I couldnt play online, i then signed my new one on and it plays but my older one is still not connecting, this is an odd situation I'm sure but is there anyone that may know what's going on? It really sucks because I have all my stuff on the older profile for mw and I play with my friends on that one

formulanerd 1

Set your "home xbox" with the gold account to share your gold with other accounts on that machine.

SkilfulRocket1 1

I have the elite controller 2 and sometimes when I have the shortest trigger lock on my left trigger whenever I try to aim sometimes I keep on scoping in and out when I am holding the button down. Is there anyway to fix this?

formulanerd 1

xbox accessories app. you have to shorten the travel/pull of the triggers in software to recognize the shorter travel input.

wadesfriedchicken 1

I have tried to change the email associated with my account a few times since it’s an email address that I haven’t had for years ( old work email, stupid I know). I can’t remember password associated with said email address and want to switch it to my current one. How can I go about updating it?
I can’t buy Battlepass on Warzone because of this.

formulanerd 1

Log in, add an alternate email address, then make the new/alternate the primary.

Mattybix 1

Having trouble getting my new ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD 27" monitor to display 1440p@120hz. Monitor displays this setting fine on my PC however on Xbox it will only display 1080p@120hz or 1440p@60hz.

I've tried both HDMI ports, a range of cables, changing Video Fidelity from Auto to HDMI and vice versa. Just seems like the Xbox and Monitor don't wish to play nice.

I realise there isn't a huge reason to get this working on the One X. That's fine. My concern is that on the Series X it will have a similar result, as the monitor is less than a week old I have more chance of returning it now.

DarknessBlossom1 1

I have been trying to upload a gamer pic through the Xbox app mobile and pc, and I also tried through the Xbox itself for around a month or two but it keeps on telling me to try later and up to now I haven’t been able to upload one. what’s wrong?

atda 2

They're disabled for everyone due to Xbox trying to keep moderation staff from being overwhelmed due the increase in usage during the covid situation.

DarknessBlossom1 1

Oh ok thanks for the information

pxlchx 1

I need help, my fiancé is across the world and has a PS4, I have an xbox one. We both have minecraft. How do we cross play?

ajperry1995 1

Go onto YouTube, there is plenty of videos showing you how

SlantEyedMan 1

Confirmed instant on

I’ve also confirmed the box that states “when xbox is off, turn off storage” is UNCHECKED

keep my console up to date - checked
keep my games and apps up to date - checked
allow remote installations - checked
allow mobile installations - checked

but Modern Warfare won’t update when i turn my xbox off

is there something else I’m missing??

robo74 1

Hey all, I am banging my head and pretty much lost. My 10 year old nephew has an account that is hacked. Unfortunately we have tried every recovery or reset option I can find on the web. The hacker has changed the email address for recovery. We used my profile to send a message and of course they have demands. The kicker to this and what makes me sick is that I just got him a year of ultimate and gave him my xbox one s. Now he has the xbox and cant do anything with his profile or the game pass I got him. Microsoft has no support options for this. No way I can find that I can get the subscription back or moved to another account.


I have tried a simple password reset- They changed the email to get the code.

Tried the recovery option- The automated email I get back says that the information we provided is not enough.


Any other suggestions?

robo74 1

I was able to get their attention via chat through the billing option. Fingers crossed

dodobirdmen 1

I have an Elite Series 2 and my right trigger clicks a little when I depress it. It clicks and then proceeds down as normal, is there any easy fix for this?

glitchmasterYT 1

I had a contoller that did that and eventually I snapped a screw inside, it was a normal though so it may be different in your controller

Authentictree 1

why do my games download so slowly when i have an ethernet cable? i have a router in my room and an ethernet cable yet my games download extremely slowly. why's that

ExtraToastyCheezits 3

It isn't an issue with your equipment or your internet. It is Microsoft's servers. Because so many other users are also downloading the same content, Microsoft's servers are not able to send everyone data as fast as they would like to. Better to serve many at slower speeds than limit the number of people that can download an update at once.

isarizawiz 1

Hi my download speed is at 98mbps but my games only downloading at 8mpbs any idea what’s going on ?

Girl-From-Mars 1

You'll never get your full download speed as it is dependent on Microsofts servers and they are probably pretty busy during lockdown.

That said your could try giving your Xbox a hard reset to see if it speeds up, by turning it off as normal then switching it off at the wall for a minute.

ExtraToastyCheezits 3

It isn't an issue with your equipment or your internet. It is Microsoft's servers. Because so many other users are also downloading the same content, Microsoft's servers are not able to send everyone data as fast as they would like to. Better to serve many at slower speeds than limit the number of people that can download an update at once.

jmccaffre 1

For some reason my Xbox has stopped doing automatic updates for my games, causing me to have large downloads when i anticipate playing a game. Any idea why? I have the function turned on, space on my hard drive, and haven’t had this issue before.
I have power saving mode on, however that’s never been an issue until recently.

Girl-From-Mars 1

Try holding the power button till you hear the fans click off, that clears the cache I think then restart your download.

samguy909 1

is it possible to only install the multiplayer and story mode component of call of duty modern warfare

i have no interest in playing warzone but seems to automatically come with it

anticrom2 1

Nope... Activision is stupid for rebranding a game. You might encounter an error that's going around. Currently I can only play war zone, not MW campaign or multiplayer.... If you run into this, check my post here for a possible fix: https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/gmx3fm/cod_mw_no_longer_works_on_xbox_one/

jesser_notice_me 1

My rig 400 mic doesn’t work I can hear all my friends and hear the game I just can’t talk to any of my friends because they can’t hear me

djmiller25 1

I’m trying to download the latest update for Modern Warefare on my Xbox, my download speeds are currently in Kbs and not Mb. My Xbox is connected with an Ethernet cord and it’s speed test comes back much slower than mine, roughly 1-5mbs while the speed tests from my computer or phone are 100+MBs. Anyone have any recommendations?

Sobis_Bangers 2

think everyones got this, must be due to the number of people trying to download it surely. i'm getting 500 kilobits per second so this gone be a while

djmiller25 1

I managed to get to 86%, I found turning it off to let it download made it go somewhat faster.

Sobis_Bangers 2

it downloads when its turned off?

edit: ah just looked it up, power mode needs to be on "instant-on power mode", and it downloads when off, cheers mate I'll give it a go too

AccordingCampaign9 1

When I used to play my xbox would just randomly turn off after like an hour. That window constantly started decreasing since last year. I literally can't even turn it on without it turning off seconds later now. I've tried reapply thermal paste (twice), cleaning the heat sink, replacing the power brick, taking of the case to allow more cold air, putting an external fan on it and just a general dust cleaning. Pls help me.


I can’t specifically help you, but there are a number of causeS for a system to shut down or reboot. At one point I had a faulty USB cable that I’d use for charging. When it was bent just right, it’d cause the entire system to shutdown. I spent weeks pinpointing the issue.

I wish I had more to offer, I know how frustrating that can be.

AccordingCampaign9 1

I don't think it's something like that. It has to do with the heatsensors or just general overheating, because if I leave it for a while (like a month) the time it stays on is longer

SociallyRandom 1

Why does Xbox re-order my download queue randomly?

Situation: I have several games/updates that I have queued up, some include
-CoD Warzone patch (30.86gb)
-Apex patch (37.51gb)
-Borderlands 3 patch (n/a)

I kicked off the CoD Warzone patch and it began downloading. I then added my other game updates to the queue, including the ones listed above, and other smaller ones. They were added to the queue automatically via alphabetical order. I turned my xbox off and went back to my computer to continue working.
Approximately 30 minutes later, I return to my xbox to check the status of the updates, and Apex is downloading it's patch (approximately 7gb downloaded), and CoD Warzone update was moved to the bottom of the list, with approximately 27gb of it's 30gb update downloaded.

WHY? I put the game that I wanted to download FIRST, and then added additional downloads TO THE QUEUE...

wilderswine 1

I am having trouble with getting my xbox one s to show up on my TV I have 2 xbox one s next to each other and I'm doing connecting both the same exact way yet for some reason only one shows up on screen the other one shows a message on the TV that says this signal is not supported

wilderswine 1

I have tried 4 different hdmi wires and also tried on multiple TVs my xbox only has this problem with 1 TV I'm guessing its cause of how old the TV is. It's a pioneer TV that still uses a media receiver

jiimmythekidd 1

Hey so I’ve being using a Plantronics headset for a while bought back in 2016 but just got back into gaming past months but can’t seem to get the mic to work headset audio awesome but no mic.

glitchmasterYT 2

Is the mic broken? I've had them up and die on me for no reason, and if you just got back into it they were prabably in storage of some sort for a while

DanteDalle 2

Hello! I have an OG Xbox One and my power brick just turn off. Sometimes as soon as I turn on the XB and sometimes when I put a game and other time as soon as I plug the PB to the XB, it turn off. When I plug to the wall by itself its on but with orange light. I can't afford a new one, so there is a way I can fix it myself? Thank you and sorry my bad english

mrbenjamins 1

I'm having this same problem and I am so bummed out. I don't know if it is the console or the brick and im just really down about it. My xbox was literally the only thing keeping me sane while I was home during quarantine. Please let me know if you find out anything and best of luck!

Significant-Software 4

My Xbox isn’t downloading games to my external hard drive nor my internal drive on standby mode. I don’t know what to do. It doesn’t work at all.

My PS4 and Switch work perfectly fine while downloading in standby mode

NevrFlaccid 2

There's a setting, General > Power mode & startup > "When Xbox is off, turn off storage" make sure that's NOT checked.

Significant-Software 2

I did that. Still didn’t work

throwaway0987654977 1

Not sure if non-xbox branded controller tech support posts allowed on here but I was wondering if anybody that owns a Razer Wolverine Tournament knows if there’s a way to take it apart to help fix/replace one of the thumb sticks? I know it’s not technically made to be taken apart but was wondering if anyone had any experience with it. My left analog stick no longer clicks and while it still technically works I want to do some preventative maintenance, since it’s only a couple of months old.

alexgold05 1

Hey guys, I dont have an xbox one, but I'm looking at purchasing a wireless controller to play some games on my pc.

My pc doesn't have a bluetooth receiver. Does the usb cable that comes with the play and charge kit allows me to play on pc via cable?

TKGTenderBender 1

My xbox one x is acting really weird. I’m trying to download game updates and it starts downloading at 116 Mb/s, but less than a minute later drops to Kb/s and even B/s, staying there for up to an hour. I’ve tried resetting the xbox, unplugging it, clearing the alternate address, I just really don’t know what to do.

toxicbot10 1

I just downloaded Wolfenstein 2 with xbox gamepass and when I start the game it's says getting your game ready then after an error appears if I own the game please help I've been trying to find a fix for a day now (0x803F8001)

RJD-ghost 1

I have really bad analog stick drift on my controller.Ive tried everything suggested to me.I used compressed air,I opened it and cleaned it with rubbing alcohol.But nothing has worked for more than a few Minutes.What should I do?

Timberwolfer21 1

Is my Xbox dying? It's extremely slow to start up, and doesn't connect to the internet even though every other electronic is connecting fine. All the games we have on there have grey thumbnails until they pop up after a bit. The background also appears black. We've had it for 3 years with barely any problems and good ventilation. We do have something hooked up that gives it more storage. It's only started doing this today.

PhatJax19 2

The fan in my Xbox one s is sounding kinda rickety. I don't know another word for it. This is surprising because it used to be silent unless I was standing right next to it. Is this just part of the Xbox getting older or do I need to crack it open and take a look and do a little dusting?

Draco2320 2

Xbox One X exHDD issues due to Power!

So a couple of days ago I ran into some issues with my Xbox One X. I only had it 9 days (2nd hand, "refurbished".

1st issue: Xbox wouldn't boot up properly and sent me to the troubleshoot screen. So I restarted, reset, and fully reset. Trying all options from least bad to worst. Finally had to do an Offline Update.

Xbox was working now.

2nd issue: External HDD wasn't being picked up by the Xbox, searched for ages on possible fixes. Finally I plugged into my PC and that also didn't pick it up. Had to find a way to initialize it, then finally it picked up.

3rd issue: Xbox formatted it, was working then bam, no long picking it up again. Several times I transferred back and forth from PC to Xbox and formatting.

It was driving me mad, and I was super depressed about 100s of games (3T full) all gone.

Finally I saw somewhere say, try another Xbox factory reset, so I did. Seemed to work but after 4 or 5 hours. Same issues. Xbox didn't pick up external HDD.

I had a suspicion. Ready to send it back, I remembered reading somewhere to "try not to plug it into a powerboard". I have a power hungry 4K TV, and the Xbox one x is power hungry. So I plugged the Xbox directly into the wall socket. Been working for over 48hours now, as it should be functioning.

Just thought I'd share, because a lot of consumers might miss this as a possible solution and I couldn't find anything similar whilst trying to fix it.

EndlessExp 2

My Xbox over heated and ever since My Xbox will load super slowly or just straight up crash the game in loading screens. My menu will then freeze so I’m forced to restart my console. I tried hard reset without deleting my data to no avail

valeriuss 2

Hi everyone, I have a question about the rubbers on the joysticks of the controllers.
Have any of y'all found a DIY/home fix for the rubbers that come off?
On both my controllers the left rubbers are gone and especially for shooters it puts me at a disadvantage because my thumb keeps slipping off. Maybe I can glue some kind of non sticky slippy material on it but I have no clue what to use.

RebelOrder619 2

My X is having problems with the HDMI port I’ve tried multiple hdmi cables on multiple TVs and it won’t receive the signal. My X is only about 4 months old.

FullPowerOfYouth 2

Why is the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter not available for purchase anywhere? I've seen a few used ones and knock offs but no new Microsoft brand ones anywhere. We got a Turtle Beach brand one, but it's maybe a month old and already has the audio skipping and cutting out.

ironicallyhector 2

Seagate hard drive stopped working

Hi fellas, im having some trouble with my external hard drive which I've owned for more than 4 years, suddenly it's stopped working, the light in the hard drive was blinking at first but now it's just turned off, I've changed it to a different usb port and nothing happened, all of my games are saved there and I really want to find a solution to my problem, thanks for the help.

juansfalcin 2

My RB/LB broke, so I bought a new set (my controller is the newer one, with a headphone jack). I disassembled the controller and tried to reassemble it, but for some reason the bumpers aren't working. I watched dozens of tutorials but for some reason I can't see what I'm missing. I checked for anything broken and everything looks okay. Is there anything reassembling the RB/LB buttons that I'm missing?Here's a pic of my controller and the new piece (hopefully in a good enough resolution to see if everything's alright):

ArchaicWolf101 2

Does anyone know why game recordings are shorter than they are set to be. I couldn't find anything using the marvelous search bar.

Instead of possibly answering the question that everyone has apparently been asking, a mod sent me to this post.

Arsenic_Gooner 2

My Xbox will not capture clips properly. I will specifically select different times to capture (eg 1 minute or 2 minutes) but when I go into my captures the videos are all way shorter than they should be (eg 7 seconds, 15 seconds). I have 360gb free on my internal storage where the clips are set to save so that doesn’t seem to be the issue. Any advice would be great.

draftlook 2

I have Telus Wifi Boosters throughout the house and for some reason my Xbox keeps connecting to the one on the mid level of my house instead of the one in the basement (where my Xbox is). Is there a way for me to lock into a particular booster? Telus is supposed to have smart technology that connects to the best one but it keeps connecting to the booster with the worst signal strength of the three that we have.

texanyall8 2

Help my xbox live connection always disconnects. Things like power cycles don’t help and the xbox page hasn’t helped me at all

XXLEspressoDepresso 2

I can’t hear a party when joining. This started yesterday and I have no idea why. I tried switching to game chat back to party chat but nothing. The chat to game thing is in the middle between game and party. It’s wireless. I think it might be because one of the aux cords got broken off in the controller, but I switched to wireless, and I just don’t know

jish764764 2

i have an xbox one that i wanted to play but i lost the power supply. so i went on amazon and bought this https://www.amazon.com/Y-TEAM-Advanced-Version-Adapter-Replacement/dp/B06Y2LGTW3/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=xbox+one+power+supply&qid=1590010839&sr=8-3

When the package arrived the plug wouldnt fit into the xbox it was to big. what did i do wrong and where can i find one that fits.

billingsbridge 2

Question for anyone who has reapplied the thermal paste to their one x Scorpio editions, have you had to reapply it again? I ask because mine has gotten super loud again and actually will do the shutdown due to overheating. For context it's in a well ventilated area and I clean it on a regular basis.

Rudy-Nano 2

The Youtube app is broken? It was working fine yesterday, but around 1 am today it quit on me. It’s stuck on this screen that says “Back to top” but doesn’t do anything when I press A. All other tabs in youtube work fine, but it’s the home tab that is doing this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled youtube, reset my xbox, and now I don’t know what to do.

raiders4life7 2

I am looking to buy an external ssd for my Xbox one x and I am trying to confirm a few things

  1. Can all of the USB ports be used for external drives
  2. Is the max usb 3.0 so there is no point in getting a usb 3.1/3.2 drive
  3. Which external ssd is the fastest for this use?
sirlancer 2

After the modern warfare update yesterday my Xbox dashboard is extremely slow. Nothing works and it takes at least a minute to open anything even something as simple as games and apps

Amsterdom 2

northeastern Xbox and pc players cannot connect to Xbox live.

jrc8899 2

Witcher 3 has crashed 3 times today. How do I fix?

evmitch 2

I’m getting around 750mbps download. Wired. But when I try to download the update for Modern Warfare. It’s going incredibly slow. Is that on Microsoft’s end or something up with the servers

Axthxnny 2

My Xbox won't clip anything, like it just disappears the record that thing but doesn't clip it. I have 60 gb left and only 5 clips

leepatta 2

So I got the game pass from this Pokemon go style app that gives you codes for things if you find them. I redeemed the game pass code and I believe it was supposed to last for 2 weeks. I think I merged it with my xbox live (which I had a nearly a full year left of) and then when Christmas came i still had the game pass. I renewed my xbox live for a year and then in may of this year my game pass and xbox live ran out. Is there anyway I can get my xbox live back seeing as though I was supposed to get another year out of it?

GregPlayz123 2

My Xbox game clips will not save. They don’t even record. If I restart the game it works for like 15 min and then stops. So many missed moments and kills. I’ve deleted other clips and restarted my Xbox. Nothing is working. By the way the problem is not uploading it to Xbox live. And also the screenshots work perfectly fine

AmaryllisReads 2

I've looked everywhere on t'internet and can't find an answer...if I want to buy my son a game pass but if both my debit card and his dad's debit card are stored in payments, after I click "continue" (to buy the game pass) will it let me select which card I want to use? I can't tell if either of our cards is set as "default" and I don't want to accidentally set the subscription to his dad's account as I've agreed to pay for it. Will it give me the option or just charge the 1st card to be registered (his dad's, which I don't want!) Cheers for any answers.

Thetaprime13 2

I accidentally unplugged my Xbox one during an update and my external hard drive and internal hard drives where both wiped and now I can't download any games or launch the few that remain.

zaykarter 2

I can't feel air blow from top right and back vants but before, i felt them and its hot when i play 1 hour even doing update. When i have any glitchs or any problems, i do unplug cable of power brick. I think it like be eroded i dont know. Is this problem for heating or my xbox is going to die ?

ronnoc15 2

I have a code for 3 months of xbox live gold, but when I try and redeem it it says that it will be converted into one month of xbox game pass. Will I still get the 3 months? I would rather have 3 months than just one of the game pass.

Jotar0w0 2

I can't change the volume from my controller or the app. I used to have shift buttons set up so I could change volume up or down and they suddenly stopped working. I went to the accessories app and tried remapping the buttons but it just doesn't want to change the volume

dj21008 2

My mic all of the sudden stopped working it’s saying everything about my headset works it’s just not picking up my audio even tho it says my mic is on and working

Macky-Mac 2

For about 3 hours now whenever I try to get on Modern Warfare it’s said that there is a Purchase and content usage issue. Is there anyway I can fix that or is that all on Xbox’s end

AceNewman 2

Is the "forced online drm" a thing now and I just completely missed it or is there an offline mode setting or something similar anywhere that I have to activate? Been having connection issues since yesterday and Skyrim SE will not let me load my save if I'm not online and if I have managed to go online for a brief moment the game will kick me back to the main menu once the connection is lost again...

Edit: Problem solved by using "go offline" setting which would let me use my xbox account in offline mode

Feij 2

Can you use the Xbox app on your phone to talk to others? I've tried it but without success.

a_raptor_dick 2

Anyone else experiencing a Strict NAT type or Double NAT detected notification? It seems like since around 5pm last night, it just decided to do this out of nowhere. It says it’s a problem on their side, I’ve just never experienced this. Trying to make sure other people are experiencing this as well.

DozenEggNight 2

I am having an odd issue with a new XB Design Lab controller that is only about a month old. It has been functioning properly for the first few weeks I have had it with every game/scenario. However, I started playing NHL 20 a few weeks ago and the controller is shutting itself off from time to time while playing this game. It happens several times per session 100% of the time I play this game only. I have played I would guess like 10 other games or so with this controller for hours, and no problem. I also have another Design Lab controller, so I switch to that one when playing NHL 20 and no issues. I have been paying attention to when it happens, and it is always after I score a goal or take a more aggressive shot. To take a shot, you have to flip the right joystick up. So I am thinking maybe there is a short related to that or maybe it jostles it enough it knocks the battery connection loose...IDK. I use an official XBOX battery pack...which again, I can switch over to my other design controller with no issue. Anyway....not the end of the world because I have another controller I can use, but it is very odd and somewhat frustrating that this controller is acting up in this scenario. The controller firmware has the latest update.



- New XB Design Lab controller shuts off in NHL 20 sometimes after I score a goal or take a shot. Works fine with every other game/scenario

- Have an older Design Lab controller I switch to for this game and no issue

leventejuhasz 2

hi guys! i swapped my left bumper to d-pad up, and now i cant maje it go back:(( i tried to do the button mapping like 20 times, just manually changing it back, restoring it to default, it says its normal but its not:( thanks for any help!
edit: i figured it out

armido15 2

Does anyone have experience with xbox one controller A button ?

Bought xbox one 2 months ago and so far I've had 3 controllers. All of them with faulty A button.

(Button not registering every time I press it - especially when pressed from right side)

I returned my original controller for inspection and bought another one meanwhile. It had same issue with A button but to a lesser extent so I didn't bother with warranty.

Today I recieved replacement for my original controller and this one is even worse than the controller I returned to warranty.

At this point is it even worth my time to return it again ? Is this issue affecting all controllers to some extent or am I just extremely unlucky ?

davidcullen08 2

Hi all,

I recently purchased the Shadow of the Tomb Raider definitive edition on sale for Xbox One. I’ve noticed that I am only able to access “the definitive edition extra content” download which is only about 10mb in size. It states via the store that the whole download including the game should be
about 33gb but it will only let me download 22gbs worth of content. Has anyone else run into this issue?

MartinC_94 2

Hi, to cut a long story short BT have messed up while trying to get me connected during the pandemic and have sent me 2 BT Home Hubs. As they're not asking for one back, is there anyway I can set up the 2nd one as a booster when we get connected?

We stream most of our TV these days, and I also play a lot on Xbox Live, so is there any way I could set-up one as the main Wi-Fi router for our flat, and then perhaps use the 2nd one as a dedicated wired connection to the Xbox to stop Xbox Live using the wireless bandwidth?

I'm a bit of a novice to this so I may be coming up with ideas that just aren't do-able, but any help is appreciated! Thanks!

NaphthaLite 2

I'm having a problem with a controller. I have two with 3.5mm ports - one a 1697 model, one a 1708.

The 1708 one works fine with my headset, but the 1697 one doesn't. It will recognize my mic, but wont output any system audio, ie. no sound from games, no menu selection sounds, nothing. It also doesn't give me the option for headset levels in the audio menu either - just volume and mic monitoring volume.

I've checked the firmware on them. The 1708 is on 4.8.1923.0 and the 1697 is on 2.3.2385.0. Could the firmware be the problem? Has anybody else got a 1697 on that firmware that works with a 3.5mm headset?

If not, does anyone know a UK distributor that has replacement 3.5mm ports of the 1697? The ones I've been able to find say they're only compatible for the later models.

STIG_12 2

Recently my Xbox one s has been disconnecting from wifi for a moment before automatically reconnecting. On the wifi stats screen it says the signal strength is 100%. Is there a fix to this? As it is really annoying while trying to play.


The game dvr for me sometimes doesn't record ehen I use it. Sometimes it records the last 15 seconds instead of 30 secomd and sometimes it only records the first 15 seconds of the 30 seconds I want to record. Does anyone else have this problem?

Actual_Radish 2

Pretty much every time I turn on my Xbox there is something wrong with the connection. Error messages vary but most commonly the DHCP error one. A couple weeks back I reset to factory settings and it was going ok for a while now it’s back to this every day. I haven’t used my Xbox in two weeks.... can you help? Have read every forum post and can’t get a solution that lasts more than a week kinda thing. Appreciate it, thanks

iamrelevant27 2

Hello there I have both instant on and auto updates for games turned on for my Xbox yet COD warzone lovely little update didn’t start until I turned on my Xbox to play the game and I turned my Xbox off through the night and I’m guessing it paused the update as I’ve woke up to 74% yet last night when I had it on it went to around 70 before I turned it off so it’s clearly not updating when turned off and auto updates aren’t working either at least when my Xbox is off. Any help or similar experiences?

bryanation2 2

Hey, i am not very wise on how tech works and what not, but its been about 3 days since ive been able to connect to internet due to my xbox not being able to connect to my router. It says both my NAT type and my service is unavailable and ive searched almost every method on how to handle this issue and still have no luck. Seems as if this is a very frequent problem for people and the last resort is usually factory resetting the xbox. And i really dont want to lose everything ive worked hard on, is there any way i can avoid that and get my xbox to connect to my router? I would be very grateful!

blue_light_switch 2

How can I change my background to a custom hi res picture? I was trying to change it on Dropbox but it won’t let me plus it’s not the hi res picture that it was when I uploaded it. Then when I saved it to the file explorer it was hi res again but still wouldn’t let me make it my background. Help?

hami_22 2

I signed into an Xbox 360 I hadn’t previously used to purchase DLC for a 360 game and when I logged into the Xbox 1 again, it had reset all of my save data. How can I reset this?

ect0monkey 2

The Xbox One says it’s connected to a wireless network, but no networks display (this happens even with an ethernet plugged in). I have tried hard resetting the Xbox AND modem, but it didn’t work. It’s not showing an IP address or any DNS services, and gives zero information about the network or Xbox (not allowing to reset IP, DNS, Mac, etc.)
I have checked every Microsoft forum and every fix I could find, but the only option left is a factory reset and I would like to avoid that if at all possible.
Please help 🥺
(Asking for a friend that doesn’t have reddit lol)

SpiciestMeme871 2

My friends keep saying there is white noise from my mic and that I have a robot voice on their end. Is there a known fix to this? I'm using the RIG 400HX headset and razer wolverine ultimate controller btw.

Ntep321 2

My Xbox one controller will just randomly stop working, but stays powered on and connected, while playing a game. I’ve tried changing batteries, and that did nothing.

I have power cycled my console a few times and gotten the controller to work temporarily. The issue pops back up if I don’t use the controller for a couple minutes.

Any suggestions

KingTurtle5 2

Every time I start matchmaking on modern warfare it freezes the screen, and then sits frozen for a while and sends me back to the menu

ScarletTheBolt 2

I can't share my clips and screenshots, it just says "something went wrong"

ajperry1995 2

I can't screenshot at all? Tried on various games and I can't screenshot anything anymore.

throwaway0473948492 2

Our Xbox wigs out and randomly spam ejects our discs. We think it’s the sensor, any ideas?

RinconDrone 2

Anyone use the Sony WH-1000XM3 with their Xbox for gaming and chat? Thinking of picking up a pair but most of my searches have only brought up PS4 compatibility.

Street-Chain 2

Anyone having surround sound problems starting a couple days ago? Some apps play in 5.1 and others in stereo. I have checked everything I can.

UnfairerBow2 2

I can't connect my console with ethernet.
The wire works with my pc but don't work in xbox one

Jrsplays 2

How do I sync my cloud saves to another xbox? I was playing on my X the other day on Jedi Fallen Order, and then went to another location where I have my original one. However, the prompt isn't coming up to sync my one to my X for the game. I know they aren't synced because the game progresses aren't matched up. Both consoles were/are online. How do I get the prompt to come up?

CrumpetArsenal 2

Hey fellers! So Xbox Live sent me a code but it seems to be region locked. Im in Canada, code is for USD.

akkalakir 2

My Xbox one s got messed up due to water damage and wouldn't turn on but I think the disc reader is good, here's my issue, my first gen Xbox ones disc reader only reads certain games like dishonored two and borderlands three but not Skyrim or gears of war despite all being in pristine shape, I was wondering if I could strip the Xbox one s for the disc reader and put it in my Xbox one?

MingeyMackrel 2

Is there any way to return to the old home menu or home button menu

Kyleneljdjd 2

when i try to clip things it just doesnt clip, no notification saying captured or whatever. i know its not a problem with storage bcs i clear my clips regurally . the clips only work sometimes

CTas10 2

Hi everyone.

I've had my original Xbox One running without any issues since launch, today I bought a second hand Xbox One X but I'm having WiFi issues. It disconnects me for 5 seconds every 15ish minutes? I haven't ever had this problem with my original Xbox One! My brothers Xbox is fine also. My internet provider doesn't allow me to switch ports as that can apparently help. Any ideas?

Seeattle_Seehawks 2

I can't play any games online right now. My connection is fine, but every invite I send or receive doesn't work, no matter the game. There's no way this isn't an XBL issue, because every other device works, including other XBL features. It's just multiplayer that's down across the board.

chicagomadegoon 2

Hello, I recently repurchased an Xbox One S after being away from Xbox for quite some time, I however still had some old disc games. After reinstalling 2K17, I tried to sync data from the cloud and nothing I do works, the data won’t sync no matter what I try. I’m very uninformed when it comes to issues like this.
Any help is highly appreciated

payingtheprice16 2

Odd power issue on Xbox one X

My Xbox was acting weird with the USB ports. external HDD not working, controller not working. Etc, after powering off and trying to boot up again the Xbox wont even boot now just plays 1/3rd of the boot up chime and then nothing. Anyone have any ideas?

log347 2

My Xbox One s no longer displays to the TV at all. Whenever I turn on the Xbox, everything works, except for the fact that no signal goes to my TV. I have tried switching out the HDMI cable and using other inputs on the TV. Nothing seems to work. It also turns off after about 30 seconds to a minute of turning it on.

leoz18 2

I got a Xbox chat headset a couple of years ago and it never worked. I could hear everyone if I was in a party but they couldn't hear me. I wasn't muted, my mic settings were fine it's just there was no mic going in. Any ideas?

amerKhalil 2

Hdmi our port is broken. Tried fixing it but I damaged the board. Is there any way to make the in port usable as the out port?

lordpond 2

My OG Xbox One has a problem with headsets. Whenever I use a headset, I'm able to hear the game for about five minutes before everything suddenly goes silent. My friends say they can still hear me even though I can't hear them, so I know my voice is still transmitting. This happens every time without fail. I have several controllers and headsets and have tried them all in every combination, so I'm sure this is a problem with the Xbox One itself. Does anybody know how to fix this? Thanks.

Lowleypants 2

Hi there! We’re having an issue wherein my son’s (official Xbox) headset microphone doesn’t work when he’s trying to record a video on Xbox One. It’s not on mute (confirmed on headset and on device), we’ve looked through the privacy settings - allowing for broadcasting and communication via voice and text, we’ve made sure the mic is check marked in settings, we’ve updated the firmware on his controller and made sure it’s assigned to him... it works when he chats with friends while playing and it works when he’s using it for virtual classroom, but he just can’t seem to use it for recording or broadcasting.

Any thoughts??

hustlefinch 2

The battery compartment on my new controller melted.


I dunno whats going on today with my xbox but the speed is incredibly slow. Ive ran speedtest on the xbox about 10 times now over the last 2 hours and its consistently giving me ~.75Mbps. Meanwhile Ive been running speedtest on my phone, work laptop, and personal laptop and all three have been getting 100 + Mbps (all from the same room). First time ive ever encountered an issue like this and I have a fiber connection at my house

Tazz830 2

I'm having issues with DL speeds ONLY on CoD Warzone.

I test speed connections on my XBox and I'm doing 850mbps download speed plugged in. Any other game updates no problem. I'm currently trying to DL the most recent 30gb update and the highest speed I've seen is only 15mbs.

Other friends are seeing faster speeds so I don't think its the CoD servers, but maybe I'm wrong. Any tips or suggestions??

casterofdreams 2

Not sure if this is the right place for this.

I have an Xbox elite controller series 2 that has a batch number of 1947 and was purchased last November.

The issue I’m having is the left thumb stick no longer “clicks” when pressed. I tried to adjust the tension on the stick through all three levels and nothing. Tried at different angles as well.

It does read the button press via the Xbox accessory app but no click and the “travel time” is reduced. Almost as if the part responsible for providing tactile feedback failed.

Back in February I opened a warranty case and was supposed to send it back but as a result of shifting issues at work due to covid and covid lock down in general, I never had the chance to send that back.

At this point it’s money spent. I’d like to self repair. Anyone ever had these issues and know how to fix this problem?

Superpeng18 2

My Xbox controller and audio form my headset suddenly stop working out of the blue and I have to reset me Xbox to fix it. This has happened around 5 times now and have no idea how to fix it. Please help

STIG_12 2

I keep disconnecting from Xbox live for a split second this happens roughly every 30 mins. In Xbox setting it says my signal strength is 100%. How do I stop this from happening?

camber_00 2

My controller thinks I’m pressing down the trigger 🙃

Gritforge 1

Equip high capacity machine gun, dominate.

DaaaaamnCJ 2

Ive had an issue the past week where my xbox will beep three times, the light on the xbox will blink twice multiple times and then just power down. The controller will stay on and the only way to get the xbox to turn back on is to push the button on the xbox.

The xbox itself is well ventilated, an xbox one x, about 2 years old now and i'm in the alpha ring skip ahead. Anyone know what this could be? It seems to happen most when I navigate from inside a game to my games and apps, though its happened randomly in different situations. I googled and found one xbox help article, but there was no consensus about what the issue could be.

I've done everything but factory restore the xbox and leave the preview program.

dodobirdmen 2

My elite series 2 controller has a broken trigger. It clicks before starting to depress down and it’s really annoying when shooting. Does anyone have a fix for this?

McNabFish 2

Over the last two weeks party chat had been messing up when joining / inviting specifically PC players to an XBL party. The moment I join or they join, I instantly go to connecting... and then eventually being booted.

In game I can hear and talk to PC players but party chat will not work. I have tried with people on and off my friend list, and even someone switching back to their xbox to confirm they could join the same party, which they could once back on their xbox.

I have tried it where I create the party and where they do. I have checked my NAT, which is open, my connection is fine, I have hard reset the xbox and tried it over multiple days. Nothing works.

I have some friends I am trying to complete some tall tales with on Sea of Thieves, and it is making it very hard to play with my friends ;_;

Any help, suggestions or people experiencing the same would be great to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

turdinator1234 2

Does anybody know what the process is for games being mnk supported? I remember Microsoft/Razer making a big deal about it when it dropped but it's a very short list of games and they haven't really talked about it much since.

Does anybody have any idea?

ChromeJester 2

For some reason my controllers keep disconnecting. One is about a year old and the other is 3 months old. They are normal Xbox one controllers, not elite or anything. I’ve downloaded the updates and moved the location of my Xbox, but nothing seems to work. Any thoughts? Thanks!

smithd98 2

I'm wondering how to broadcast my xobx one to my mac ideally for free with no hardware. Appls like Twitch and Mixer have me thinking it's possible.

Maybe an NDI app?

a_tree_gnome 2

Hello! I recently downloaded UNO on my Xbox One X. I have had tons of problems with the game. When I press A to get past the main screen, the progress wheel freezes, and it takes a few minutes to get to the next screen (select game). Most of the time, the game will lock up and freeze completely, and I will need to do a hard reset.

I've only been able to get in twice, and I've tried probably 30+ times. Every other time, I've had to do a hard reset. I've deleted/re-installed the game, removed my saved data for the game, and even done a soft reset (the one where you hold down power, eject, and pair on your xbox).

Nothing is working. Is anyone else having similar problems? Wanted to see before I reach out to Microsoft for support.

JammingBumbleBee 2

New to the Nesbox emulator for my Xbox One X. Playing Secret of Mana for Snes but the sound is crackling. Is there any tips I could use to rectify this? Or could it be the Rom file?

Also, any tips for the NesBox Emulator? I keep backing out of the Microsoft Edge browser accidentally

UWishedUKnew 2

Added a external hard drive and it severely lowered my download rate, about 90 Mbps to about 20 Mbps. Any tips to fix this issue. (External drive is rated the same as the internal)

rohanppdx 2

Does anyone know the approximate CFM the Xbox One S moves? I have it in a small cabinet and just want to know if my fans inside it will provide enough airflow.

h_yoshua 2

My ethernet suddenly stopped working for my Xbox one. I tested it with multiple ports and cables (which worked with other devices) and it still failed to connect the internet. The xbox works with wireless connection. Whenever I plug the ethernet cable into the xbox port, it always signs out my user profile and says: “NAT Type: Unavailable” under network settings. It’s odd because it was working the last time I had played (about 6 hours prior). Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?

vynnyal 2

My wired controller suddenly up and died in the middle of a boss fight- is there any other things I can do to troubleshoot without restarting the console? For reference my wireless controller is just fine (co-op game), and it doesn't respond on the home screen, either. It looks like it's on, though, so you'd think the power is fine...?

ziggynagy 2

So, my friends were reporting that my mic was echoing back their voices. Thought it was my headphones, but after troubleshooting determined it's definitely my headset adapter. If I plug my headphones directly into the controller's 3.5mm jack, there's no echo. Thing is, I really prefer to use the headset adapter since I can control chat/game volume and mute easily. Anyone know of a remedy to fix the headset adapter?

hotpotatohotpot 2

I have Xbox game pass ultimate but my pc won’t let me download games, it just says I need to buy game pass ultimate which I already have, any fix?
E: the app refuses to say that I have game pass but it let me install a gamepass game so I assume it worked

Girl-From-Mars 5

Are you logged onto the pc with the same email address as your game pass account? It goes by the windows account you are logged into rather than the account you log into the app with. They're not necessarily the same.

dants419 2

I am trying to increase my speeds on my Xbox but for some reason whenever I hard wire it, the download speeds cut in half. I have tested multiple Ethernet cables which both have much faster speeds while connected to my computer. I was just wondering if anyone has ever had this before?

Carbon_Deadlock 1

My first guess would be a bad cable, but you mentioned multiple. Have you tried multiple ports on your router?

dants419 1

Yes I have tried both. I tested both cables in both ports to my computer and they worked perfectly.

djmiller25 2

My download speed is supposed to be 120-140 range whenever I test from computer or phone, but my Xbox is only downloading at Kbps, can’t even get to MB’s. Always happens with the call of duty updates for me

QuantumHeil 1

Same here. Legit came to this subreddit specifically for this issue...

ExtraToastyCheezits 2

It isn't an issue with your equipment or your internet. It is Microsoft's servers. Because so many other users are also downloading the same content, Microsoft's servers are not able to send everyone data as fast as they would like to. Better to serve many at slower speeds than limit the number of people that can download an update at once.

Wigliano 2

Is it possible to start an Xbox Party chat on the Xbox Social HUB on PC?

fernandoarafat 1

I don't know what the Xbox Social HUB is, but you can use the Xbox Console Companion app on Windows 10 PC's to create or join Xbox parties.

Carbon_Deadlock 1

I'm not sure how/if you can start a party in that app. One of my friends chats with us from PC and he always has someone on Xbox start a party.

Krakenpl5 2

My Xbox won't turn on from the troubleshoot menu.
The code is e2008, which doesn't fit any of the problems on the Xbox support site.

Intrepid_Days 3

u/jacksonv60 got it! To just add a little, if the error message is similar to what is shown in the startup error article but not exactly the same, I would suggest still going through the steps for the first section (for E100, E200, E204, or E207) as the most comprehensive.

If all the steps laid out in the article don’t work, it’s likely the system will need a repair, as the article says. You can look into the process and options for submitting a service order for your device through following the steps on this article.

Hope that helps!

jacksonv60 1

Yep. For future reference, e203 means failed update.

jacksonv60 4

Factory reset or try an OSU.

lgrab23 2

I am trying to install a game to my internal and I have about 130 GB free and the game is about 100-110 GB, and even after i uninstalled some other things my xbox keeps telling me I need 18GB extra even though I have enough space?

Htaz 7

It wants the extra room for updates and such.

Trooper55555 1

I cant hear my party at all no matter what I do they say they can hear me but I cant hear them at all, I've unplugged and replogle I've taken out my adapter and put it back in, ive left the party and joined back I've shut off my xbox and turned back on all multiple times and bothings is working

PoisonZzz 1

I have party overlay on and whenever my friends text me through party chat, a box shows up that blocks part of my screen. Is there a way to switch it back to the notification instead of a box that blocks part of my screen?

Minute_Cheesecake 3

My Xbox isn’t downloading games to my external hard drive nor my internal drive on standby mode. I don’t know what to do. It doesn’t work at all. I have to leave my Xbox One to download any game

I heard that MS servers are down

Whyiyu 3

Game updates pausing when I turn off my Xbox, idk what changed it used to update it over the night.

Spark898 3

The new COD update keeps pausing and refuses to finish, and whenever I try to open a game or app I get an error message telling me to finish downloading the game. Every single game.

dmc543 3

I can't see anymore the oneguide on Android Xbox app. Before it worked fine but now only shows "Connect to your Xbox to view TV listings", however the Xbox is already connected and I can control it fine.

ac4_sage 3

When I turned on my console, it was in the middle of doing a console update. Its stuck at 99% idk what to do

BiggsOfArc 3

Is there a way to play your xbox on your laptop if your laptop doesn’t have a female hdmi input? Are there any adapters I can buy that will allow me to play my Xbox on my laptop without the delay of streaming it on the xbox one companion?

ProLogX 1

Sadly no it's not possible to convert the HDMI out on your laptop to an HDMI input. Obviously miracast and streaming, eventually xcloud when its available, but no direct connection.

There are some decent portable displays you can get if you're looking for something small and portable to play Xbox on.

AlcoholicSocks 3

So my Game pass Ultimate/Xbox Live runs out next month.
I bought it 2 years ago for £1 and haven't paid since. I've read that I can cancel somehow and get it again for £1 for the year, does anyone know how I go about doing that?

ExtraToastyCheezits 1

I don't know about getting the promotion again for £1 for a month. From what I have heard, you can only take advantage of that once.

But once your Game Pass Ultimate runs out and you have no subscriptions at all on your account, you can get a year of Gold and then turn around and subscribe to a month of Game Pass Ultimate and it will convert the year of Gold over to GPU at full value plus the month you signed up for with GPU. So you would have 13 months total.

You might also check Microsoft Rewards and see if you have enough credit to get a month or 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate there. That will save you from having to pay that cost of resubscribing to it.

AlcoholicSocks 2

> But once your Game Pass Ultimate runs out and you have no subscriptions at all on your account, you can get a year of Gold and then turn around and subscribe to a month of Game Pass Ultimate and it will convert the year of Gold over to GPU at full value plus the month you signed up for with GPU. So you would have 13 months total.

So if I let it all run out, buy the year of gold, then subscribe to Gamepass Ultimate I'd get Gamepass for a year but for the price of a month?

ExtraToastyCheezits 1

Yes exactly! I have done this a few times for my kids and friends who's GPU was about to expire. After they let everything expire fully they redeemed a year of Gold and then had a code from Microsoft Rewards for a month of Game Pass Ultimate.

When they redeemed the code it did bring up the message saying that their Gold would be converted over but then with the actual code redemption, it said that it would redeem as just the month of Ultimate. But when they went into their subscriptions, it said that the end date of their GPU sub was 13 months from the time that it was.

Carbon_Deadlock 1

The only thing I know of is that if you're not a subscriber then sometimes you'll get ads on your dashboard for deals. I used to do this in the Xbox 360 days to get a little deal on Xbox Live.

jacksonv60 3

So my xbox was unresponsive last night so i hard reset. It got stuck on the gsod. I left it on overnight and got error e200. What do i do?

Intrepid_Days 4

For any startup errors like what you’re describing, we always recommend following the steps in this article on the subject, as you may have already seen. For error E200, you’ll follow the steps under the appropriately labeled first section.

If all the steps laid out in the article don’t work, it's likely the system will need a repair. You can look into your options for submitting a service order for your Xbox through following the steps on this article.

Hope this helps!

Aciddrip211 3

My Xbox says I have game pass ultimate but when I try to install Red Dead 2 it says I need to join game pass. I’m not sure what is going on?

Girl-From-Mars 3

Have you tried to download any other games pass games to rule out whether the problem is with RDR2 specifically?

Aciddrip211 6

I ended up restarting my Xbox and it worked. Huge thank you though!

DeltaHG 5

I have a Astro A40 headset with a Mixamp M80 that the sound stopped working on last night. I was playing and my WiFi went out, so I set my headset down to go reset the router. I do that, then come back and all of a sudden I can’t hear anything in the headset. There is no sound, but the mic still works and everything on the mixamp is still working. I have already tried unplugging the headset and mixamp and restarting the console several times. Any idea what could be the issue?

Edit: Updating my controller fixed the issue

justin_tennyson 4

Any news on buggy Xbox elite series 2? Seems like the analog drift should be a simple software patch but Microsoft isn’t acknowledging the problem.

shelovesterpenes 1

i’ve gone through three now.. my third just starting acting up. I can’t use left or right on the right joystick but have no issues with up and down.. these controllers are definitely not worth the money with all these issues.

luckily amazon exchanges or refunds for me every time or i’d probably not spend another dollar until the next console is out.

st1tchedup21 6

Anyone having issues with backwards compatibility on Xbox One? I tried starting up a game and it had me re-login to my account and when i did it said it couldn't connect to xbox live. Now whenever i start a game it says "getting your xbox 360 info..." spins for 30 seconds then just starts the game without loading anything. It then says to sign in and has no profiles so when i click download its says "checking network connection" and pops up saying "Can't Connect"

_Frozen_Waffles_ 12

For some reason my downloads are extremely slow. My Xbox is wired, when I run a speed test on the Xbox I get close to 200mbps. Downloads rarely go over 20mbps. It’s been happening for about 2 weeks.

DrDabMouf 4

Mine won’t go more than 500kbps and I’m paying for gigabyte Internet.

Htaz 3

All internet speeds have been slowed down due to everyone being home. Most companies are throttling speeds deliberately in order to make sure people can still get online and only a few are not using most of the speed and such.

ExtraToastyCheezits 9

It isn't an issue with your equipment or your internet. It is Microsoft's servers. Because so many other users are also downloading the same content or other updates, Microsoft's servers are not able to send everyone data as fast as they would like to. Better to serve many at slower speeds than limit the number of people that can download an update at once.

Seeattle_Seehawks 1

Apparently they're throttling my invites too because I haven't been able to accept a single one successfully yet, no matter what game I'm playing.

_Frozen_Waffles_ 2

Got it thanks!

Abr6ham 2

Thank you for this. Thought I was the only one