The amount of hatred and bullying towards those who play on Xbox One is insane.

by XBgyManX. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    532    313

I was reading Steam reviews of the new game Grounded and this is what I found "The game is fine. It is free on Xbox, if you are daft enough to own one of those things". It just seems so crazy to me that in 2020, we are still putting each other down over our console choices.

I personally own one of each console for myself. My wife and daughter both each own their own xbox ones as well. I grew up playing Playstation. I love my Ps4. I love the exclusive cinematic titles like Spiderman, and the JRPGS. But there is one thing that sells Xbox to my household over the Ps4, and that is accessibility.

If my daughter tries to log onto my ps4 and play a game with me (like Minecraft or Ark in splitscreen), it wants her to have PS+ just in splitscreen. Some games have even asked her to own the game under her own account first! ridiculous. With Xbox One, she can pick up a controller, log onto her profile and jump right into whatever game she wants with me. This alone makes Xbox more valuable to me than my Ps4.

Anyway, my point is, just stop hating on people for their chosen platform. We should be pushing for Crossplay with each other, not putting each other down.




And whenever you say things like this you'll have tons of people in the comments demoralizing you, making it sound like you're making it up and Xbox is the actual problem.

manoverboard321 6

Time to go outside and thicken up that skin boys. These aren't real problems.


>Time to go outside and thicken up that skin boys. These aren't real problems.

Oh, uh! A person with thick skin over here people! They might just have bigger problems than you!!

manoverboard321 2

It's hard not to come of as dickish when commenting online. I don't mean to be. Still if someone making fun of your gaming console of choice is hurting your feelings, well if that isn't first world problems, idk what is..

IstanBugsnaxs 8

Some these people live such comfortable cushy lives that an attack against their console of choice is the only "real" problem they have.

BidensQuirkyDementia 3

haha, for real this is the exact thing I think of when I see dumb crap like this.


I don’t know if it’s just were I’m from but 85% of the people I know that own PS4 are 30 year old pill heads that drive around in Honda Civics while looking for 18 year olds with STDs

Schmocha-Latte 2



Outside of this Reddit Xbox gets shredded. The one was a launch failure and they e been catch up for 7+ years. They have no exclusives really worth anything and besides you can just play on PC.


Well you have a mix of all ages making comments. Microsoft has it's own batch of haters and Xbox has been the loser of consoles since the Wii U died off. I'm pretty much a %100 Xbox player and I am pretty sure the Xbox is going to be a dead brand in a decade.

So you have a majority of voices who either actively hate on MS/Xbox or are just have a negative outlook on it. If you are an Xboxer you will often be seen as a second class citizen by a vocal set of goofs on the internet. It is something that will never be outgrown as long as there are new people engaging in gaming.


I'm just gonna say as someone with all current systems and pc it's just fun to mess with people and get under their skin about their game system. I shit on all systems but I also play them all. It's not that serious lol but some people take it to heart which makes it even funnier. I can shit on every system. Just like Dave Chappelle on Coke and Pepsi

JuniorHeat 1

I too like having fun at the expense of others.

ArlingtonA 1

It's the children who can't afford all 3 consoles complain and bitch.

Any adult gamers own all 3 of them...

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Actually the console war has continuously been going on since Nintendo vs. SEGA days. It just got worse when Sony and Microsoft came along.

TadgerOT 1


I have no hate towards PS owners (why would I for frigs sake), I don't chase them round different forums shitting on their preferences. It's pathetic.

I am an Xbox fan, no doubt about it. But that's it, I'm an Xbox fan not a PS hater.

I'll 'stick up' for Xbox here because, this is an Xbox forum, dedicated to all things Xbox...

I see it this way, if you are stupid enough to sit in the Spurs home stand wearing an Arsenal shirt, you better be prepared to take some shit.

Spik3dpandora 1

On a happier note: I got the perfect gaming friend.

I'm an Xbox player since the 360, he was always a playstation fan. Last month he built a pc and now we play sea of thieves with cross play and the MCC, we're having a blast and both know that both consoles have advantages over the other.

We can play together, that's the stuff and I hope for a big push for it next gen

Meiie 1

Who cares!?!? Play and do what you like, don’t worry about what people say. I’m literally playing Super Metroid on a handheld emulator right now, it’s fun and couldn’t care less what others think.

mixandmatchbuttons 1

It only.matters if you care what other people think... And why would you care what someone else thinks of you?

im_a_dr_not_ 1

PS5 sub has had some rather amusing threads about gamepass with all sorts of things like people insisting there is a catch or that it's a lot more expensive than buying $60 games (lol) and other silly rationalizing. I mean they do have some really good exclusivesb buy they're $60 a pop when they come out.

jeckq 1

Pc fellas get a mad boner whenever the get to say pc when some one asks Xbox or PS4. Its just pc users feel like there platform is far superior and they need to make sure everyone knows.

silverbullet42 1

It’s just words and people you’ll never see, so fuck it. Who cares?

krazyMIKE77 1

Don’t worry man they don’t represent PC as a whole. Xbox was my console for over ten years and I recently got a PC. I still have my Xbox for exclusives and I’ll probably get both next gen consoles on top of my PC. Don’t let them bother you, play what you want where you want

michaelb1397 1

Agreed. The Xbox hate is getting weird out there.

xooxanthellae 1

Gee, you're going to be really upset when you learn how women and black people are treated

SEAN771177 1

Who cares. Literally who cares

ALennon25 1

The reality is that most people don't care enough to bad mouth either Xbox or PlayStation. We aren't representative of the hundreds of million console owners out there, as just by being on this sub, we're identifying as enthusiasts. The same applies to the people taking time to engage in the console war - they're outliers.

The reality is also that most people will stick to what they know, unless given a big enough reason to make a change. That's why PS5 will outsell Series X and equally the reason why a lot of people will stay with Xbox.

With online profiles, digital games, accessories and achievements/trophies tied to a platform, people are more invested than ever in Xbox or PlayStation. Most people don't have both consoles and don't want or need both consoles, so they'll choose the one they've put roots down in or that their friends play.

It's getting harder than ever to combat brand loyalty in the games industry because of the above. The best hope for Xbox is that they do what Sony had to with the PS3 and release enough quality exclusive games that people feel compelled to buy an Xbox even if they already have a PlayStation. It does seem like they're taking a different approach though, and really pushing Game Pass instead.

Andrew129260 1

The majority not liking Xbox one I can understand the frustration.

I get it.

Look I'm mainly a PlayStation guy but Xbox def has some very positive things going for it. Gamepass being the biggest one. ( I do own and use all platforms)

I get how from the Xbox side it seems like fans of the platform are always being attacked and that they are making fun of it. The YouTubers with the clickbait titles are not helping with that. So it definitely ends up being a vocal minority of (loud) people saying Xbox sucks.

There are a few reasons I personally think Xbox can do better but the platform doesn't suck. Far from it.

This showcase they showed recently was a lot more interesting to me out of all the ones they showed previously.


Because they actually do have games this time that are not the same 3 ones they crank out constantly. Which I appreciate. I want Xbox to really challenge Sony in high AAA games (that are new IP) and that's what a lot of others want.

Problem is people are not understanding this is not what Microsoft is doing. It's not what they are interested in. They are all about subscription numbers and a platform as a whole.

I think that's where the anger comes from. It's like people see Xbox and Sony as two different sports teams right? So people want to see them Duke it out because in the end we all benefit from that.

But now what is happening is Xbox is leaving the game and saying we're making our own arena\sport. And people are like what? You can't do that!

It's a huge disconnect from what people are used to. It's a different strategy. And people dont understand it.

there's absolutely nothing wrong with it it's just the direction they're going in. They still have great games, but Because they don't compete the way people expect it's frustrating and causes anger in some people.


For the issue you're having with PS4 it's probably because your daughter's account isn't marked as primary. Make sure your account and hers are both marked as primary on the PS4. The issues your having are not normal

srbnsn 1

Some people don’t mature and won’t let others enjoy what they enjoy. It’s very childish and idiotic to do.

Notgreatadvices 1

Lions don't care what the sheep think.

sgiindigo2 1

This is lame as hell. We're all dumbasses, but there's nothing wrong with being dumbasses. I'm a proud dumbass.

Nocheese22 1

Anyone still involved in the console war or pc master race is likely 12. I wouldn't get too upset at what they write online

noso2143 1

i have a pc, xbox 1 and ps4

NobleCobra 1

PC elitists are self-important, you can ignore them.

mlzr 1

To me the larger issue is that folks tie themselves to their branding choices so closely that human people are starting to take personal offense for criticism about things they buy or media they consume. Modern Insanity.

ArmeniusLOD 1

It's just trolling and has been going on since the internet was created. I participated in such antics, myself, as a young adult during the Xbox 360/PS3 era on Gamespot. I was never serious about it and we all did it in good fun. Even the moderators on the forum at the time got in on it.

Zevy100 1

get over it. gamers out here feeling fucking oppressed over a box

degstr 1

I was thinking about posting some philosophical reply about human and wars (of any scale) but.. I'm just too old for this shit.

-riddik 1

Will admit I’ve stopped playing due to being bullied for being good

IWasBornSoYoung 1

Indeed. First it was the Jews and now it’s us.

willd05 1


dwilder812 1

Had a Facebook friend who daily posted memes making fun of xbox players. They are no longer my friend, it just got tiring.

3kpk3 1

All gaming platforms rule in their own way. Console wars are for kids basically. Just choose the console and games that you enjoy and ignore the haters. This is my motto!

-Mungular- 1


J03130 1

Ah fuck em. The gum on the bottom of your shoe is worth more than those kind of people. They ain’t called pc master race for nothing. Plus it’s funny as shit seeing them go for console players. I just get mental images of the dude from the world of warcraft south park episode and just smirk.

uraraka_ochako_thicc 1

>"The game is fine. It is free on Xbox, if you are daft enough to own one of those things".

It is probably more a pun against console gamers in general, not just Xbox-gamers. Many PC gamers are quite toxic and chauvinistic though and think people are too stupid to build and game on a PC. The name of the subreddit /r/PCmasterrace says it all I guess.

zaq12wsxman 1

I personally prefare ps but that was my choise and we all should respect each other. As long as you enjoy it you should not care

noeyesjerry 1

this guy has steam, get him

Mr_Rotch 1

Remember those pathetic people who were hardcore console fanboy fanatics back in the day? Yeah, they grew up to be PC master race elitists. Same toxicity.

I have a PC, Xbox One X, Playstation 4 Pro and Nintendo Switch, and I love them all for what they bring to the table.

xellios31 1

I get all 3 systems so...

A5ko 1

It's no different from people fighting each other over which football (soccer) team they support.

It's no different and no less pathetic.

Totally_mirage 1

I'll never understand why there's such a hatred towards console, consoles are literally just pre-built PCs with different inputs.

Can people not just prefer a different input?

And then there's the argument of "well PC is more accurate" it may be, but theres still controller players who can kick even the best PC players asses WITHOUT aim assist.

GigasFFXII 1

I know its irritating, but the people raging about console choice are children and man-children. You're better off ignoring them.

ZSevere 1

I have played Xbox since I was 5, which I am now 15.

I also just built a PC 2 months ago. Xbox is my home though.

Sure PS4 has out sold Xbox one, but it is still better.
Our games don't have a lot of glitches because Microsoft cares, PS4 games have tons of glitches.

PC players think they are the master race. PC gaming is great, but there are a lot more games that are meant to be played on console, like Red Dead Redemption 2, that don't go well on PC. Most people I know that have a PC have a console of some sort.

Also, if you wanna play PUBG or RDR2, lemme know and I can PM you my tag

ThyLordLucifer 1

I'm going to pop in her and say Grounded is absolutely fantastic in its stage right now... kinda drags me back to childhood. I grew up watching A Bugs Life and it throws me into that world!! Be able to climb on top of a blade of grass and see the sun setting and the swing was absolutely beautiful! I recommend it and it should only get better since its the early stages and they say updates will be coming. JUST GO RIGHT TO SLEEP AT NIGHT!!!

Also, I play xbox and honestly I used to hate PS3 because of the amount it could get DDOS'd and how long it'd take to come back online a day to a week was the longest . It happened once that I can remember on Xbox and they had it back up in 2 hours. Now that the PS4 is out I have no arguments.

MrTutty 1

The only people who engage in that kind of discourse are often those who can't afford more than one console and are insecure about it... you shouldn't place too much stock into what those kinds of people think

GoldSnivy 1

People like to put others down based on miniscule things. I could say just ignore it, but I think this post is just about how it's mildly annoying rather than insulting.

HipsterBrewfus 1

People who dump on anyone who enjoys any platform is a fucking dispshit anyway, so who gives a fuck?

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[deleted] 1



It does kinda make me mad, like for years xbox has had "zero" exclusives despite actually having a good amount (maybe not as much as play station, but they are fun). So approaching next gen they have announced over 22 exclusives, so many they couldn't even fit them all into one event. And puts all of them on game pass and doesn't force people to move up a gen. And people are still mad.

thewok 1

PC players have the stupidest superiority complex of all time.

xdesm0 2

I understand your concern but none of the extra text addresses the difference between owning a gaming pc and a console. Considering they use steam I think they dislike all consoles not just xbox. It's like someone saying you that frozen yogurt sucks while implying ice cream is better and your defense is that you like both original and mango flavored frozen yogurt.

Since I own a gaming pc and an xbox, I like xbox to sit back and relax in my living room and get away from my pc (which today is my work pc too)

GigaNautz 4

Ugh. I hear you about the PC (aka work PC). Sometimes i get to the point where i don’t even want to look at it.

MeridianBae 4

Why are you letting little insults bother you this much and why are you reporting back here as if we care?


Are you Legion or do you speak for everyone?


I'm sure this entire sub was on pins and needles waiting for some random grounded user review on steam

  XBgyManX 3

The point is to spread awareness. To get people thinking. We shouldn't be needlessly aggressive towards each other. This point has clearly gone over your head.

You say "as if we care" like you speak for everyone. Clearly at least 30 people care. So, get over yourself?

MeridianBae 5

Awareness does nothing like this post. 30 people who felt pain for an inanimate object the way you do did. Nice company you keep

  XBgyManX 4

Pain for an inanimate object? You think the Xbox itself is the point of the discussion? Your ignorance is part of the problem.

MeridianBae 3

There's no problem you read a comment on the internet and you almost cried

  XBgyManX 2

There is a problem. Needless aggression (like you, for example) against ones fellow community. When we should be celebrating the victories of each platform and pushing companies to allow us to play together. We shouldn't be needlessly insulting each other for which computer we buy.

MeridianBae 4

If some PC mustard racer feels like it's redundant or unnecessary to buy an Xbox to play Xbox games that's their prerogative stop telling on people.

  XBgyManX 2

As I had previously said, I am not singling him out. I am not requesting that his review (which is based on Steam and should have nothing to do with Xbox) be taken down. I am not even mentioning him by name.

His review was an example, not the target.

MeridianBae 9

Then go complain to steam about

  XBgyManX 1

You are still missing the point.


What a sheltered privileged life you must live holy shit

Kl0pp0s 5

I just switched from PS4 to xbox, much better nowadays the game pass is unreal value compared to psnow.

Jason_Newsted_is_God 6

Calm down sensitive Karen

xHedon 5

> The game is fine. It is free on Xbox

$29.99 is what is what it shows on the Xbox Store. $29.99 is what it shows on the Steam Store. I haven't had any luck finding the $0.00 copy.

Metroid655 8

This is a whiny for no reason thread alright.

Stay away from internet if you can’t take the heat. No point to complain about it. Xbox fanbase really is bunch of snowflakes.

Nothing personal here but grow a thicker skin, Karen.

hollyscrew 1

Was there a picture or video of the OP with tears. I think I missed that.

zeanox 1

when did people on this sub become this disgusting?

feels like it happened over night...

Omegastriver 4

I own two PS4s and my kids can play split screen with me with only me having Plus.......

H3000 15

Fuck. This is the third post I've seen this week about how Xbox gamers are an oppressed group. Ignore the comment and move on maybe? It's a toy.


The point -

Your head -


You have no point, can you even boil your point down to a sentence?

TheVaniloquence 9

The only point you’ve proven with this thread is that you’re soft as fuck by letting people who shit on your console choice get in your head.

hollyscrew 1

And how many let people that let other peoples opinions of the consoles get to them, get to them is fun as well.

GlowingLagFish 10

Do you really not get how needless bitching about the needless bitching of others online is pointless?

Reddilutionary 3

Who gives a shit. Don’t waste any time or energy worrying yourself with some stranger’s bad take.

GigaNautz 2

Who cares. There are thousands of gamers out there who can give a shit and just enjoy what they want to play. Besides you are too old to be giving a crap what young adults, teenagers and adolescent kids have to think about a Game console. Grow up.

BidensQuirkyDementia 6

this whole post is cringe. Getting this riled up over a negative comment about xbox someone made?

Wow. Grow a thicker skin, and quit worrying what other people say about your toy.

supa74 2

I firmly believe that everyone of these people, have nothing else going for them in life (especially prospects with the opposite sex), other than a nice rig. So the fact that they can put others down for anything, is absolutely hilarious. Normal people don't act this way.

talukmar 2

Why can't you just ignore them. Their minds are still developing that's why they are loyal to a piece of plastic so just treat them like kids,ask them if they want a chocolate or something and leave. I'm currently a PS guy myself doesn't mean I can't see the benefits of an Xbox i clearly can I'm an adult and my mind is fully developed so i can think smart and act smart. In fact I'm getting both because more good games and cheap deals means win for me as a consumer.

BlurryPixel3 7

I’m with you. I’ve been gaming since Atari 2600 days and while yes it may have been there from the beginning to a media has made it much more noticeable.

In the end I’m a gamer, regardless of platform. I own and play them all. But the excessive vitriol towards Xbox makes me pull for them a bit more.
If someone is hung up on one platform and spews hate towards the others, it says more about them than who or what it’s aimed at imo.
Game on my friend.

twenty7w 8

They are just trying to justify that $3,000+ graphics card

Pile_of_Walthers 4

Is it? Who gives a shit?

a_talking_face 4

They’re literally just baiting people and you took the bait.

Sparkski 4

She doesn't need PS+ if you have your account as the primary.

she also doesn't need to own a copy of the game either.

SidSimelia 3

I've never understood why people can't just ignore things that they aren't interested in. That approach just seems like it would be better for your mental health.

WalkingRickyism 19

Did this really warrant it's own post?


Is there really a reason why it shouldn't be?

TheRealFaffyDuck 5

Is this really happening right now?

TheVaniloquence 9

You’re playing the victim over something as trivial as console choice? Who cares if some other people “bully” you over it, you’re the one that’s letting it get to your head.

WalkingRickyism 16

I’m pretty sure we’re all aware that every console gets hate from each others fan base, nothing new

hollyscrew 4

And our replies apparently.

UGABear 14

This is not true fortunately. My wife and I share PS plus and each have our own usernames. Every game I buy on my account she can also download on her console at no additional cost.


You didn't read what I said. I said when my daughter tries to play games on MY console with me.

rXboxModsRtrash 14


Shut up.


Way to be part of the problem.


You are my dude. Take some time to reflect on this thread. It's pathetic you think this is bullying

TheLazyEspeon 17

i take it you are new to gaming? its been going on since the first consoles. people are always gonna be shitty. every console gets its fair share of hate. its just how its always gonna be.


I've been a gamer since the original NES came out. So, no. I'm not new to gaming. However, you are missing the point. I'm aware that hatred of rival platforms has always been a thing. I'm saying that in this day and age, I thought we had grown past that. Especially with Cross-Play being a big thing these days.

DieHardXmas 4

You did exactly what you were saying. A PC gamer said something about Xbox. You then proceeded to use that and make a post about PS4. Including the false fact you needed to buy 2 sets of PS Plus. PS Plus works exactly the same way as Gold. It is shared to everybody on the console as long as the account with Plus is set as the primary user.

DohDohDonutzMMM 6

u/XBgyManX I've been gamer since the VIC 20 (wow I'm old!!), so I am right there with you about the rivalry. The thing is YOU may have grown past the fanboy hate that comes with every gaming console, BUT some gamers are still trying to make it past puberty. I guess haters gotta hate.

cowonaut 1

C64 was my first rig and yh you, the op, me and many others have grown up and past this stupidity. That the same funny crap still is a thing just means hot-headed, stupid kids are still picking up gaming, just as we did when we were pretty much the same.
If anything, it just means gaming is alive and kicking and not withering away with us old farts :D
Kids are our future! They will grow up, too!

hollyscrew 1

I honestly can't remember this being an issue at all until master system days and even then it was v v low key ime. It only seemed to get big when xbox/ps2 started and 360/ps3 turned it up a notch or 5 around here.

davedogg2k5 3

I go back as far as the Atari 2600 so your not the only oldie in the room

bluereloaded 3

2600 for me as well. There's dozens of us!

fiddlenutz 3

Here as well, although we had some wooden pong paddle thing before that I can’t remember the name of.

bluereloaded 1

Oh my grandma had those that we'd use when we went to her house.

Reccetrp 2

Coleco Telstar maybe ?

Reccetrp 2

Zx81, Vic 20, acorn electron, CPC 464,obligatory 2600.

ForeignDevil 3
      • CBM BASIC V2 *
        3583 BYTES FREE

        Good times.
Kim_Woo 9

There are Actual suppressed groups in society and Xbox gamers aren't one of them. Don't take what people say about consoles so seriously. It shows that you tie your identity to the brand if you care that much.


I purposely chose to avoid saying it in a way that would make it similar to what is going on with the BLM movement or anything like that. Please don't bring that into here. That is a very different kind of scenario.

Also, while this is thread is about people borderline bullying Xbox One players, this is more about the overall gaming community in general.

Traitor_To_Heaven 10

PC players are easily the most insufferable of fanboys. It's best to just ignore them tbh

NaruNerd100 12

Imagine thinking people sayimg bad things about your console of choice is bullying

San-Kai 14

I swear the weirdest thing to come out of this gen is the persecution complex a large chunk of the Xbox community developed.

CrazyDave48 5

Thank you, I can't stand it. No other gaming community I'm apart of sees themselves as a victim so often as /r/xbox

hollyscrew 7

Exactly, hate for xbox is no more prevalent or intense than hate for PS, Nintendo or pc.

DieHardXmas 7

> If my daughter tries to log onto my ps4 and play a game with me (like Minecraft or Ark in splitscreen), it wants her to have PS+ just in splitscreen. Some games have even asked her to own the game under her own account first! ridiculous. With Xbox One, she can pick up a controller, log onto her profile and jump right into whatever game she wants with me. This alone makes Xbox more valuable to me than my Ps4.

This has to be false PS+ is shared to all accounts on the console just like Xbox.,Plus%20benefits%20with%20other%20members%20of%20your%20family.

Joethe147 15

Lol at hatred and bullying.

Daft is an extremely tame word. It's like saying "If you are silly enough to own one of those things".

silk2167 15

I can’t imagine caring so much as you do.

On a side note, do people not realize that Grounded is on Game Pass for PC?

FickleSmark 13

This problem would cease to exist if you didn't link your existence to being a Xbox owner. You have so many things that actually define you as a person, Don't let spending $300 on a plastic box one of them.

hollyscrew 2

Exactly, if the hate was ignored it'd go away and it never manifests in other ways anyway.

Im-Not-Convinced 25

You read one Steam review talking shit about Xbox players so you come and type out this thread on Reddit?

RossR180 7


Stealthyfog 8

The mods are at fault for permitting faux victimization posts.

therealpepsi 14

Whooooooooo carrrrrrrresssss

hollyscrew 2

People who've replied to the op I'm guessing.

Random-Moment 70

Fanboys, it's "My plastic box is better than yours!!" They feel the need as it's to justify they bought the right thing, so if you don't agree your an idiot attitude.

It's stupid just ignore them, buy whichever console has the games you want to play and enjoy them.

Personal_Requirement 23

It’s just another internet comment, with no connection to you so why does it matter? You don’t know them, they don’t know you. It shouldn’t bother you at all. I don’t know when the tables flipped and gamers took on the roles of Twitter snowflakes.

hollyscrew 3

It was definitely before replying to the op.

Halloween_Cake 141

Tribalism and team mentality has been around since tribes. The only difference is we're choosing what tribe to be in. People want to feel accepted, part of a group and above all want to feel like they made the right choice and are better than you for choosing it. This is no different than nationalism, sports, racism, cities, any group we can fit ourselves into.

The real people that are better than the others are the ones that can ignore these unevolved, irrationally emotional children.

hollyscrew 1

Or maybe the ones that aren't serial killers. Just throwing it out there.

TheRelicEternal 2

I think I already tend to join all tribes or none at all, that seems to be my apporach.

InfinityGems 7

This right here is one of the best answers I've seen to PC/Sony/MS/Nin arguments. Very well written,

ChanceTheFapper1 3
  1. People want to feel justified in their purchase decision making.
CrazyLikeACrazyFox 11

Who am I going to hate with zero thought if there aren’t any easily defined/picked groups for me to lord my self-righteousness over?

Sounds like bullshit. You stay in your camp and I’ll stay in mine. Until I decide not to and destroy your camp at night and steal your women and children like some sort of emotional Viking.

MolemanNinja 94

It's only a problem if you let it bother you.At 44 years old I dont give an F about any of that. I'm not emotionally attached to anyone's opinion on what I enjoy


I admire your thick skin. I am able to shrug stuff off as well, but negativity in general hurts me a bit. I don't like seeing people put down for absolutely no valid reason what-so-ever.

MCurran36 1

There is so much negativity in this world and you can chose to focus on it or you can ignore it and be a happier person.

Rhaerc 1

Negativity... hurts you?

Vagus12549 2

Imagine being upset at a steam comment about a machine that operates one 1s and 0s /s

TheVictor1st 2

Dude I was like you. Got pissed at all the hate Xbox got (deserves/undeserving), but then I realized that we’re all (fanboys in general) defending billion dollar corporations that couldn’t give a flying fuck about us. I just wanna play games and that’s it. Let people play console wars, just laugh at them and move on.

MolemanNinja 14

I dont consider it thick skin..I consider such arguments as silly Never understood it, ever in my life how people cant grasp that others make like different things...I remember telling a co worker that I hated breath of the wild.The weapon breaking made it too annoying , the temples weren't interesting.He acted like a spat on his momma, and absolutely couldn't understand that I rather play Enter the Gungeon (at that time)

Its difficult to have any sort of good discussion in general on gaming without some people who take the past time too seriously like Sony, Nintendo , and Microsoft pay their bills, and the success of these large corporations are riding on their shoulders.

It's literally just a game/system. I've got 99 problems and what people think about my console ain't one.

GigaNautz 1

Well said.

“I got 99 problems, but a game console ain’t one” ~Molemanninja.


Thick skin? No one said anything directly to you even. Jesus Christ

MLG_Obardo 18

>I am able to shrug stuff off


>but negativity in general hurts me a bit literally just said...I don’t...what?

Slyrunner 2

It's possible to shrug things off while also acknowledging or feeling the negativity. Being minorly hurt doesn't mean you can't shrug it off.

E.g. someone calls you an ugly fuck. Of course the offender is just mean, but our first reaction is "well, ouch". But moments later, you shrug it off

Smallgenie549 1

Yeah, it's possible to shrug something off even if it hurts you. No need to downvote OP.

Callsyoudork 4


MLG_Obardo 9

Name checks out

sinseers 1

Ahhh.. ..The one thing I really like about growing older. Once I reached a certain age, my circle of people whose opinion I care about shrunk quite drastically.

sectorfour 524

Who gives a shit what strangers think?

Edit. Some of you are taking what I said outside the context of a video game console. Please surrender your organs to the nearest hospital. You are too stupid to be alive.


Most humans?


Ask yourself this question again when you see xbox bashing literally *everywhere* on the internet and in the media. You may think that ignoring the problem will just make it go away but the truth is it won't and it'll just get worse.

Sadly I don't see an answer to counter this problem except to just tell people, once in awhile, how toxic the playstation community really is in the hope of making them aware of it.

Timmar92 1

To be fair, fanboys in both camps are equally toxic, it's pretty damn exhausting to be honest.

I have all systems and I love them all for different reasons.

HalfOxHalfMan 1

I don’t!

wafflecone927 1

Our entire modern world is built on this very thing

derekmholden 3

Especially when said strangers are, quite often, literal children. And if it was adult, the fact that they would even care enough to insult what game system another adult owns is enough justification to ignore their opinions entirely.

BenChandler 9

Honestly the only reason I care is because word of mouth affecting sales is a very real thing.

Last thing I want is a dead population for a third party game on xbox cause everyone opted for PC or PS and this happens to be the one of many devs that doesn't do crossplay.

The_deviled_eggs 15

For real. Who gives a shit what some random person on the internet thinks. As long as you have fun.

JesseScott1982 140


Every comment board on the internet is filled with idiocy. The only sane response is to just ignore them all. It doesn't matter one iota what random nobodies think or say.

TheAxeManrw 2

This is my thought process now for the news in general.

Camakoon 39

Doesn’t that mean I should ignore your advice?


crazyherb 35

Technically, yes. Do what makes you happy, as long as it does not infringe on others' happiness. Go play games or watch paint dry.

dutty_handz 1

Or not dry, no judgement here.

cullygrov 22

“As long as it does not infringe on others’ happiness” I like this a lot, as it seems to me a lot of people tend to follow the first half of your advice while ignoring that line

dutty_handz 4

Technically, it's a paradox : if my happiness infringe on someone's else happiness, that someone's happiness is infringing on mine. So, nobody can be happy...

cullygrov 4

Unless you can find happiness in simple things that don’t effect others (my life goal). Unfortunately for some people it seems like their happiness stems from infringing on other people’s happiness (especially on the internet for some reason)