The Hunt-A-Killer game blocked me from commenting on their Facebook ads for being a little too honest.

by MississippiJoel. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    8

I guess they either didn't want me talking about how the game sucks, no serious hobbyist would recommend it, how it takes 6 months/payments/plays to complete a whole game, or that Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective is on eBay. Oh wells. I was happy to block their ads in return.


Anon125 1

Facebook is a bad place. I don't understand why any board game company has a presence there. All content immediately needs an account for potential customers to see it.

TonerLowDown 1

So, what do you expect the community here to do? Reddit isn’t your personal army.

teamanfisatoker 3

thanks for the review. I've been interested by the ads but it felt like something I'd be waiting for months to complete and I'm not into that

Albi-13 7

Could you expand a little on how the game plays and why you didn't like it? I've been considering setting up a company to do something similar and am looking to learn all I can!

CatTaxAuditor 5

Did you actually play the game? Because what you're saying here sounds like you were panning the concept and not actually giving a review of the service.

TurboCooler 16

There is constructive criticism -- "Hey, I found X did not work. if you made a rule change X would be a better experience". "I would like to give you some feedback, while I like Y and Z, X falls flat because of .... could you probably explain or address the issue?"

There is destructive criticism -- "Your game sucks" and give no explanation. "I rather go play the game from company B" -- with no explanation. " no serious hobbyist would recommend it " -- Yeah, at that point most people will stop listening. Whatever you have to say valid or not, is lost. People spent their time and effort to make a game and to completely trash it without reason and on their facebook page helps nobody.

If you want people to listen, you cannot start with an insult to them personally or to their product. Then you come on reddit and again, give no rational other than -- this game sucks! and you are angry because you are not allow to insult them on their own site.

Yeah, that does not work. Makes sense that they blocked you.


I know why they blocked me; I was talking to people with hard earned money, not them.

natecm 33

Yes, you're right. They didn't want you on their page talking poorly about them and directing people to other product.

You're onto something here. You might find other people behave similarly when being told they suck.

Solid work, detective.