The Last Stand: Aftermath is releasing to PC in 2020.

by filcohere. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    78    8

want more info


PananaPhone 1

the gameplay remind me of The Last Stand:Union City....ah the memory

AC3R665 2

Last Stand, wow thats a name I've heard in a long time. Childhood memories of 1 and 2.

Praetor_Vanguard 4

Looks pretty good; like a more accessible Project Zomboid.

pdp10 1

Project Zomboid is in Java, so from a platform point of view I'd say it's the most accessible.

  filcohere 3

Speaking of Project Zomboid here is free game, stongly less appealing to the eye, but from reddit comments (can't find it now) the game more advanced in other ways, weather etc, (that's what I heard) not on steam

vIkInG_w0w 17

I remember playing The Last Stand 2 and 3. Was a fun side-scrolling zombie shooter. And then 4 came which was your typical farm shit everyday stuff from which point I stopped playing it.

Hopefully this is nice as 2 and 3.

WandererLagomorph564 29

The Last Last Last Last Last Stand - AccursedFarms

AC3R665 1

Ayy Nice Ref.