The lovely dota 2

by Medicne-Time. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0

I give up on this game. 5000 hours played in 3 years and now constant disconnection problem and stupid bans. The updates have ruined a perfect game that everyone loved. Dota keep telling people ohh u have internet issues. It was fine for 4 years untill your team decide to update it every hour. Even the load up page with videos takes longer to reconnect. What junkie thought of that one. Spend 30 mins waiting for a game. Get disconnected then spend 1 hour trying to reconnect. Then get ban for 5 hours. What is these stupid bans. Remove them. You really think people are gonna stay loyal to this game. Guys any suggestions on new games. I spend more time annoyed with dota now that I do playing it. If it's not broken don't try fix it. True saying.