The new animated profile backgrounds are way too fast.

by Ilmu011. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    2    2

The backgrounds are pretty, but the animations are way too fast. If you view a profile with the new animated "Ink" background I feel like getting a seizure because it is moving so god damn fast, I personally got the deep ocean background because I thought it looked nice, but the speed of the animation makes it way too uneasy to look at imo. A steam background should be soothing and relaxing to look at.

It would really be nice if the animation speed would be cranked down by 50% or something.


andigofly 3

Not to mention it is causing my steam desktop application to lag when animations start. (My GPU and internet are fast enough).

I wonder if anyone else experienced this too.

s1naa 2

Everybody experienced that. GPU and internet speed have nothing to do with this. This causes your CPU usage to jump to 99% because lazy devs made it so your computer has to render all this animations (gifs) at the same time. As always, they fucked up at least at something...