The North card game...

by ecudan. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    8    11

Just placed my pre order, those that have played, what is your impression?

Has me intrigued.


mfredrickson 1

The production is great. I find the 2p game a little tedious as there is only one card type (3 cards) that has interaction with the opponent. On the other hand, it is my go to quick solo game. You can spend your time and puzzle out a great set of combos.

Brodogmillionaire1 3

Bought the PnP and played a little bit so far. Just a game against my SO and a game against the AI. The aesthetic is great. The cards are thoroughly creepy and gorgeous. A grim sci-fi look without getting silly. The deckbuilding mechanic is very specific about the steps you have to take on your turn, what goes where, etc. That was a bit off-putting. I like that there are obstacles to doing what you always want to do. Some of the best euros leverage that to create tension. The North does that, but I'm not sure yet that the tension it creates is worth it. Can't put this card here until it goes here or this card type in this zone won't do what you want it to do. It's all pretty simple but unintuitive at first. So it makes a lean game feel clunky. Compared to Glory to Rome which, while a bit unintuitive at first, runs most of the card economy under the hood. Players usually don't notice that a pool card in GtR will never be built until they get into a tough spot and it dawns on them. In the North, I kind of felt like I was seeing the mechanisms laid bare in the rules, but they weren't interesting enough to watch because the whole machine was just a minecart. With one destination and one function. That's not to say there aren't many options and room for combos. But the strict movement/placement of cards, and the randomness of the deck compounded to make the game feel like I wasn't that in control. I will definitely have to give it more plays to see. I am still hopeful we'll get into it someday. For now, it's in line behind a half dozen other two-player games.

v3rben4_ 3

I've really enjoyed playing the solitare mode, but I've only played it with another person once. Pretty good 1p mode for a small box game (I have only beat it once out of 6 or 7 times). Good game, beautiful artwork.

If he's using the same box as he did in the KS version, which he probably is, you'll want another box. I keep mine (sleeved) in a standard deck box.

vodpod 3

Big fan! In the weekly two-player threads, I’ve given it a ton of shoutouts/love. Maybe have played it ten times or so. I mostly play 2p, with my brother, and it might be his favorite game in general. It’s hard to really plan a ton in advance, as the “deck building” is quite deconstructive/different. Tactical- you just have to roll with what you’re given, and then it feels soo satisfying when you pull off a slick combo.

Sparkly_Fish 4

Are you talking about the John clowdus small box game? I backed the kickstarter to support John and the relaunch of small box games but I have not played the game yet. It looked interesting.

  ecudan 4

Yes that one

neco-damus 5

I keep looking at it myself, but haven't tried it out. Didn't know it's back up for pre-order. Hmm! But you can find what Space-biff has to say. He's always honest and I personally haven't disagreed with his opinion yet.

  ecudan 2

He put a several games up for pre order on his website.

neco-damus 1

Have you played his other games? Any you'd suggest as "the best", whatever that might mean in this game.

  ecudan 1

No but they are all very intriguing to me. Going to start with the north.

lesslucid 2

Omen is his best-known.

Of the current batch, I bought and tried out Bronze Age... I like it, although the art style isn't my favourite.