The Touryst is now available on Windows Store and Game Pass.

by Thievian. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    4    7

Hyperlink to windows store!

I went into this game pretty blind( only became slightly interested in it after seeing that digital foundry made a video about it), and having played about a half hour of it, it's certainly an interesting game. PC settings are minimal as we only get to turn anti aliasing on/off, modify shadow detail low - med- high and change in-game resolution. By using MSI afterburner, I see that this game is on dx12 which is pretty interesting. However I notice that with my Ryzen 2600, one of my cores regualry high as 100%(on 1440p resolution), so this game is probably single threaded. Even with that cpu and a rtx 2070 super I can't get a stable 60fps with 4k resolution as sometimes the fps drops from 60 to 48.

Another thing to note is upon launching the game it'll tell you to go from 144hz to 60hz if you have that type of monitor. I set fps to 60 in rivatuner, but this is still annoying to deal with as the game doesn't use a ingame fps limiter.
I've became so accustomed to 60fps+ that anytime i see 60fps in a game like say, AC origins or just about any other game, it looks horrible. However Halo 5 and this game apparently still looks pretty good at 60fps, so fortunately that's not a deal breaker for me.

I don't think they are obligated to just stay on Windows Store so maybe this game will go on Steam one day, but it's still perfectly playable on Windows Store.


SpikePy 1

Just played it on my switch. I liked it. Kind of chilling experience.

TK-576 3

My God, not only does it run on the Switch, but it's arguably as gorgeous as Crysis.

This is basically how Minecraft would have looked, if Crytek had developed it first.

SpikePy 1

yes, perfectly stable 60fps. awesome and with this graphics.

jeremynsl 2

Hey thanks for the headsup. I am interested from the DF video as well. The art style looks awesome, definitely happy to see it on PC and freely available for Game Pass users.

Couple tech things:

  • Yes the game runs too fast over 60hz. I think it's weird that they can't adjust the refresh rate of the monitor, or as you say put in a FPS limiter.
  • I just booted into the game, turned everything to high at 1440p and I am seeing 5% CPU and 5-10% GPU usage in task manager, very very low (3600x and GTX 1070)! This is what I'd expect as this game was programmed by Shi'nen on Switch hardware and Shi'nen are insane for optimizing for slow hardware. Where did you see 100% core usage?
  • When I switched to 4k resolution my framerate immediately dropped from 60 to 35 or so. I double checked in Afterburner and sure enough, this is one of the games that doesn't show accurate GPU load in Task Manager. I am 77% usage in 1440p. So that explains the 4k slowdowns.

    Edit: I too am seeing weird CPU spikes to near 100%. It doesn’t seem like anything on screen is more complex to warrant this. I think there are some performance bugs for sure here - hope Shi’nen considers a patch!
  Thievian 2

I completed the first and second island I think. I started noticing the cpu spike to 100% when my resuoltion was 4k, at random times. You're right, might be a performance bug,maybe even just for AMD (ryzen) CPUs. I want to report it but afaik there's no forums for the windows version of this game so I'm not sure how.

jeremynsl 2

If you check the Windows Store page, they need to include a support email link. It's under 'Additional Information - The Touryst Support'. Looks like it is info(at) (obfuscating it so its harder for bots)

Yeah I wonder if it's a Ryzen bug. Also the framepacing as you've probably noticed is ... not good. Random stutters for no reason I can see, that don't even coincide with the CPU spikes.

That said I'm still enjoying the game!