The true mark of a quality game.

by ManBearPig801. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    567    39

More coveted than The Dice Tower, Golden Geek or even Speil awards. It's the "As played at TGI Fridays" seal of approval.


Srpad 1

I was a big fan of the Imponderables books that this game was a spin off of.

InsideUpGames 1

I think the “As played in 2021” will be better for everyone...

SoupOfTomato 2

Man I can't find any context for this. What a weird piece of pop culture detritus

UndeadBread 1

I'm thinking they just happened to use this game a lot for Trivia Night and they saw an opportunity for an advertising collaboration.

Anon125 3

What is TGI Fridays even?

IsotopeX 13

Chain of incredibly mediocre restaurants in the US.

Easy_Rider1 1


hamiltonne 5

That mysterious food realm of not expensive, yet overpriced.

beSmrter 2

We always played Euchre at TGIFs....
And yes, for whatever reason we did add the 's' when talking about the place, too.

ThetaGamma2 2

Hello fellow Michigander!

beSmrter 1

Hello friend! Grew up in Ohio, but near enough apparently :)

ThetaGamma2 3

Euchre and unnecessary possessives, Michigan enough for me.

Merman_Pops 2

The cards come pre stained with ranch and BBQ sauce.

  ManBearPig801 2

I tried to look up this sacred award but found nothing...

ShelfClutter 2

So many questions. I wonder what other games had the honour of this award!

IsotopeX 5

The only other competitor was Campaign For North Africa, but it's hard to keep jalapeno poppers warm over a gameplay duration of 50 days.

GremioIsDead 1

You gotta go during an endless apps promotion. That'll do ya a week or so at a time of CfNA playtime. Repeat until complete.

suspiciouslyround 19

I need to know the history behind this.

EndersGame_Reviewer 6

Ditto. What does it take for someone to get that printed on the box cover of their game?

Does it actually mean ... anything at all?

yggdrasilsYeoman 2

Oh, they have them on little tablets at TGIF and a bunch of other big chains like Chili’s/ Red Robin. They come with a bunch of phone/ social games and trivia sets, which you can buy to make your kids stop screaming for some awkward price. Plants vs. Zombies is always there too. You can also pay/ order/ call your waiter on them. If you haven’t seen any of these, I guess good on you for not frequenting any big chain restaurants for several years?

Supersquigi 1

Wow I didn't think those were actually real. So you get advertised at even when dining? Glad I don't go to restaurants like anymore.

firstmantolickmars 1

usually you put the thing in the corner and turn it around

rainpunk 1

It is really convenient for paying and leaving though.

  ManBearPig801 1

This is a 1996 printing though.

UndeadBread 1

The game was first printed in 1997. The TGI Friday's version came out in 2001. I've never been to a TGIF, but it appears to be (or have been) a popular spot for Trivia Night, so I'm guessing that a lot of the locations were using this particular game for a while.

EndersGame_Reviewer 3

I'm not from the USA, and where I live they don't typically have big chain restaurants like the ones you describe.

fluffpuffkitty 11

where is the sizzler award?

To be fair though, that is something I never knew TGI Fridays had!

silver-starlet 33

Never played it at a TGI Friday’s but growing up, we had this game and I’ll always love it for the nostalgia, laughs, and good memories of the family around the table making up goofy lies

BridgeOfHesitation 3

Same! I haven’t played it as an adult, but had many laughs at family gatherings playing this.

JohnStamosAsABear 22

It's actually not a horrible game, granted I haven't played in over a decade. Worth checking out if you like Balderdash

DocJawbone 1

A classic

jetwildcat 14

Isn’t Malarky just a broken version of Balderdash?

CityWithoutMen 6

Broken? No. Not as good as? Sure. It's pretty fun though. Great for people who love to just make up BS while sounding convincing.

JackAtak 61

i suppose that's joe biden's least favorite board game

jeffreydonger 7

Dammit, came here to make this joke.

JackAtak 2

great minds think alike

Laney20 12

Wasn't sure which sub I was on for a second, lol

D20Lo 141

It's a bit of a contentious award. Malarky narrowly beat out Terra Mystica for the honor that year, if I remember correctly. The competition was tense, and a fist fight was rumored to have broken out over the complimentary loaded potato skin and electric lemonade minibar.

No one was injured, but there's still a bit of bad blood between the designers. Ostertag and Drögemüller won't play trivia games with bluff mechanics to this day.

soccermom312 1