The Usual mmr desaster

by damie28. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    1    3

I tracked my mmr till i lost nearly 1k.

climbed 1k from 2k to 3k and then lost it all in the last weeks again.

Dont wonder, the last games i was tired to even track it....was about 20 games or so.,.

Fuck this

Welcome to the fun game dota2 ...


PrometheusBD 2

Just reading this post you seem to be in an awful mindset to be trying to climb in ranked. Play some all pick for awhile and get your confidence back. Remember that you just need to try hone your skills in all pick and that win or lose it doesn’t matter


After climbing 1k mmr. So this can't be so fucjing bad. My win rate dropped to 37% within one month.
Can somebody explain this to me ? There MUST be something in the matchmaking like. Climbing too fast and then put it back? I don't get it. Honestly.
3k was my honest work, highest MMR and now back where I began... This is so devastating

PrometheusBD 2

You are focusing too hard on the mmr and too little on the game. I could climb 1k with a one trick mid and then would lose it all as soon as I try playing other stuff. Remember that ultimately it’s supposed to be a fun game. If you aren’t having fun climbing mmr will be very rough.