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by coffee_wrangler. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    16

Not trying to start a flame war with any fanboys but am thinking of switching to the PS5 and wondering if anyone can offer any objective opinions for the type of gamer I am. I don't want to have two consoles because they overlap so much and my entertainment console is already stuffed. I feel there just aren't enough games for the type of gamer I am.

I'm used to the Xbox so that keeps me here. All my console games are Xbox so it feels it would be a waste to switch systems. However, I've been gaming since the 80s and I've maybe replayed 5 or 6 games ever. So I'm hanging onto games I'll never play again.

I don't play online; I just play single player games/campaigns. Into games like the Witcher, Assassins Creed, CODs - etc the big titles. Not into JRPGs or Squaresoft/Rockstar games. I end up playing just a few games a year so my Xbox is unplayed most the time. Am I missing out because of the Spiderman games / Last of Us etc?

I have Xbox gold / gamepass and I think the only games I've played from that were a Tomb Raider and Outer Worlds - so it's not really that compelling.

I know the new Xbox will have better hardware but I think think when it comes to the actual games they will play pretty similar.

Anyone make the switch? Anything I'm missing anything here?




Iam also a almost only sp gamer only i play mp only maybe 2-3 hours a week. Thats the reason i switched to ps4 this generation. And i dont regretted it a second. Uncharted 4 , Lost Legacy ,1-3 , TLOU 1+2 , God of War , Horizon Zero Dawn , Bloodborne , Persona 5 Royal , Judgment , The Last Guardian , Ghost of Tsushima , Ratchet and Clank , Until Dawn , Days Gone , Shadow of the Colossus Remake, Detroit.

Are all amazing SP games that no one should miss. And i dont think this will be any diffrent next generation because ms focused much more on coop and mp games. maybe there will be a sp here and there but not as much as on ps5. Horizon 2 and Deamon Souls alone makes me to buy a ps5 before everything else these games will be absolutley amazing. Still bought a xbox one later on because still have a profile with 150k gamerscore but all sp campaigns i missed (Halo 5 , GoW 4,5 and State of Decay 2) Felt super dissapointing and lacking.


Yeah, seems to be so many cool single player games for Playstation! The Xbox backwards compatibility is pretty awesome though. Will I be able to play PS4 games on the PS5?

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I love how you insecure kids always have to make a post announcing that you are changing plastic boxes because you don't get the attention you desperately crave

Just buy a ps5 lol nobody gives a fuck there is no need to announce it

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Just asking for opinions, jesus christ you sound like a miserable person.


Are you incapable of making decisions for yourself lol if you aren't enjoying playing on xbox then get a ps5 it isn't hard to understand

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I'm asking for opinions because I haven't played PS games. Do you get to make decisions in your life or does your mommy still pick out your clothes?


Then look up gameplay and reviews on the games and make your own decision there kiddo

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it really sound like you should base it off of exclusives, and ill let you know im a ps4 and xbox owner as well as a gaming pc, however i main ps4, and will be getting a ps5. With xbox you have halo, gears, and forza, sea of theives, state of decay, etc, and and whatever gets show for first party in july(so i would wait). with playstation you get bloodborne, god of war, horizon, persona, last of us, uncharted, demons souls, gran turismo, etc. so honestly look at what you want to play and go there. i see xbox as more of a fast and the furious type system that has explosions and just dumb fun, but also more games in the 7/10 8/10 range. where playstation has higher rated exclusives technically and more serious toned games that aspire to be a movie, but arent nessecarily "fun" lol. death stranding and the last of us specifically are not happy games for instance.

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I just make a decision to go into Xbox system. Bought used Xbox One S today and therefore I will be probably getting Xbox Series X in the future. For me, it was GamePass that completely switched my mind from PlayStation towards Xbox. I know you said you don't use GamePass that much but you still can just stop your subscription and go back to it when you feel you want to or when there are new titles you want to play. I did some research before I made my decision about buying Xbox and I feel like Microsoft really put quite a lot of effort in developing GamePass and other services, and I think we should assume they will continue that.

For me money is a big factor, I don't like to pay more for something I could get at the lower price. We already know Xbox is probably going to be cheaper than PlayStation. And as you already said, Xbox and PS5 will be pretty similar. So unless games that are PS exclusive are essential for you then I don't really see the reason to buy PS5 over Xbox series X when you already have Xbox. Another thing is that Sony has bigger share in the market so Microsoft is the one that need to convince people to switch. Therfore, I think we can assume Microsoft will put harder in upcoming years to convince people their services are better.

Also, PS5 will be massive. Keep that in mind. Personally, I don't have enough space under my TV for PS5 and I guess there is more people like me.


Wish there weren't exclusives. I haven't played the PS games but I just feel there's a lot more games that sound like ones I'd like. I know Xbox has a lot of games I don't like. I play maybe 3-4 games a year; once I beat the game it's done. I don't go for achievements or anything so my playtime is on the low side - no 100 hour slogs for me.

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I posted by accident before I finished so you can read my complete comment now.

I'm not an expert, the last console I had was PS2 and only today I bought Xbox One S but from what I've noticed most games are the same for both consoles, there are only some exclusives that would require you to have a PS. The big question is are these exclusives really that important to you to switch to another system. For me, they are not, but to each their own, maybe for you, they are.

But if you only play occasionally and you never played PS games before I think you just shouldn't buy new-gen console within next year. PS4 will go cheaper once PS5 released. Maybe just buy PS4 once prices go down (even used one). Play a bit, buy some used games that are PS exclusives and make your decision then. If you will feel better with PS games then after a year or so buy PS5, if they are not as good as you thought and you feel better in Microsoft system then buy Xbox series X. Also after some time since the release of new consoles you will know more about them. All the issues, all good and bad things. You will have experience from Xbox One, experience from PS4 and knowledge about next-gens. That how you make aware decisions.

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Unless you need to sell the Xbox to afford the PlayStation (in which case you need to get your priorities in order...) why can’t you just put the Xbox you’ve already paid for in the closet? If you don’t touch it for six months or a year it’s probably safe to assume you can sell it and use the cash for more PlayStation games or accessories.

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Wait until the July show before deciding?

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Well for one you are missing out on the new halo game, which will probably be really good, but it looks like you have been missing out on halo for a while so that probably won’t change.

Also Microsoft owns more studios, so there could be more exclusives next gen.


Never really been a fan of Halo or Gears of War. But yeah, since I've never played the Playstation exclusives maybe I won't like them either. For the entire lifespan of the next gen console it's might be 10 more games I'd play. Which is a lot for me!