This game punishes players for not Smurfing

by LV58_DeathKnight. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    2

Seriously , I just want my friends to have fun but every game I played with him have always been a complete stomp by the enemy team because of how heavily imbalanced the team was , anyone I wasn't going on was 8 out of 10 times a stomped lane and everyone just instalock mid/carry every game which makes me not being able to play a major role in the game , I keep playing and thinking that I was just unlucky but its not , I have checked my team profile and enemies , I have 1.5K matches , while all my other teammates only has like 10-200 matches and you would believe that enemy should be around that level too or slightly higher around 1k matches to balance me who is somewhat familiar with the game. But turns out I have 2k matches enemy and Divine Ranked people like WTF ? Im not a very good player myself and in addition to that I have to fight higher ranked enemy than me and my team while having a team with a bunch of newbies ?



Just git gud


If you only play unranked there isn’t really a way to filter that kinda stuff out. I play with some of my new friends and I pretty much just tell them don’t worry about trying to win until we get into ranked cus the games are usually complete stomps from one team or another