"This profile is private" text in light blue color instead of red?

by Turanq. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    6

Hi guys!

Anyone know what's up with this steam profile I stumbled upon? At first I thought it's because of my browser addons but turns out it looks the same in Steam app as well!

Button layouts missing, only text is visible. Also the text is in light blue and the background is also light blue. How is this achievable?





Kanedow 1

Idk but is very cool

fQrestX 2

Just set your profile to private and view it on a web-browser/log in a different account and view your main account from there. We have to get Steam to make this as a theme however, this light blue or whatever color it is looks too nice and I'd cop.

  Turanq 3

Wait what my profile actually changes to that light blue theme as well when I switch to private profile! Weird! Now I wonder if this is a permanent change or just have something to do with the backgrounds or themes being in use

fQrestX 1

My theme is default and I changed my profile to private, I can confirm that Default Theme yields the light blue color when changing profile to private. Still need the light-blue/cyan/turquoise color as a theme though. Hope this change is permanent.

  Turanq 1

Maybe this has been changed at the same time as the summer sale came up. Since just a couple of days ago I checked one profile and it still had the "private profile" text in red just as usually.

fQrestX 1